The Winners Of The 2016 Longines And International Horse Racing Organization International Excellence Awards Are The Prestigious Leaders Of The French And International Horse Racing World-the Romanet Family

Longines, a Swiss watch brand, is an official partner and official timekeeper of the International Federation of Horse Racing Organizations (IFHA), and is deeply honored to receive the 2016 Longines and International Horse Racing Organization International Award of Merit (IFHA International Award of Merit) ) Awarded to the Romanet family. Winners in previous years include: Irish well-known trainer, owner and breeder Jim Bolger; former French champion trainer and founder of Haras du Quesnay, Alec Head; Seth Hancock of Claiborne Ranch, and pure blood of Latin America Marcel Zarour Atanacio, the former chairman of the Malaysian Promotions Organization (OSAF).

   Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President and International Marketing Director of Longines, said: ‘It is a great honour to recognize the contribution of the Romanet family to the sport of horse racing. Longines began to provide professional timing for this sport more than 100 years ago. In 2013, Longines became a partner of the International Federation of Horse Racing Organizations. At that time, the alliance was under the leadership of Louis Romanet. Since then, we have developed the horse racing sport together and created a series of awards in recognition of the industry elite: Longines and International Federation of International Horse Racing Organizations Awards, LonginesWorld’s BestRacehorse, LonginesWorld’sBestJockey and LonginesWorld’sBestHorseRace. Through cooperative projects, joint achievements and Great horse racing moments, and our mutual passion for equestrian sports, we have established a strong friendship with Louis Romanet, who has chaired the Alliance since its founding in 1994. His father, JeanRomanet, inherited the legacy of his grandfather René Romanet and his uncle Maurice Romanet. Regulator of French horse racing He eagerly supports the reconstruction of the Longchamp Racecourse and the Chantilly Training Center in Paris. He has been constantly promoting and encouraging international cooperation between horse racing management agencies, and his influence is beyond the country. And geographical boundaries. He participated in the development of the European classification system, which also provided a basis for the North American classification system. He had the same vision as his father and uncle, and believed that the stakeholders in the horse racing industry should be united. Contributed to the establishment of the International Conference of the International Federation of Horse Racing Organizations, which is the main annual event in the horse racing world today. JeanRomanet’s extraordinary achievements have been recognized internationally and have won many international awards. I sincerely admire the outstanding person achievement.’

   Louis Romanet, President of the International Horse Racing Organization Alliance, on behalf of the Romanet family, received the Longines and International Horse Racing Organization International Awards of Excellence, and expressed his gratitude. ‘This award recognizes the three generations of my family who have contributed to the horse racing industry for more than 100 years, including my great uncle, my grandfather, and especially my father (JeanRomanet), whose vision contributed to the International Federation of Horse Racing Organizations. The establishment also promoted the relationship between global horse racing institutions. I began to have the opportunity to work with my father in 1968 and witnessed the International Conference of the International Racing Organization Union transformed into a powerful international alliance dedicated to the development and protection of global horse racing. This is the Romanet family. The great achievements that have been passed on to future generations. The alliance hopes to include the world’s major horse racing regions, and this vision was formally realized in 2003. We have established three vice chairmen to represent the Americas, Europe and Asia. I am very happy to see horse racing The world continues to develop in these regions, and also sees the Asian Racing Federation, the European and Mediterranean Racing Federation, the Latin American Thoroughbred Promotion Organization, and the Pan American Conference to develop the horse racing and horse breeding industry on an international level. The goals of the first international conference hosted in 2012. ‘