Connecting The Heartbeat Frequency Of Two Places – Jacques De Roy’s Interpretation Of Nostalgia From Jet Lag

From one city to another
The kilometers have brought unknown adventures, but they have not erased the attachment to the past

In 1758, a carriage carrying the dream and hope of Pierre Jacques de Rodriguez, the founder of the Jacques de Rouge brand, drove from La Chaux-de-Fon to Madrid, a 49-day trek, officially starting Jacques de Lois’ international journey.

From the Royal Court of Europe to the Forbidden City of China, Pierre Jacques de Dro brings outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship and exquisite timepieces to various places, and also shows the world’s innovative spirit and aesthetic concepts that belong to Jacques de Lo. However, like many travelers, while pursuing his dreams, Pierre Jacques Dro has always had a fondness for his hometown La Chade-de-Fon. An exquisite watch that contains the time of the two places, at this moment was given the heavy responsibility of pinning miss.

For more than two centuries, the concept of time between the two places has been deeply engraved in the spirit of watchmaking by Jacques Dro. Across the longitude and latitude, the world seems to be divided by jet lag. After hours of rising and sunset, and the day and night life reversed, Jacques de Rodriguez integrated the ‘love’ feeling into the wrist watch, synchronizing the heartbeat frequency thousands of kilometers away.

大 The two seconds are large, connecting thousands of miles away
Jacques Dro applied the two-time concept to the large seconds series of one of his iconic watches. This classic model is equipped with two eccentric dials that slightly intersect with the number 8 shape, showing the infinite possibilities of time, making the nostalgia of the 8 characters in the journey.

The brand specially developed a new movement for the two-hour large seconds hand. The upper dial displays the local time. At the same time, based on the eccentric second dial at 6 o’clock, a second hour and minute indicator is added to display the reference time. The slim second hand rotates elegantly, realizing the brand’s simple aesthetic concept in the classic and exquisite layout design.

In addition, the date display adds a complication to the watch: the date is displayed by red pin-point hands, using Jacques Dro’s unique and exquisite shape, which is clear and pleasing in the streamlined dial space. While pursuing aesthetics and practicality, Jacques Delo also continues to explore and improve the excellent technical performance of the timepiece. The silicon balance spring equipped with the watch has excellent precision timing performance and is not affected by magnetic fields.

The two seconds hand has a power reserve of about 65 hours, making it a dream journey for travelers. The large ivory enamel enamel with red gold case, silver-tone milky white dial and onyx dial with stainless steel case is presented to anyone who knows how to taste time and seize the opportunity no matter where they are.
24 hours in both places, synchronize heart rate between the two places
At 24 hours and two hours, the distance is condensed into a circular dial with a minimalist dial. Two compass-shaped hands make this new time reading design more magical: red gold hands indicate local time, blue steel hands indicate Destination time. The two hands are carried away at the same time, seemingly to follow and accompany them. When the two hands coincide in the same time zone, they are superimposed into a two-color hand, which leads to the accurate measurement of time and also means the return to the hometown.

Jacques Dross boldly adopts a single crown adjustment mechanism to create a two-hour 24-hour watch that has both the beauty of simplicity and ease of use. The ivory dial and the rich and dense red gold case are carefully combined to become a traveler. And the best companion on the journey of estheticians.

Oris Ambassador And F1 Williams Driver Bottas Visit Oris Switzerland Headquarters

Recently, F1 Williams main driver Valtteri Bottas was invited to visit Oris global headquarters in Hölstein, a city in northern Switzerland, to visit a century-old watchmaking factory , And personally assembled its watch of the same name-Oris Williams Bottas Limited Edition. This is the first carbon fiber case watch from Oris, inspired by F1 racing, limited to 770 pieces worldwide.

