Why Watchmaking Brands Love Paris Vendôme

In addition to the departure tax refund policy for tourists, one of the extra pleasures of shopping at Place Vendôme in Paris is that you can experience the collision of luxury and history. The octagonal layout is like delicately cut precious stones. For watch and jewellery consumers, Place Vendôme is a dream paradise.
Place Vendome Paris

   In the center of the square is a bronze statue of Louis XIV, which was not spared during the French Revolution. Then in 1810, Napoleon I, then emperor of the Empire, ordered the construction of a bronze pillar of victory, and his bronze statue stood on top. It was pushed down, rebuilt, and rebuilt. After years, it still stands today.
Breguet Queen of Naples
   During the same period, Abraham-Louis Breguet lived in Paris. In 1806, he first showed the public the great invention in watchmaking history-the tourbillon. In 1810, Abraham-Louis Breguet started making the first watch in history and sold it two years later. The customer was Napoleon I’s youngest sister, Caroline Mula, Queen of Naples.
Van Cleef & Arpels Vendôme Boutique

   Today, Breguet has boutiques in Place Vendôme, displaying fine timepieces including the Queen of Naples collection. Other fine watch brands such as Piaget, Panerai, Rolex, Blancpain, Tag Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, Montblanc, Jacques Droe, Chopard, Breitling, Lange, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Dior all have their place here. Together with the nearby rue de la Paix on the west side of the Opera House, these storefronts form France’s busiest shopping window.
Exterior of Jaeger-LeCoultre Plaza Vendome

   In 1815, Mellerio dits Meller, the oldest jewellery family in the world, built a jewelry store at 9 Heping Street. As early as 1613 two centuries ago, the family received a royal decree granted by Mary Medicis to operate in France. Frédéric Boucheron was the first jewellery / watch brand to settle in Place Vendôme. In 1893, N ° 26, located on the corner of Heping Street, won the favor of the founders with special lighting conditions. In 1899, Alfred Cartier and his son Louis addressed Peace Street N ° 13, near the Westminster Hotel. Chaumet, a supplier of Napoleon and Josephine royal jewellery, opened a store in Vendôme N ° 12 in 1902. Four years later, Van Cleef & Arpels opened its first brand boutique at N ° 22.
Chanel Première Skeleton Flying Tourbillon

   Chanel, which opened a boutique at N ° 18 in 1997, is just a newcomer, but the brand has been associated with Vendôme Plaza long before. The Ritz Hotel, where Miss Coco Chanel has lived for many years, is in opposition to today’s boutiques. The octagonal layout of Place Vendôme is the inspiration for the famous N ° 5 perfume stoppers and the design of Chanel’s first watch. Patek Philippe (since 2009) and Hublot (since 2010) share N ° 10, but the decoration style is very different from the store atmosphere. In 2012, the Jaeger-LeCoultre boutique at N ° 7 officially opened.
Hublot Store at 10 Place Vendôme

Patek Philippe Vendôme Boutique

   If you plan to stay for a short time, the Vendôme Hotel, Morris Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel, and Mandarin Oriental Hotel will be your choice. As for Ms. Coco Chanel who has lived in the Ritz Hotel, which is also frequented by Marcel Proust and Ernest Hemingway, you need to stay at least until March next year. Since July 2012, the Ritz Hotel was temporarily closed. The owner, Mohammed Fayez, invested 200 million euros to renovate the decoration, which will definitely meet Louis XIV, Napoleon I and your expectations and needs.