Wonderful Moment Mido Donna Series Ladies Watch Debut In Dalian

Mido, a brand that ‘inspires eternity’, we have remembered it because it can integrate architectural style on the wrist, and we used to show time elegantly and cleverly. Remember it, we remembered it for its eternal watchmaking philosophy. Nowadays, we see the beauty of beautiful women in another way, that is, DONNA series ladies watches. Swiss watch Mido, on June 24, 2015, in the Dalian Xinmarte, which is known as the ‘Romantic Capital’, the Mido DONNA series ladies watch celebration was successfully held. Watches dedicated to women, let us witness the wonderful moment together.
Group visits, enthusiastic answers:

 The newly-born young flower daniel who quickly became popular because of playing a cool-looking, daring to love and hate ‘Ning Guiren’ in Zhen Zhuan, was invited to attend the event as a new inspiration ambassador for Mido.

 Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of Swiss Mido China, introduced the DONNA series ladies watches to the guests in detail, and presented this watch to Reiza. I believe that the unique charm of both inside and outside can be fully interpreted in Reiza. . In the face of enthusiastic media friends, Reiza explained her own experience of Mido’s watch, and also recommended the DONNA series ladies’ watches to everyone, and shared her knowledge of contemporary women’s beauty.

The opening of the event witnessed wonderful:
  After the group visit, all the guests and friends moved to Dalian New Mart Shopping Center to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Mido DONNA series women’s watches.


  The event was officially launched by a modern ballet. The dance was elegant and feminine, and the dancing skirt revolved as if the hands were rotating in a circle to outline the elegant appearance of time. The dance contains the beauty of classical ballet. As the doors of the Rennes Opera House slowly open, Mido’s new inspiration ambassador Reiza comes on stage.

  Driven by Ms. Wang Yan, Reiza and the guests at the scene jointly opened the curtain of the “Smart and Eternal Wrist Blooming” DONNA series ladies watch Dalian station, which proved the wonderful moments of beauty.

DONNA series, shining:


  Although there are many types of women’s watches, each brand has a different interpretation of women’s beauty. Mido DONNA series women’s watches are outstanding representatives of women’s watches. Mido DONNA series women’s watches have outstanding characteristics. It discards the gorgeous decoration and exaggerated appearance, and continues its round and minimalist design concept. It integrates delicate curves and rounded outlines. The interpretation is elegant, as if the woman after bathing fades the flashy embellishment and does not apply rouge, but it is clear and touching, better than whitewashing. In terms of power, it also has an ultra-long power reserve, and its superior performance is self-evident.

Diamonds sparkle on the white mother-of-pearl dial.

  The new Mido DONNACaliber80 ultra-long power reserve ladies watch, from both appearance and internal aspects, makes it impossible to reject its beauty. The watch has a diameter of 33mm, which is very suitable for women’s slender wrists. The white mother-of-pearl dial reflects the ever-changing iridescent color, and the dial is set with eight gorgeous diamonds to make it look beautiful. The rose-gold hands cut through the bevel of the diamond are exquisite and agile, recording the passing of the Iraqi years on the wrist.

The round calendar display window is at six o’clock.

The crown has a classic icon of beauty.

  The rose-gold hands cut by the diamond bevel are exquisite and agile, turning the track of time between dials, the calendar display window is located at six o’clock, and the Mido mark appears at 12 o’clock. The wearer has a clear view of time.

The watch is uniquely equipped with an off-white leather strap and a folding buckle.

Equipped with Caliber80 automatic movement, power reserve can reach up to 80 hours.

  The charm of machinery lies in the bottom of the watch. In terms of power, this watch is equipped with Caliber80 automatic movement, which is the first female watch with ultra-long power reserve function. The Caliber80 automatic movement strictly adheres to the Mido standard and has a power reserve of up to 80 hours. It can accurately move the time even if it is not worn for three days.

Summary: Whether in life or in the workplace, women’s ability to control watches will never be inferior to men. With the years of deposition and the improvement of taste, women have higher requirements for watches. Mido is always good at capturing inspiration, complementing unique ideas with time. The new Mido DONNA series ladies watches, from the modern aesthetic, interpret the urban women’s fashion and personality, while incorporating the brand’s watchmaking philosophy for many years, it is irresistible to its beauty. Today, the new watch of this series has begun to be sold on the mainland. It’s better to take action. Friends who like it should start quickly. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)