   The watchmaking factory at Oris headquarters is the original when the brand was born in 1904. Since then, Oris watches have been manufactured here. The exterior walls and windows of several connected four-story buildings have been renovated several times. Only the mossy roof is still telling the imprint of time on the Swiss independent brand. The bigger changes take place inside the factory. The state-of-the-art watchmaking lines and laboratories are in sharp contrast to the small town scenery of the Jurassic Mountains outside the window. This wonder may only exist in Switzerland. During the factory visit, Bottas and several media went deep into the production line and experienced the precision and efficiency of modern watchmaking.

   The cooperation between Oris and Williams began in 2003 and is the oldest sponsor in the history of the team. Oris relaunched the full range of Williams Motorsport watches in 2015, and the latest limited edition of Bottas is a member of this series. A limited edition of Williams Bottas watch, the watch case is made of carbon fiber, this patented process is inspired by F1 racing. Under the watchmaker’s direction, Bottas assembled this watch, named after him. Finnish racers are very talented in the field of watchmaking. They are fast and robust because the extremely fast speed of F1 racing is derived from the fine-grained driving of the drivers.
   The case of the limited edition Bottas watch is made of 35 carbon fiber textile sheets. They are placed in special molds one by one, and after hardening at 130 degrees Celsius and 5 times the pressure, they weigh only 7.2 grams. After manual chamfering, sanding and drilling, assembled titanium alloy bezel and back cover. The black PVD back cover is engraved with the Bottas racing number ’77’, which is also the source of the limited edition of 770 watches sold worldwide.
   ‘The material and feel of this watch remind me of my Williams F1 car.’ Bottas said: ‘It’s light and feathery but extremely sturdy, sporty, and the precise and efficient manufacturing process also makes people Impressive. This Oris trip was awesome. ‘
   The Williams Bottas Limited Edition watch is not only a precise and reliable partner for racers, but also an excellent accessory for our leisure sports. It will be available in September 2016.

Christmas And Bordeaux Red Jacques De J005033240 Watch

The understanding of the festival, or everyone is different, whether it is visiting relatives or friends or traveling together, have different meanings, so for many people who are busy working on weekdays, a pure High-end crowds are more and more accepted for leisure. Aside from the scorching work, walking to the favorite bar alone at night and celebrating with everyone is a very good way to spend Christmas. You know, bars on weekdays and bars wrapped in Christmas are not a concept. This way can not only satisfy your body and mind that you want to relax, but also inspire you to drink drunk. Why not?

 Preparing for the holiday season is naturally indispensable. If you can get a glimpse of the crowd at Christmas, you must prepare in advance. In these days, I think casual and business attire are out of place. When the girls forget the season and put on flowery skirts, do you also need to find shirts or T-shirts with color or pattern decoration from the wardrobe? Meeting at the right time is not necessarily a romantic relationship.
 The matching of the dress and the watch is also very important. The appearance of this Jacques Dro watch will definitely make you the focus of attention. Similar to the festive red, it may not be suitable for everyday occasions. But spending Christmas with you is the most suitable, the official model: J005033240
 As a leader in the luxury watchmaking industry, the birth of Jacques de Loire gold foil enamel watches has extraordinary commemorative significance. This is not only the glory of the Jacques de Loire brand, but also the pride of the entire watchmaking industry. Jacques de Lo is legendary, the extraordinary ‘golden leaves and jade leaves’ swaying on the dial, which can even light up the Christmas atmosphere.
 To cater to this watch’s 18K red gold case, the crown is also made of red gold. This material not only echoes the warm colors on the dial, but also makes this watch look more luxurious. The shape of the crown may not be common, and it is similar to the ancient palace-style decoration style, which is very exciting.

 The strap of this watch is very comfortable, and the natural texture of crocodile leather is clear and extended. You must know that the use of crocodile leather to make leather belts is very sophisticated, not all crocodile leather can make excellent straps. Jacques Dro’s crocodile leather strap is simply a coloring process. Such red straps are rare, and the gloss and comfort are well done.

