The Real Maritime Overlord Turned Out To Be Him

The ocean, this mysterious and magical blue water, always attracts people on the journey to the ocean. Beginning with the ‘Great Sailing Era’ in the 15th century, the history of watches and clocks has also developed rapidly. Many inspirations for fine watchmaking come from the ocean. Who is the true maritime overlord?

 When it comes to fine watchmaking, we will definitely think of its name-Breguet. It has a history of 243 years of uninterrupted watchmaking. It enjoys more than 70% of patented technology in the industry. Therefore, the founder of Breguet also Known as ‘the father of modern watchmaking’. Its unquestionable status in the field of modern watchmaking, and its unremitting pursuit of watchmaking itself, make it a well-deserved king. What are the origins of Breguet and the ocean?

Abraham-Louis Breguet, founder of Breguet

 Speaking of Breguet, I have to mention the founder Abraham-Louis Breguet (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Breguet), the entire watchmaking history written and advanced by this great watchmaker. He created the world’s first known watch, the Breguet N ° 2639 (in 1810, Mr. Breguet created it for Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples). In addition, he is ‘the Royal Watchmaker of the Royal French Navy’. For watchmakers, this is a supreme honor. In 1814, Mr. Breguet was elected to the French Longitude Committee, which also largely confirmed Breguet’s achievements in accuracy and stability. As the wealth and security of the country and the strength of the oceans become more and more closely linked, the ‘Royal Watchmaker of the Royal French Navy’ served by Mr. Baodi has made a tremendous contribution in providing accurate and durable marine clocks.

No. 3196 Marine Astronomical Clock sold by Breguet to the French Navy in 1822

 Timing instruments play a pivotal role in sea navigation. Keeping this in mind, we will have a deeper understanding of the importance of the accuracy of timing instruments in navigation. During this period, for ocean-going ships, an accurate marine astronomical clock was needed to determine its longitude position. The accuracy of the timing instrument is very important. The error per second is equivalent to the longitude error of about 15 seconds near the equator, or the distance error of about 0.25 nautical miles.

 Marine marine astronomical clock installation sketches, these sketches are from Mr. Bao Yi

 Mr. Bao Di not only takes great care in the design and manufacture of the marine astronomical clock, but also takes great care in providing its instructions for use. In 1817, he published the 23-page Operation Manual for Marine Clocks. This manual not only introduced the use of the marine astronomical clock in detail, but also provided guidance on how to judge whether the timepiece was operating normally.

Breguet Marine

 In tribute to the honorary title of ‘Royal Watchmaker of the Royal French Navy’, Breguet launched the first generation Marine Marine series in 1990. As the word ‘Marine’ conveys, many watches in this collection are water-resistant.

 In 2018, Breguet once again launched three new masterpieces, drawing on the iconic elements of nautical aesthetics, incorporating complex functions such as calendar, timekeeping and music alarm, to present the beauty of the ocean on the wrist.

Breguet Marine 5517

 First of all, the Breguet Marine Marine Series 5517 watch. The design of the dial’s three-pin dial follows the Breguet classic design gene. The luminous layer identifier makes the wearer more clear and intuitive when reading the time. The rock gray gold dial The solar radiation pattern enhances the overall texture, allowing the dial to show detailed charm at different angles.

Breguet Marine 5517

Breguet Marine series 5517 (from left to right: titanium, rose gold, white gold)

 This is also the first time Breguet has introduced titanium to the case, because it is more corrosion-resistant and lighter, giving consumers more choices.

Breguet Marine 5517
 The Breguet Marine Marine Series 5517 watch, the dial is decorated with ‘wavy ornament’ engraved flowers, the design of the convex lugs can minimize the friction between the strap and the lugs when worn; the bold ‘B The “logo” and the water ripple protection bridge perfectly blend the brand elements with the marine elements, and highlight the role of the crown in the sense of use.

Breguet Marine Series 5527 chronograph
 The new Marine nautical series, and another watch that attracts more attention from consumers, is the Breguet Marine nautical series 5527 chronograph, which is also a watch launched by the brand to pay tribute to the master Breguet chronograph chronograph. .

