The Opening Of The Timepiece Craftsmanship

On October 11, the German top watch brand Glasutti timepiece craft exhibition opened in Beijing SKP. For the first time, two limited-edition watches with outstanding performances made their first appearance in Beijing SKP in this exhibition. With 170 years of historical heritage and consistent original spirit, the exhibition tells the original definition of the distance between the world by Glashütte Original, and opens a new chapter for the world watchmaking industry.

Inheriting skills, revolutionizing world watchmaking
   Glashütte Original was born in Glashütte, Saxony, Germany. Since the 19th century, the watchmaking industry in the town of Glashütte has flourished, and a complete watch manufacturing and supply system has gradually been established, which has kept pace with Switzerland and has become a major watchmaking town in Germany. Glashütte Original follows the word ‘Original’, which symbolizes the glory of the country of origin. Despite historical changes, the Glashütte Original still maintains a firm heritage and reintegrates the watchmaking resources of the town of Glashütte. To carry forward the essence of top-class traditional skills, so that the Glashütte region can once again stand on the world stage with a solid watchmaking process, and create the brand’s supreme importance in the world watchmaking industry.

   Starting from the Glashütte region, Glashütte Original provides outstanding timepieces around the world. With superb watchmaking technology and a watchmaking philosophy that adheres to reliable performance, it is facing the world closer to the world. Glashütte Original follows a strict watchmaking tradition, limiting the production of each piece to ensure that each timepiece produced has the highest quality and unique characteristics. In addition, Glashütte Original continues to strive for excellence, emphasizing the complex mechanical connotation of the watch in a simple form. From the birth of the flying tourbillon device in 1920 to the unique design of 36 time zones in 2012, each patented mechanical structure, each The self-made movements made with all their heart are innovations and remodeling of world watchmaking technology.

Gathering ingenuity and rebuilding the distance from the world
   Since the location of the Royal Observatory Greenwich in the United Kingdom has become ‘zero longitude’, the world has been divided into 24 time zones. Generally, World Time Watches place the names of the representative cities in the 24 time zones and the corresponding time scales on the dial. Glashütte Original has re-divided the world into 36 time zones with unprecedented pioneering work, abandoning complicated and tedious logo designs, using only 2 windows, and encoding the city airport with the time zone. The switch of the world time zone display is only between the fingers. The distance between Glashütte and the cities of the world is thus closer.

   The Glashütte Original Globe Tourbillon watch was specially exhibited in this timepiece craft show, which is equipped with this unique and concise world time zone function. The universal tourbillon watch takes the unique flying tourbillon as its core, and its perpetual calendar mechanism breaks through the inconvenience of only one-way adjustment of the perpetual calendar. The well-designed mechanical device can realize front-to-back adjustment to facilitate the daily use of the wearer. The concise and concise style of the plate clearly shows the changes of the week, month, leap year and day and night.

   The World Time watch has an innovative 36-time zone simple display function, and the enhanced design is derived from the concept of function. In addition, the day and night display, power reserve and independent 24-hour time display coaxial design are unique. . The SKP limited edition parliamentary world time watch specially launched in this exhibition, for the first time, uses the name of Beijing Airport as the representative of China’s world time zone, breaking the convention of the world time zone watch in the past by replacing the time zone of Hong Kong with the Hong Kong time zone, expressing Beijing’s Important capital status. Glashütte Original took this first limited edition model to take an important step towards the Chinese market, writing a new definition of the distance between China and the world with the mechanical beauty of time.