 The lugs of this watch are also very exciting. On the basis of the red gold material meandering, in addition to a charming curve, this watch looks very elegant, the part near the dial will extend the width and the angle lines are very beautiful. The overall integrity is stronger. At the same time, such arc also takes into account the comfort factor, which makes the wearing feeling stronger. The space on the side of the linked strap is not very large, making people feel more secure.

 Speaking of the dial of this watch, in fact, we must first study the manufacturing process of this dial. Jacques played the U European gold leaf engraved enamel hour and minute dial watch, fully showing the essence of the fusion of 18 actual antique gold leaf and big fire enamel. This watch has long been known as the ‘antique lace’. It is the pinnacle of Jacques Dro PAILLONNÉ enamel craftsmanship.

 The bright-fire enamel dial, which is fired in a 1000 ° C high-temperature furnace, is warm, full-colored, and of high quality. Whether it is people who love art or have an opinion on watches, I think they are obsessed with Jacques Dro’s enamel plate. There are many enamel dials, but neutrally speaking, the beauty of Jacques Dro is never easily copied. There are many examples of Dong Shixiao, but few people imitate Jacques Dro. I think this is not only a brand’s charm, but also another affirmation of the brand’s craftsmanship.
 When the dial was fired into a semi-finished product, the master watchmaker quickly placed the thin gold leaf on the translucent enamel and arranged it into a unique pattern. It is no exaggeration to say that there are not many masters in the world who can master this technology. Even in the Jaquedro family, not every master can master this skill. The ultra-low melting point of the gold leaf and the large fire enamel that needs to be calcined at a thousand degrees, seemingly a pair of contradictory bodies that are difficult to reconcile, have been magically combined by Jacques Dro to achieve a rare masterpiece. There are many forms of art in the world, and there is an art that only blooms among the square dials.
 Although many masterpieces of art have become distant with the passage of time, and despite the amazing development of social productive forces, the unique secrets of many generations of famous artisans have also been lost. The antique gold leaf on the dial of the PAILLONNÉ enamel watch is derived from this long-lost ancient craft. This also proves that Jacques Droo respectfully protects and follows traditional craftsmanship with a faithful attitude.

 Just like those luxury high-end uniforms, only by insisting on the use of antique lace that can no longer be produced in the large industrial period, can it truly reflect the spiritual essence that designers seek. Just as each lace has a different style and appearance, taking Versace as an example, according to the characteristics of the brand and culture, Versace is a high-definition masterpiece with lace decoration, which has a typical southern Italian style. Therefore, in a sense, each PAILLONNÉ enamel watch is a veritable ‘antique’ watch, which is a perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, and the precious and precious models must be included A discerning taste person.
 Of course, while we advocate perfect dials, we also pay more attention to their connotations. The movement of this watch is based on Jacques Dro Model 2653, an automatic winding movement. Double barrels and a 22K white gold oscillating weight are important factors for a luxury movement. 28 jewel bearings shine in movements you can’t see. The vibration frequency is 28,800 times per hour. The guarantee of power enables you to remain calm and confident in any occasion. The 30-meter life is waterproof. Even if you accidentally touch the glass of someone in the bar, Say sorry can easily solve it.

Summary: In terms of collocation, this watch may not be your first choice for daily life, it is more suitable for collection, and it is more in line with its temperament and your mood when you wear it on holidays. Not all high-end watches have a proud face. This watch does not have complicated functions. Maybe yours on Christmas Eve. You need to simplify everything and focus on this beautiful holiday. Sometimes you are alone. It doesn’t matter, with the Bordeaux red of this watch, ordering a glass of wine, everything is right. Merry Christmas.
Watch details: jaquetdroz / 23969 /

Hengli “Western Art East Rhyme” Timepiece Culture Exhibition Flowing Time Museum

Hengli 2013 “Western Art East Rhyme” Timepiece Culture Exhibition will be held on September 25th in the trendy and luxurious focus of Vientiane City, Shenzhen. New and classic models of the world’s top and well-known watch brands. The exhibition will be followed by three cities in Beijing, Shenyang and Xi’an.

