What About Citizen Watches? How About Citizen Watches?

About Citizen
  Citizen is an internationally renowned watch company. In the world, almost all watch manufacturers have used or are using the Citizen “MIYOTA” movement (2035 is the representative product of Citizen), but Citizen is a huge enterprise The group has a wide range of operations and many branches, which may not be known to everyone.
  Citizen’s predecessor was the Japan Shanggongshe Institute of Timepieces. Founded in 1918, it was mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of clocks. In 1924, it produced the first pocket watch. Citizen Timepiece Co., Ltd. was established in May 1930, and was named ‘CITIZEN’ by the then mayor of Tokyo, meaning all citizens of the world.
  Just like its name, since its birth, Citizen has always been committed to ‘providing high-end products and high-level services for all citizens around the world’, and hopes to provide products that are ‘loved by citizens and close to citizens’ by providing To contribute to the good life of all mankind.
  Citizen firmly believes that the combination of wisdom and sensitivity can benefit humanity. Relying on its own technical advantages in precision processing, measurement technology, energy saving, manufacturing technology and other exquisite designs, Citizen has continuously developed clock and watch products that perfectly reflect the ‘fusion of technology and beauty’.

  The fusion of technology and beauty: while showing the right time, the watch also displays fashion and personality, reflecting the wearer’s taste, values ​​and personality. In response to the different needs of consumers, Citizen uses the advanced technology and the delicate and elegant beauty of the oriental tradition to cleverly combine to provide consumers with a variety of watches with ‘fusion of technology and beauty’, adding color to people’s lives. . In terms of style design, there are everything from bold sports models to elegant formal wear models, which are suitable for the needs of consumers of all ages and types.
  In early 2010, Citizen (China) Watch & Clock Co., Ltd. announced the formal implementation of single product barcode management. All watches sold at Citizen’s designated sales outlets will be affixed with exclusive single product barcode labels, which is equivalent to bringing an ‘ID’ to each Citizen watch. This is also the first innovation in customer service since Citizen released the ‘True Action’ customer service system in the watch industry in 2008.

How about Citizen watches
  Comments from netizens 1: Citizen watches were created by a famous international watch manufacturing company in Japan. They were established in 1930. The Citizen watch has been the top pillar of the Japanese watch industry since 2011, and has repeatedly established the number one in the world-class watch list. The Citizen watch movement is also very famous. Most watch manufacturers around the world have used the movement of the Japanese Citizen watch. The precision of this movement has reached the world’s top level. Citizen watches have created many different styles, suitable for men and women to wear, but as the Citizen watches become more and more famous, so there are more and more imitations. If you want to buy, you must go to a regular mall or from high-end watches Don’t be fooled into buying at a store.

  Netizen evaluation 2: The positioning is for young people and white-collar consumers, which can not be compared with Swiss watches, the difference is obvious. Citizen watches have no room for value preservation. For the three major watch factories in Japan, Citizen watches are still quite middle-aged. Some styles are suitable for middle-aged people. The price of Citizen mechanical watches is about 1000-2000. I suggest you pay more for 2000 Tissot ordinary series mechanical watches.

  Netizen evaluation three :. nice. . It belongs to the mature and slightly fashionable, and endorsed by Takeshi Kaneshiro, the price is medium among brand-name watches, and it is worth buying. Compared to CASIO single sports wind is much better. . Positioning is for young people and white-collar consumers, which cannot be compared with Swiss watches. The difference is obviously that Citizen watches have no value preservation space. For the three major watch factories in Japan, Citizen watches are still quite middle-aged. . Some styles are perfect for middle age. More and more watches are being bought, it is a symbol, but many people do not know how to choose a watch.

  Netizen evaluation 4: Citizen is made in Japan. I brought a piece with me. I bought it at 1800 last year and it has risen to 2100 this year. The quality doesn’t have to be said, very good. It is not recommended to buy quartz watches or light-powered watches. Mechanical watches can be purchased for appreciation.

  Netizen evaluation five: Hello, I just got one last month, and the quality is good. At that time, I chose to compare it for a long time, and finally decided to buy one based on various references. It has been used for a while now, and it feels good in both price and performance. At the time, I also saw it on the evaluation webpage recommended by netizens, and the evaluation was still very fair.

  Netizen evaluation 6: Despite national emotions, Citizen is still very good, such as light kinetic energy, radio wave watches, etc., the travel time is accurate, it is recommended to go to the shopping mall counter to buy.

  Netizen evaluation 7: Very good ~ This brand has the characteristics of Japanese products: it is more practical, the price is not too expensive, and it can satisfy the vanity of people’s brands ~ It is recommended that you buy the current kinetic energy of his house, which is very good ~ If you can choose, Casio’s is also very good ~

Recommended Citizen Watches
Citizen Promaster AS5019-56E

Number: AS5019-56E
Series: Promaster
Style: Eco-Drive, 44mm, Men
Material: Titanium
RMB: ¥ 7,800
Case material: titanium
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap Material: Titanium-DLC Carbon Film
Weight: 160 grams
Water resistance: 200 meters

Citizen Eco-Drive Series EW1582-03A Watch

Number: EW1582-03A
Series: light kinetic energy meter
Style: 27 mm, ladies
Material: stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 2,500
Case material: Stainless steel
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap material: stainless steel
Buckle material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters

Citizen sales and repair service point
  Citizen has many sales and maintenance service points in China, making it easy for consumers to purchase and maintain. However, there are many high imitations on the market, so consumers must beware of being deceived. For more information on Citizen’s regular sales and repair service points, please visit: citizen /
All Citizen Stores
citizen /
Shanghai Citizen Store (The Landmark)
/ weixiu /
Beijing Citizen Wangfujing Maintenance Service Station
Call for the building of an honest online shopping platform
Citizen Super Sky Eagle BY0074-50E