Raymond Weiss 2014 Toccata Watch New Product Express

Raymond Weil 2014 Toccata Watch

 In 2014, following the steps of the great composers, Raymond Weil launched the new Toccata series. Toccata is a kind of free improvisation keyboard music with Rhapsody-like freedom and unrestrained freedom between slow and fast rhythms. This new entry series is inspired by this free and impromptu music. It aims to promote its superb watchmaking skills to a wider consumer group, so that it understands this family business’s watchmaking tradition passed down from generation to generation. Raymond Weil is known for its love of music, and the Toccata collection is dazzling among the brand’s many exquisite watch pieces with its musical and spiritual design.

 Since the brand’s founding, Raymond Weil has paid tribute to its source of inspiration by celebrating the composers behind great musical compositions. The Toccata collection is sophisticated in appearance and stable in style, while blending the brand’s bold design and creativity. Accompanied by the improvisation of the Toccata series, the elegant and simple, classic and timeless style will leap between the gentlemen’s and ladies’ wrists.

 The Toccata series is equipped with a quartz movement and combines delicate design, affordable price and extraordinary quality. The exquisite round case is available in diameters of 29mm, 39mm and 42mm, and the material is available in stainless steel and gold plating. The exquisite case, smooth lines, and the round sapphire crystal mirror in harmony, become the symbol of the series. The hands are like a baton conducted by a symphony orchestra, swinging repeatedly between time scales or roman numerals, and the dial seems to play a simple and precise movement under its command. This model comes with a black plated dial and a matching leather strap or stainless steel bracelet, exuding a rare elegance. The gorgeous finish of this movement is an all-steel model with a sun-silvered silver dial with a small seconds hand at 6 o’clock, classic and modern.

 As Raymond Weil’s first 2014 movement, the Toccata series will sing the notes with an amiable attitude and a constant pursuit of precision, celebrating the artistic spirit behind each piece.