 The exhibition area is divided into four sections: ‘Exploration Road’, ‘Civilization Journey’, ‘Timing Time’, and ‘Time Station’. Creatively, a ‘museum’ is created in the urban public commercial space. While visitors are shopping and leisure, You will be able to walk into this museum and feel the rich atmosphere of time and culture, the unique ‘time flowing sand’ landscape, the quiet meditation space, and bring a different sense of experience for tasters.

A bridge to spread Eastern and Western cultures

 ‘Western Art and East Rhyme’ is an annual watch cultural exhibition held by the Hengli World Famous Watch Center since 2011. The exhibition is based on the ‘bridging of eastern and western cultures’ and shares and spreads watch culture, timepiece civilization and Art as its purpose, featuring the fusion of oriental essence and western watchmaking craftsmanship. Each year, many classic and new models of many of the world’s top and well-known watch brands are brought together, with a unique cultural and artistic visual form. display. Since its inception, it has received wide attention and recognition from people inside and outside the industry.

Flowing Time Museum

 When it comes to ‘mobile museums’, fashion people may still remember the global tour of the ‘Chanel Art Museum’, and when talking about ‘time museum’, the clock and watch museum and brand museum of Switzerland’s hometown Distraught. Today, there is such a ‘flowing time museum’, which can be said to be a combination of the essence of the former two in innovation in design art and conceptual connotation.

 The Hengli World Famous Watch Center 2013 Xiyi Dongyun Timepiece Culture Exhibition combines Zen-inspired oriental visual elements such as “trestle bridges, corridors, square tripods, and ink” with modern western design concepts that advocate simplicity and nature. Under the premise of the building, the “fluidity” of the building is realized with an easy-to-assemble structure. The carefully arranged exhibits include not only the replica models of the ancient timepieces that pay tribute to the long history of the development of the timepiece culture, but also include Nearly a hundred exquisite modern timepieces from nearly twenty top and well-known watch brands in the world. As a result, a ‘mobile museum of time’ came into being.

Discovery Road

 The ‘Exploration Road’ uses the square inch deep passage to visualize the vast time exploration process into an experience section. Visitors can come in there, and as the ‘pioneers’ explore, feel the process of exploring the unknown mind, unknowingly. Visitors also form part of this historical picture.

Civilization Journey

 ‘Civilization Journey’ is based on a large amount of historical data on the development of timepieces in Eastern and Western timepieces. The soft curtain light is projected on the white curtain, the light and the shadows, the guests from ancient times to civilization, experience the long history of the development of chronograph instruments, and lament the precision of modern timepiece treasures.


 ‘Chronograph’ brings together the classics of nearly 20 world-renowned and famous watch brands such as ‘Lange, Breguet, Blancpain, Chopard, Glashütte, Girard Perregaux, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Jacodello, Piaget, and Athens’ More than a hundred new models, showing the perfect modern chronograph craft in all directions. What was once the exclusive possession of the ‘royal and noble emperor’, now can provide people with different personalities to help people with different tastes. Whether it is to show tastes with skill, or to convey a time-conscious attitude towards life through possession of timepieces, or to understand the current trend of watch tasting, the collection of ideas in this exhibition area can provide guests with absolute Good reference.

Time post

 ‘Time Station’-In each year’s exhibition area planning, opening up a section for watch lovers to sit down to appreciate and explore is the first issue that Henry considers. The 2013 exhibition is not only a visual feast, but also a dialogue with the pioneers and the soul. Those who understand the time and the time will come together to feel and discuss all the meanings that time can give us. ‘Time Station’ is such a place. Time, in this world of Zen, quietly spreads, diffuses, and precipitates.

