Tasting Iwc Mechanical Watch Portuguese Series Iw545408

IWC was founded in 1868. Watchmaking has a history of nearly a century and a half. The founder of IWC is Boston engineer Florentine Jones. The earliest mechanical watchmaking factory in Switzerland was founded in a workshop on the Rhine, realizing his novel idea-replacing some artificial parts with machinery to produce more accurate parts, and then assembled by first-class watchmakers into superb watches.
 The IWC Portugal series has always been the object of IWC’s obsession, and its elegant temperament and simple shape have made it a favorite. Many design elements are like the size, shape, and style of the surface. IWC is never sloppy and never compromises. And the brand’s purpose is to create exclusive watches for men, such a brand has led men and women to praise it. The Portuguese series IW545408 watch brought today is one of them.

The Portuguese series IW545408 watch has continued the long oversized diameter style, using a 44 mm stainless steel case, the dial is white with a track-like gold minute scale on the top, and the hands represent an elegant golden willow needle. The mirror is transparent sapphire. The mirror is wear-resistant. The back is also made of sapphire crystal glass. The design of the back is to clearly observe the movement of the movement. The stitching on the black alligator strap is also black, and the white dial with gold needles is even smarter. The thickness of the case is only 10 mm, which is very thin and fits very well.
Through the back, you can clearly see the movement, a total of 18 gems inlaid, of course, because of the angle, we can only see a part. Because it is a manual-winding 98295 movement, the mechanical charm is full, the balance arm is equipped with a high-precision balance wheel, and the fast and slow hands are still a classic design. This design comes from the founder of IWC. The original Jones movement followed this This movement is also similar, including the extended fine-tuning needle, which is the famous Jones arrow. This design is not visible on every movement of IWC, only in the Portuguese manual winding series and tourbillon series.

The design of this watch is very simple, and you can see IWC’s understanding of watch taste. Manually wound watches also have a more mechanical look than automatic ones, and the dial style is also very similar to IWC’s most popular Portuguese 7. Perhaps in the eyes of modern people, manual winding is a very tedious and troublesome thing, and it is not suitable for the current fast-paced society; but in the eyes of some people who are obsessed with mechanical watches, the charm of manual winding watches is impossible. Resisting. This Portuguese manual winding series IW545408 watch sells for nearly 20,000 cheaper than the Portuguese 7. The domestic public price is 71,000 yuan. Friends who are obsessed with mechanical power should not miss it.
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