Renata Litvinova Appeared On The Big Screen Wearing Radar

Born in Russia, Renata Litvinova is an outstanding woman who has become a hit with a hit movie ‘Lita’s Last Fairy Tale’. This year Renata took the film to the Moscow International Film Festival and won a special media award, which also caused a sensation in Russia. The film tells three major themes: love, hate, and the search for love, and the stories of the three women perform each theme vividly.

 The film was wholly invested by Renata and took two years to create stunning costumes, beautiful scenes, and rich emotions.

 According to the watch home, RADO’s global brand spokesperson RENATA LITVINOVA wears the Swiss Rado ESENZA real diamond watch to participate in the 34th Moscow International Film Festival.

 Wearing nostalgic Hollywood dresses embroidered with metal sequins, wearing a RADO eSenza real diamond watch, Renata Litvinova walked through the red carpet of the film festival. The satin-brushed strap of the Swiss Radar eSenza real diamond watch is elegant and softly wrapped around the wrist of Renata Litvinova. Its case has a perfectly proportioned oval shape, and the entire round dial is decorated with fine gems. As a screenwriter, producer and director, Renata Litvinova’s latest work ‘Rita’s Last Fairy Tale’ expounds and expresses the eternal themes of love, hatred and the search for love. The film uses three actresses to interpret each time. These three different states.

 You can also see three radar watches worn by Renata: Radar Integral, Radar eSenzaJubilé and Radar True.