About the Hengli World Watch Center

 Hengli World Famous Watch Center is a chain group specializing in the distribution and service of world famous watches. So far, it has established a famous watch sales chain group with more than 250 chain stores in more than 60 cities across the country. Famous watch sales chain brand. For a long time, the Hengli World Watch Center and Breguet, Blancpain, Jacques Dro, Glashütte, Omega, Longines, Radar, Tissot, Hamilton and Certina, including Rolex and Rolex of the Swatch Group. Tudor, Lange, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier, Earl, IWC and Panerai of Richemont Group, Girard Perregaux, Shang Weisha of Kering Group, and independent brands Chopard, Athens, Bucherer, Breitling, Bellex, Swiss Bao, Amy Long, Raymond Weil, Oris, and Plum Blossom have established close cooperative relationships with many of the world’s top brands and mainstream brands.

This Moment Is A Dazzling Opening. Tissot Watches Set The Fashion Trend With ‘gold’ Party

At the time of resigning from the old year to welcome the blessing, the strong and warm festival atmosphere spreads. The warm day has given the earth the golden color and glory, giving her a new and touching face. The famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot condenses its 165th anniversary of its long-standing watchmaking experience, ingeniously blending gold into various styles of watch design, and dancing the wave of gold over time. The exquisite and firm Baohuan series, the classic retro Lello series, the elegant and dynamic wave series, and the simple and modern PR100 series are wrapped in gorgeous gold. On this occasion of the extraordinary Chinese New Year, start a golden-headed carnival party .

Figure 1: Tissot watches set fashion trends with ‘gold’ party

Shining in the New Year
   The strong Chinese New Year atmosphere permeates the air, and the golden light envelops everything in a blurry and mysterious veil. The golden light embellishes all the places. In this bright welcome moment, Tissot watches led a ‘gold’ costume party, with a touch of dazzling gold on the wrist and the New Year’s tune. The golden glory and glory inspired the Tissot Bohème series watch. The mechanical power of the 80 movement, equipped with a silicon spring with strong magnetic resistance and extremely stable performance, makes spring spring in the wrist. The dial of this series of watches is surrounded by a Paris stud pattern from architectural aesthetics, inspired by a window of the Tissot factory. The delicate patterns are arranged neatly, like an orderly and mysterious pyramid lattice, exuding infinite charm. Women’s watches with a mother-of-pearl dial add a touch of charm to women. The newly launched gold-steel strap watch is covered with a warm and textured rose gold, while the gold watch slides a touch of gold in the silver and falls to the bezel, hands, crown, scale and Between the straps, the chic elegance is just right.

Figure 2-5: Tissot Gold Ring Series Gold / Steel Watch

Brilliant gilt tribute to the original heart
   When the classic and golden design elements collide, the Tissot Rock series inter-gold watch with a very retro charm is presented. Polished classics in passing years, leaving memorable masterpieces. The Tissot Rock’s men’s watch dial is full of textured details that make the dial look deep and embossed, and the mesh texture of the ladies watch dial adds gentleness to the watch. The English hand-written letters engraved under the dial pay homage to the birthplace of the brand, the small town of Lille, Switzerland. The thick historical background is like an invisible bond connecting the expectations of the New Year and the memories of the past. The special ‘double window’ back-through process makes the long-lasting mechanical power 80 movement clearly visible. This combination reflects the elegance of the image and the cultivation of the internal details.

Picture: 6-8: Tissot Rocklock watches

Smart and elegant women
   Women with different styles show different beauty between sneer, but they are equally eye-catching. Tissot watches deeply understand the heart of women, and keenly capture the fashionable atmosphere brought by the New Year, and incorporate the financial symbol of warmth and happiness into ladies’ watches of different styles. The Wave Series watch discovers the innate tenderness of women, captures the feminine elements of nature, and the gentle spring breeze blows ripples. The dials of this series of watches are as diverse as simple satin dials or faintly glittering Weselton diamond embellishments, which bring elegant visual effects. The appearance of the watch is filled with rose gold, the hollow hands are like floating leaves, and they don’t know how to move the wind. In the season when the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year is full of elegance, the elegant women travel through the New Year parties and carnivals, letting this fresh sea wave witness every moment of her charm.

