The 12 Most Easily Misunderstood Watch Brand Names

The Chinese name of Richard Mille is ‘Richard Mill’, not ‘Richard Miller’. Franck Muller’s Chinese name is ‘Famullan’, not ‘Frank Muller’. The Chinese name of the watch brand Carl F. Bucherer is ‘宝 齐 莱’. The dealer group ‘Bucherer’ behind them is translated as ‘宝 嘉尔’. Although the popularity of watches is low, Bucherer is the largest luxury watch distributor in Europe and the United States, and the largest Rolex distributor in the world. The full name of Glashütte Original should be ‘Glashütte Original’, not ‘Glashütte’. After World War II, all companies in East Glashütte merged into one UN-operated GUB. In 1994, GUB was successfully privatized. Because the products produced in the state-run period were relatively poor, in order to clarify the relationship and show the difference, in 1995, its newly produced watches were named Glashütte Original. The Chinese name of Grand Seiko is not ‘Da Jinggong’, but ‘Crown Blue Lion’. Grand Seiko was originally released only in Japan and a few regions. In 2010, Seiko launched the Grand Seiko series of watches for the world, but many people thought it was just high-end Seiko. In order to improve the force, starting in 2017, the Grand Seiko series will be presented as a completely independent brand ‘Crown Blue Lion’. The Grand Seiko logo will appear at 12 o’clock on its dial, and it will be the same for all Grand Seiko watches in the future. Oris’Chinese name is“ 豪 利 时 ”, not“ 豪 力 时 ”. Hamilton’s Chinese name is ‘Hamilton’, not ‘Hamilton’. The full name of TAG Heuer is ‘TAG Heuer’, not ‘TAG Heuer’. During the quartz crisis of the last century, due to various reasons, the Heuer brand was unfortunately lost in the hands of the original family. It was sold to the TAG Group in 1985, so the brand name became TAG Heuer. This group is also a shareholder of the car brand McLaren, which was once called ‘Tiger McLaren’. Although in 1990, TAG Heuer was sold to today’s owner LVMH Group for more than 700 million U.S. dollars, but since then, the three letters ‘TAG’ in the name have not been removed, and it is still in use today. Hublot’s Chinese name is Hublot, not Hengbao. The Chinese name of ‘Blancpain’ reads ‘Poper’, pò, four tones. The Chinese name of ‘Tudor’ reads ‘Di Tuo’, duò, four tones. The Chinese name of ‘Girard-Perregaux’ reads ‘Girard-Perregaux’, bó, two sounds. —END —