Ulysse Nardin Grand Opening Of Athens Watch Taiyuan Boutique

On August 7, 2019, Taiyuan-Swiss fine watch brand Ulysse Nardin opened its grand Taiyuan boutique in Athens. The store is located in Taiyuan Wangfujing Department Store and is the first of its kind in Central and Western China. Boutiques.

   The Athens Watch was founded in the 19th century of the era of maritime power.Since 1846, it has begun to explore precision astronomical clocks for navigation. A Swiss watch brand entering the ‘Ci sea’. The Athens watch has repeatedly led the horological revolution. In 1985, it launched the Galileo Astrolabe watch, which was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Then it launched the Copernican running watch and Kepler astronomical watch. Astronomical trilogy series; in 1996, the world’s first perpetual calendar with a single crown that can adjust the date in both directions; the introduction of the Genghis Khan trilogy in 2002, the first Westminster Dapeng Zhongle event Doll Tourbillon Minute Repeater. The Athens watch is also the first watch brand to use silicon material, launched the revolutionary Freak imagination series, the first hairspring and escapement made of silicon crystal. The Athens watch is like the mythical hero Ulysses. With outstanding watchmaking skills and innovative technology, it constantly breaks the norm and subverts extraordinary.

   Taiyuan, the location of the first boutique in the Midwest, is located in the middle of Shanxi. It is one of the important transportation hubs in North China. Its unique geographical advantage makes it a link between the east and the Midwest. The completion is of great strategic significance to the development of the Athenian Watch in the development of the market in the Midwest of China. Mr. Zhang Chi, President of Athens Watch Greater China and North Asia, said, ‘This time, the association between Athens Watch and the ancient dragon city of Taiyuan is a great step for the development of Athens Watch in China. Since then, we can better serve Consumers in Taiyuan and the central and western regions provide high-quality services and a full range of high-end watches, which also allows more consumers to see the style of Athens watches. ‘

   The Athens Watch Taiyuan boutique is bright and transparent, with a well-designed layout and unique design. The store design is characterized by wonderful marine elements, which coincides with the consistent brand characteristics of Athens Watch, and integrates a simple, contemporary aesthetic style. Subverting the extraordinary main visual picture-‘Shark in the City’ #FREAKMEOUT pays tribute to the brand’s ocean origin for more than 170 years with a bold perspective. The eye-catching X-ray watch blockbuster in the shop window represents the unknown X element. With the Freak X watch and the manager series hollow X watch launched this year, it once again pushes the brand’s boldness and innovation to a new height. The simple yet sophisticated interior style blends modern and natural styles. The store is embellished with a series of unique design elements designed to pay tribute to the marine origin of the Athenian watch: the natural texture of the original display cabinets evokes the customers’ imagination of fresh air and a long horizon; the blue design elements embellish it and ‘Athens Blue’ And the ocean blue complements each other. Through the design of blue carpet and beige ground, it evokes the customers’ infinite imagination of the ocean.

   Athens Watch Taiyuan Boutique aims to create a platform for watch connoisseurs in Shanxi and even the entire Midwest to experience Swiss watchmaking culture. This is an important step for Athens Watch in China, and Athens Watch will continue to uphold breakthrough innovation. Spiritual, move forward.
   For this opening, Athens Watch presents new fine watchmaking works and special models, which are on sale in Taiyuan boutiques:

   Athens Watch Chinggis Khan Tourbillon Four Hammer Minute Repeater
   This watch is derived from the respect of Genghis Khan. The material is made of titanium. It has a tourbillon and Westminster Zhongle minute repeater. It can also tap four different tones of Mi-Do-Re-Sol. The elaborately carved platinum activity dolls are all crafted by master sculptors for more than 40 hours. They are carefully crafted by hand to meet the visual and auditory double enjoyment of collectors. It is a unique work of art.

   Athens watch FREAK VISION
   FREAK VISION is the first FREAK automatic watch in Athens to feature a ‘grinding’ automatic winding system, covering a range of innovative timepieces: an ultra-light silicon balance with a combination of nickel parts and microchips , And an ultra-thin case made of a curved dome crystal glass. The aesthetic skills of the Coral Reef Limited Edition perfectly complement this masterpiece, named after the famous snorkeling reef in Coral Bay, Western Australia, highlighting the exciting new decorative pressure welding technology and the micropainting that Athens Watch has been proud of Craft.

   Athens Watch Whimsical FREAK X
   As the entry-level masterpiece of the FREAK series, the mechanism is more compact, the diameter has been reduced from 45 mm to 43 mm, and it is equipped with a crown for the first time for time adjustment. The movement is a flying Carrousel bar movement, which rotates 1 hour The design of the new watch is simpler and bolder, with fewer gears. No dial and hands-the central bridge is used to indicate the minute hand, and a gear in the movement is used to indicate the hour.

   Athens Watch Manager Hollow X Watch
   The Hollow X watch uses the new brand-made movement UN-371, which has a sharp design and masculine lines. The geometric structure of the superimposed structure—the X shape formed by the time scales dwells inside the rectangular frame, and the rectangle is in the ring. The hollow design inside the watch clearly reproduces the many innovative innovations of Freak Vision: oversized ultralight silicon balance, nickel weight and self-adjusting micro-flakes. The watch has a 96-hour power reserve, which can be read through the window on the case barrel.