Figure 9-11: Tissot Wave Series Watch

Low-key modern humble to heart
   The humble and independent modern woman prefers calm and capable accessories. The Tissot PR100 series watch is unique in the pursuit of quality under the baptism of time. The simple appearance is more modern because of the unique light of rose gold. At 6 o’clock, the date is enlarged to show the change of each day. The sharp hands and scales make women’s firm side escape from the gentle and gentle, like an elegant woman with wisdom, which attracts people without trace.

Figure 12: Tissot PR100 Women’s Watch

   The symbol of auspiciousness and brilliance, at the beginning of the new year, blooms in the wrists, bringing the bright new year’s expectations and enthusiasm. Tissot watches open the new year with ‘gold’, and hope that all the good meaning brought by gold will fill the eyes.

Men’s Colorful World Watches Wear A Different Temperament

For men, watches have become a more and more important accessory, you can not pursue good cars and bags, but good watches are sought after by men. A watch that suits you can not only show your personal taste and pursuit, but also convey the positive energy of keeping time. Today I want to introduce several watches to you, each with a brand style, wearing on the wrist has a different character temperament, of course, big brands, the price is also high.
Girard Perregaux Men’s Watch Series 49525-52-432-BB4A

   The 1966 series is a classic of Girard Perregaux’s traditional models. It perfectly combines elegant design with extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship, inherits the brand’s low-key and elegant style, and fully demonstrates the brand’s superb skills in classic watch design. Every detail of the design of the watch is carefully crafted by craftsmen and watchmakers. Through its ingenuity and meticulous fine polishing, this mysterious piece is finally created.

Basic Information
Watch series: 1966 series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 38 mm
Reference price: 123,800
Watch details: As a clock brand with authentic German descent, Glashütte has nearly perfect design in the watchmaking process, and also has top-level manufacturing technology. From a small screw to a complex mechanical structure, all are superbly processed. Technology and quality handmade craftsmanship. This watch has a unique design concept and uses an inverted movement design to completely subvert the traditional craftsmanship of the watch. Let’s take a look at the magic of the watch together.

Basic Information
Watch Series: Eccentric Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 42 mm
Reference price: 124,000
Watch details: 187,000
Details of the watch: 3120 automatic mechanical movement with a diameter of 26.6 mm, a thickness of 4.26 mm, 40 gems, a total of 280 parts, a frequency of 21,600 vibrations / hour, and a 60-hour power reserve for the watch.
Summary: Men’s love for watches is just like women’s love for clothes and bags. Each one is a symbol of personal taste and style, so you have to choose carefully before making a decision. They are also in the hundreds of thousands, which is still high for ordinary people, but it is good to know how to appreciate.

Watching Holidays On May Day Holiday

On the May Day holiday, domestic travel has become overcrowded, and the upsurge of overseas travel is gradually heating up. Put on a dual time zone and dual time watch, local time and domestic time can be grasped at any time, happy vacation starts from now!

Patek Philippe Nautilus Traveller Chronograph Ref. 5990

The new watch retains the iconic shape of Patek Philippe’s Nautilus series. It has a stainless steel case of 40.5 mm, and there are huge timer function buttons at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock. The brushed stainless steel bezel presents a distinctive modern texture, which contrasts well with the polished case and buttons. The carved black brass dial is decorated with horizontal embossing, which is consistent with the design of 5980/1; the dark-to-light gradient gathers from the outer edge of the dial to the middle, bringing dynamic color changes and lighting 12 points Positioned circular date dial and minute timer at 6 o’clock. Patek Philippe’s logo name is specially placed in the 60-minute timer, which maintains a clever visual balance with the bold Arabic numeral design on the upper part of the dial. In the same way, the day / night display of the location and destination is provided at the 3 o’clock position and the 9 o’clock position, respectively. This design has also appeared in previous models of Patek Philippe, such as the Aquanaut series two-time watch (Ref. 5164A).

