Very Collectible Patek Philippe 5147g White Gold Watch

As the only independent watchmaker in the world today, it has firmly occupied the watch with its long history, superb craftsmanship, and persistence in manufacturing the world’s most perfect timepieces. The top spot in the industry. Its complication chronograph series, super complication chronograph series and so on are all the fines among watch boutiques. Today we come to appreciate this Patek Philippe complex chronograph series 5147G white gold watch.
 The dial of the 5147G is 39 mm in diameter and the case is made of 18k white gold set with 62 0.85 carat diamonds. As a men’s watch, its dial is of medium size, sparkling diamonds shine against the background of white gold, exuding a gorgeous and refined temperament. On the dark blue lacquered plate, the three-dimensional gold hour markers and blocks are evenly distributed, and they are set against each other by the silver dial, giving people a clear and bright feeling. Like a silver plate filled with water, the water is extremely clear and clear, only the crescent moon reflected in the water can make people feel the existence of water. The art masters of Patek Philippe use their unique methods to show us this. Aesthetic mood, and the crescent in the water is naturally the moon phase on the dial. Below the moon phase is the Patek Philippe logo, and below is the date display window. The large font numbers let us see clearly. The date dial and the month dial are located to the left and right of the dial center, giving us a symmetrical beauty. The top twelve o’clock position is the power reserve display. The layout of the entire dial is generous and decent. It includes so many functions without making people feel complicated. The strap is made of crocodile leather, and the dial is dark blue, which caters to the color tone of the case, making the entire watch look like one.

 The 5147G belongs to Patek Philippe’s complex timing function series. The complexity of its functions is self-evident. Months and weeks are displayed in a pointer design. The white English letters are very clear on the blue dial. The smaller hands allow us to read the time accurately. While achieving its own functions, it also makes the layout of the dial more Is reasonable. At twelve o’clock is the power reserve indicator, which is a very practical function for a mechanical watch, it can remind us of the power status of the watch at any time. The date display function of Patek Philippe is realized by the date display window. Large Arabic numerals on white background are easy to read. The Patek Philippe 5147G also has a very stylish moon phase function. The moon phase display on the movement will slowly rotate over time. Under the dial, it will appear or disappear, showing us the changing changes of the moon. In addition, this watch also has a water resistance of 30 meters, which can meet the needs of our daily life and leisure.
 The movement used by Patek Philippe 5147G is the Cal.324 S IRM QA LU produced by Patek Philippe itself. The movement uses a Gyromax balance with an adjustment weight and a new hairspring made of silicon. This makes the 5147G have a beautiful performance and a precise performance guarantee. The composition of 355 parts and 36 gems guarantees the wear resistance of this movement and extends the life of the movement. The 45-hour power reserve meets the needs of daily life, so that this watch can not only improve the quality, It is also practical in life.

Patek Philippe 5147G can be said to be a boutique in watch, clever concept in function, reasonable layout in appearance, and superior movement performance, all embody the unique design of Patek Philippe watchmakers. The masters used their genius ideas to make it an excellent watch, a precious luxury, a classic work of art. Patek Philippe’s reputation and its weight and quality are destined to 5147G will have great value space, so that it can be treasured as a very good collection. I believe that such a watch will be coveted by many watch lovers, but just like its image of the moon in the water, it can be encountered but not sought. So if you have a chance to appear in front of you, then cherish it.
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