Breguet Marine series 5527 chronograph (from left to right: titanium, rose gold, white gold)
 In 1820, Mr. Breguet developed the ‘dual-second hand chronograph that can read the chronograph period’, which can be called the undisputed originator of the double-track chronograph in modern watches.

Breguet Marine Series 5527 chronograph
 This new 5527 chronograph, the dial is decorated with ‘wavy decoration’ engraved flowers, luminous coating time scale to ensure that users can still clearly read the time in the dark wearing environment. The end of the central chronograph hand is decorated with the international maritime signal flag letter ‘B’ mark, highlighting the deep roots of Breguet and the maritime era.

Breguet Marine Marine 5527 chronograph case back
 Today, Baodi’s polishing persists in the pursuit of quality. Through the sapphire glass bottom cover, you can see the finely polished movement parts. The oscillating weight design is inspired by the rudder and is in line with the overall nautical style. From the appearance to the movement, the Breguet Marine Marine series watches have achieved a harmonious blend with marine elements.

Breguet Marine Marine Series Assembly Details
 In the latest released models, in order to further enrich the new generation of marine series, Marine Marine Series 5547 music alarm watch is equipped with at least three complex functions: in addition to the alarm function, it also has a second time zone display and date display. In addition, the alarm function can be turned on and off.

Breguet Marine 5547 Music Alarm Clock
 The alarm’s power reserve indicator is located between 9 and 12 o’clock, and the alarm of this watch can last up to 20 seconds. Also, a date display is provided at 6 o’clock.

Breguet Marine Series 5547 Music Alarm Clock (from left to right: titanium, rose gold, white gold)
 In addition to the Marine 5547 music alarm watch, Breguet has brought us a Marine Marine Series 5887 time equation watch that is enough to enter the history of watchmaking.

Breguet Marine 5887 Time Equation
 This superbly complex watch marks a new era for the Breguet Marine collection. The time equation display is an extraordinary and fascinating horological complex that shows the difference between the average solar time (‘flat solar time’) and the true solar time (‘true solar time’). Flat solar time, that is, civilian time, refers to the local standard time indicated by the clock; true solar time reflects the true movement of the sun.

Breguet Marine series 5887 time equation watch (from left to right: rose gold, platinum)
 We all know that Mr. Breguet invented the tourbillon, a device that minimizes the effect of gravity on the escapement system in mechanical watch movements. Breguet is also the first brand in the world to combine time equation and perpetual calendar on watches. In modern times, the tourbillon has long become a ‘touchstone’ for testing the watchmaking craftsmanship and skills of the brand. Only by using this technology steadily and adding certain innovative elements can it be called success.

Tourbillon device in Breguet Marine series 5887 time equation watch
 The Breguet Marine Marine Series 5887 Time Equation watch is not only equipped with the 581DPE ultra-thin self-winding movement, but also integrates three super complicated functions of time equation, perpetual calendar and tourbillon. Another complication that is particularly proud of is the 60-second tourbillon, with a Breguet balance wheel built into the titanium frame and a silicon hairspring. This innovative design allows the balance to vibrate up to 4 Hz, while providing a self-winding movement with a sufficient power reserve of up to 80 hours.

Breguet Marine Series 5887 Time Equation Case Back
 The Breguet Marine Nautical Series 5887 time equation watch back adopts hand-carved gold engraving of the French Royal Tier 1 battleship ‘Royal Louise’. The clockwork box is adorned with a wind rose nautical compass pattern, which runs through the aesthetic design of nautical elements from beginning to end. The automatic hammer is located on the outer edge of the movement. The layout is exquisite. The gorgeous decoration makes this automatic movement perfect.

Breguet Marine 5887 Time Equation
 When people are sailing on the vast ocean, facing the magnificent sea, they can’t help but lament the smallness of the ocean. Breguet, a brand with a long history but constantly breaking through and innovating, stands on the supreme achievements, and brings us more classic works. ‘Like the setting sun, the blue sea is printed and dyed’, Breguet’s new Marine nautical series seems to re-present that period of prosperity at sea.