Cartier Rotonde de Cartier ‘Earth and Moon’ Tourbillon Dual Time Zone Moon Phase Watch

地 Cartier Rotonde de Cartier ‘Earth and Moon’ tourbillon dual time zone moon phase watch-Cartier’s resolute innovation and technological breakthrough results, through the bold display, side by side to display two major complex functions. The tourbillon breaks through its purely mechanical function, which is not only a guarantee of accurate travel time and excellent performance, but also integrates into the moon phase display, and the two complement each other. The unique design of the earth and the moon incarnation of the tourbillon gave this watch its name. The earth and moon together create a creative and dynamic universe, surrounded by three-dimensionally carved Roman numerals.

Louis Vuitton TAMBOUR eVolution

手表 The time reading method of this watch is efficient, especially convenient when traveling. Louis Vuitton’s self-made LV11 movement can reflect its simplicity and reliability in various situations. Its time display method is like the jump time display, that is, the corresponding cube time scale is performed at the whole time (every 60 minutes). Flip to indicate the current second time zone time.

We can think of the cube time scale indicating the second time zone as 12 dice with 4 faces, and it is controlled by a disc shaped gear in the center of the movement. The four faces of this metal drum are decorated with: 1 outward red arrows (representing 12 hours in the morning)-2 no satin logo-3 inward red arrows (representing 12 hours in the afternoon)-4 No logo on satin.

Take the 1-point cube hour marker as an example. At 1 a.m. every day, it will flip 90 ° so that the outward red arrow points upward and stays for an hour. When it arrives at two o’clock, it will flip another 90 °, turning the satin unmarked side up and hold it for 12 hours until the next flip. At this time, the red arrow on the 2 o’clock time scale faces upward. Each cube’s time scale is flipped 4 times a day, a total of 360 °. The 12 hours in the morning indicate the time from the outward red arrows, and the 12 hours in the afternoon indicate the time by the inward red arrows.

Zenith Pilot Two Time Zone Watch

Zenith Pilot’s Type 20 Two Time Zone 1903 watch is equipped with a second time zone display. It is equipped with the precise and reliable Elite 693 automatic movement. With your longing, you have the courage to explore. The movement is meticulously carved and decorated with ‘Côtes de Genève’. The watch vibrates at 28,800 times per hour and has a power reserve of 50 hours. Hidden on the case back of this elegant mechanical ‘core’, stamped with a engraved circular pattern: Orville Wright is flying a ‘Flyer’ while his brother Wilbur is chasing on the beach in Kittytown Running on an airplane, this flight attempt is about to be successful, and time will naturally settle on December 17, 1903. The beige suede strap of the watch completes this watch. The strap is lined with the Zenith flight logo, which is well-known to collectors, and the long-lasting brand coat of arms. Out.

Athens original dual time zone watch

成就 Achieve brand independence through courage to innovate. In the past few years, Athens Watch has continuously pursued a steep path, but it is all worth it. ‘Original dual time zone watch’ is undoubtedly the easiest watch on the market to read and adjust the time, with hours and minutes display, oversized second hand, dual window large calendar and two places time function; 9 o’clock position is 24 Home time window in hour format. Without removing the watch or affecting the operation of the minute hand, just press the (+) or (-) button at 10 and 8 o’clock, the hour hand can move forward or backward to synchronize with local time Adjustment. Of course, the best machinery is indispensable—the calendar function can be adjusted back and forth automatically.

Cartier Opens New Boutique In Zurich

On December 3, 2018 local time, Cartier opened a new boutique in the center of Zurich. Looking back on Cartier’s first boutique opened in Zurich in 1978, the brand continues this story that began 40 years ago.

 The new boutique is located at 47 Bahnhofstrasse and covers an area of ​​550 square meters. It is completely designed by architect and interior designer Laura Gonzalez. The store’s combination of bronze, marble and wood embodies the essence of contemporary Zurich design.
 “The Cartier Zurich boutique balances the concepts of comfort and efficiency,” said Laurence Bourgeois, Managing Director of Cartier Switzerland. “We want to create a refined and welcoming space for customers, an ideal shopping destination.

