This Moment Is A Dazzling Opening. Tissot Watches Set The Fashion Trend With ‘gold’ Party

At the time of resigning from the old year to welcome the blessing, the strong and warm festival atmosphere spreads. The warm day has given the earth the golden color and glory, giving her a new and touching face. The famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot condenses its 165th anniversary of its long-standing watchmaking experience, ingeniously blending gold into various styles of watch design, and dancing the wave of gold over time. The exquisite and firm Baohuan series, the classic retro Lello series, the elegant and dynamic wave series, and the simple and modern PR100 series are wrapped in gorgeous gold. On this occasion of the extraordinary Chinese New Year, start a golden-headed carnival party .

Figure 1: Tissot watches set fashion trends with ‘gold’ party

Shining in the New Year
   The strong Chinese New Year atmosphere permeates the air, and the golden light envelops everything in a blurry and mysterious veil. The golden light embellishes all the places. In this bright welcome moment, Tissot watches led a ‘gold’ costume party, with a touch of dazzling gold on the wrist and the New Year’s tune. The golden glory and glory inspired the Tissot Bohème series watch. The mechanical power of the 80 movement, equipped with a silicon spring with strong magnetic resistance and extremely stable performance, makes spring spring in the wrist. The dial of this series of watches is surrounded by a Paris stud pattern from architectural aesthetics, inspired by a window of the Tissot factory. The delicate patterns are arranged neatly, like an orderly and mysterious pyramid lattice, exuding infinite charm. Women’s watches with a mother-of-pearl dial add a touch of charm to women. The newly launched gold-steel strap watch is covered with a warm and textured rose gold, while the gold watch slides a touch of gold in the silver and falls to the bezel, hands, crown, scale and Between the straps, the chic elegance is just right.

Figure 2-5: Tissot Gold Ring Series Gold / Steel Watch

Brilliant gilt tribute to the original heart
   When the classic and golden design elements collide, the Tissot Rock series inter-gold watch with a very retro charm is presented. Polished classics in passing years, leaving memorable masterpieces. The Tissot Rock’s men’s watch dial is full of textured details that make the dial look deep and embossed, and the mesh texture of the ladies watch dial adds gentleness to the watch. The English hand-written letters engraved under the dial pay homage to the birthplace of the brand, the small town of Lille, Switzerland. The thick historical background is like an invisible bond connecting the expectations of the New Year and the memories of the past. The special ‘double window’ back-through process makes the long-lasting mechanical power 80 movement clearly visible. This combination reflects the elegance of the image and the cultivation of the internal details.

Picture: 6-8: Tissot Rocklock watches

Smart and elegant women
   Women with different styles show different beauty between sneer, but they are equally eye-catching. Tissot watches deeply understand the heart of women, and keenly capture the fashionable atmosphere brought by the New Year, and incorporate the financial symbol of warmth and happiness into ladies’ watches of different styles. The Wave Series watch discovers the innate tenderness of women, captures the feminine elements of nature, and the gentle spring breeze blows ripples. The dials of this series of watches are as diverse as simple satin dials or faintly glittering Weselton diamond embellishments, which bring elegant visual effects. The appearance of the watch is filled with rose gold, the hollow hands are like floating leaves, and they don’t know how to move the wind. In the season when the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year is full of elegance, the elegant women travel through the New Year parties and carnivals, letting this fresh sea wave witness every moment of her charm.

Figure 9-11: Tissot Wave Series Watch

Low-key modern humble to heart
   The humble and independent modern woman prefers calm and capable accessories. The Tissot PR100 series watch is unique in the pursuit of quality under the baptism of time. The simple appearance is more modern because of the unique light of rose gold. At 6 o’clock, the date is enlarged to show the change of each day. The sharp hands and scales make women’s firm side escape from the gentle and gentle, like an elegant woman with wisdom, which attracts people without trace.

Figure 12: Tissot PR100 Women’s Watch

   The symbol of auspiciousness and brilliance, at the beginning of the new year, blooms in the wrists, bringing the bright new year’s expectations and enthusiasm. Tissot watches open the new year with ‘gold’, and hope that all the good meaning brought by gold will fill the eyes.