 Modern furniture reflects natural light, and the light colors and high ceilings make the store feel warm and spacious.
 Inspired by the picturesque Swiss capital, Cartier transformed the brand’s iconic Panthèrede Cartier into murals and decorated them in boutiques. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Rolex Creative Funding Recommendations Announces New Student List

At the end of May, the Rolex Creative Arts Recommended Funding Scheme announced in London at the end of May 2008 a list of six outstanding young artists selected from the 2008-2009 plan. They are from Argentina, Australia, Honduras, Japan and the United States. There will be one-on-one mentoring and communication with the mentors who selected them during the year. The Rolex Creative Funding Program includes six major areas of dance, film, literature, music, drama, and visual arts. The fourth mentor and student list are: Jason Dance Azira. Songma (Jason Akira Somma) and mentor Geely. Gillian; Selena in the film category. Celia Murga and mentor Martin. Scorsese; Literature Tara. Joan. Wen Qi (Tara June Winch) and mentor Wally. Soyinka; Aurelio in Music. Martinez (Aurelio Martinez) and mentor Yu Su. Andor; Theatrical Nahuel. Emiliano. Perez. Nahuel Emiliano Perez Biscayart and mentor Kate. Walker; and Masanori Handa and instructor Lei Beijia in visual arts. Hoorn. This funding program has successfully cultivated many outstanding artists since 2002, and will continue to discover more outstanding talents through the leadership of masters.

Glasutti Became The Official Partner Of The Zurich Film Festival For The First Time

This is the first time that Glashütte has become an official partner of the Zurich Film Festival. In the early summer of 2012, the top German watchmaker established a two-year partnership with the Zurich Film Festival, fulfilling its commitment to strengthen its sponsorship of the film industry. Since 2011, Glashütte has become an official partner of the Berlin International Film Festival. From left to right: Philippe Perret-du-Cray, Dieter Pachner (Vice President of Sales, Glasutti), Jemima Sissons, Elisa Vallata, Martina Grassi, Chantal Guidi (Glasuti, Italy), Christina Hentschel (PR / Glashütte Original) ( PR / Glasutti)
格拉 During the eighth Zurich Film Festival, Glashütte opened a dedicated VIP room in the century-old building DittingHaus at 35 Rennweg in the centre of Zurich. Also coming to this film festival is one of Glashütte’s most outstanding masterpieces to date-the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon. This watch is the first choice for travellers in the world. It was unveiled in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Beijing, and then went to the Zurich Film Festival. VIPs in the VIP room have exclusive opportunities to appreciate this extraordinary masterpiece. The first connoisseurs were media representatives from Italy, Britain and Switzerland. These guests were invited by Glashütte to attend the opening ceremony of the Zurich Film Festival.
In addition to watching the interactive demonstration of the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon in the specially designed ‘Secret Room’ by Glashütte, members of the media have the opportunity to become watchmakers and explore the microscopic mechanical world in person. Watchmaker Maria Tabaschnik showed the audience how to use special watchmaking tools to fit the tiny screws perfectly into the balance wheel. Other audience members watched with interest the watches displayed at the arts and crafts exhibition.
The last group of Glashütte invited guests to take a group photo in the Glashütte VIP room before going to the premiere of the movie ‘Savages’. The film’s director Oliver Stone and actor John Travolta appeared on the green carpet that night. To ensure the schedule of the two festival directors Nadja Schildknecht and Karl Spoerri during the festival, Glashütte equipped two of them respectively. A Glashütte watch.
DNadja chose a watch from the 1960s series, while Karl chose a watch from the 1970s a decade later. ‘We very much welcome Glashütte as the official partner of the Zurich Film Festival. This partner, a renowned German luxury watch maker, is not only dedicated to watchmaking but also has a special preference for filmmaking. Since last year In the beginning, Glashütte became the official partner of the Berlin International Film Festival. We are very happy to win such a partner, ‘said the two film festival directors.