Men’s Colorful World Watches Wear A Different Temperament

For men, watches have become a more and more important accessory, you can not pursue good cars and bags, but good watches are sought after by men. A watch that suits you can not only show your personal taste and pursuit, but also convey the positive energy of keeping time. Today I want to introduce several watches to you, each with a brand style, wearing on the wrist has a different character temperament, of course, big brands, the price is also high.
Girard Perregaux Men’s Watch Series 49525-52-432-BB4A

   The 1966 series is a classic of Girard Perregaux’s traditional models. It perfectly combines elegant design with extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship, inherits the brand’s low-key and elegant style, and fully demonstrates the brand’s superb skills in classic watch design. Every detail of the design of the watch is carefully crafted by craftsmen and watchmakers. Through its ingenuity and meticulous fine polishing, this mysterious piece is finally created.

Basic Information
Watch series: 1966 series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 38 mm
Reference price: 123,800
Watch details: As a clock brand with authentic German descent, Glashütte has nearly perfect design in the watchmaking process, and also has top-level manufacturing technology. From a small screw to a complex mechanical structure, all are superbly processed. Technology and quality handmade craftsmanship. This watch has a unique design concept and uses an inverted movement design to completely subvert the traditional craftsmanship of the watch. Let’s take a look at the magic of the watch together.

Basic Information
Watch Series: Eccentric Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 42 mm
Reference price: 124,000
Watch details: 187,000
Details of the watch: 3120 automatic mechanical movement with a diameter of 26.6 mm, a thickness of 4.26 mm, 40 gems, a total of 280 parts, a frequency of 21,600 vibrations / hour, and a 60-hour power reserve for the watch.
Summary: Men’s love for watches is just like women’s love for clothes and bags. Each one is a symbol of personal taste and style, so you have to choose carefully before making a decision. They are also in the hundreds of thousands, which is still high for ordinary people, but it is good to know how to appreciate.

Watching Holidays On May Day Holiday

On the May Day holiday, domestic travel has become overcrowded, and the upsurge of overseas travel is gradually heating up. Put on a dual time zone and dual time watch, local time and domestic time can be grasped at any time, happy vacation starts from now!

Patek Philippe Nautilus Traveller Chronograph Ref. 5990

The new watch retains the iconic shape of Patek Philippe’s Nautilus series. It has a stainless steel case of 40.5 mm, and there are huge timer function buttons at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock. The brushed stainless steel bezel presents a distinctive modern texture, which contrasts well with the polished case and buttons. The carved black brass dial is decorated with horizontal embossing, which is consistent with the design of 5980/1; the dark-to-light gradient gathers from the outer edge of the dial to the middle, bringing dynamic color changes and lighting 12 points Positioned circular date dial and minute timer at 6 o’clock. Patek Philippe’s logo name is specially placed in the 60-minute timer, which maintains a clever visual balance with the bold Arabic numeral design on the upper part of the dial. In the same way, the day / night display of the location and destination is provided at the 3 o’clock position and the 9 o’clock position, respectively. This design has also appeared in previous models of Patek Philippe, such as the Aquanaut series two-time watch (Ref. 5164A).

Cartier Rotonde de Cartier ‘Earth and Moon’ Tourbillon Dual Time Zone Moon Phase Watch

地 Cartier Rotonde de Cartier ‘Earth and Moon’ tourbillon dual time zone moon phase watch-Cartier’s resolute innovation and technological breakthrough results, through the bold display, side by side to display two major complex functions. The tourbillon breaks through its purely mechanical function, which is not only a guarantee of accurate travel time and excellent performance, but also integrates into the moon phase display, and the two complement each other. The unique design of the earth and the moon incarnation of the tourbillon gave this watch its name. The earth and moon together create a creative and dynamic universe, surrounded by three-dimensionally carved Roman numerals.

Louis Vuitton TAMBOUR eVolution

手表 The time reading method of this watch is efficient, especially convenient when traveling. Louis Vuitton’s self-made LV11 movement can reflect its simplicity and reliability in various situations. Its time display method is like the jump time display, that is, the corresponding cube time scale is performed at the whole time (every 60 minutes). Flip to indicate the current second time zone time.

We can think of the cube time scale indicating the second time zone as 12 dice with 4 faces, and it is controlled by a disc shaped gear in the center of the movement. The four faces of this metal drum are decorated with: 1 outward red arrows (representing 12 hours in the morning)-2 no satin logo-3 inward red arrows (representing 12 hours in the afternoon)-4 No logo on satin.

Take the 1-point cube hour marker as an example. At 1 a.m. every day, it will flip 90 ° so that the outward red arrow points upward and stays for an hour. When it arrives at two o’clock, it will flip another 90 °, turning the satin unmarked side up and hold it for 12 hours until the next flip. At this time, the red arrow on the 2 o’clock time scale faces upward. Each cube’s time scale is flipped 4 times a day, a total of 360 °. The 12 hours in the morning indicate the time from the outward red arrows, and the 12 hours in the afternoon indicate the time by the inward red arrows.

Zenith Pilot Two Time Zone Watch

Zenith Pilot’s Type 20 Two Time Zone 1903 watch is equipped with a second time zone display. It is equipped with the precise and reliable Elite 693 automatic movement. With your longing, you have the courage to explore. The movement is meticulously carved and decorated with ‘Côtes de Genève’. The watch vibrates at 28,800 times per hour and has a power reserve of 50 hours. Hidden on the case back of this elegant mechanical ‘core’, stamped with a engraved circular pattern: Orville Wright is flying a ‘Flyer’ while his brother Wilbur is chasing on the beach in Kittytown Running on an airplane, this flight attempt is about to be successful, and time will naturally settle on December 17, 1903. The beige suede strap of the watch completes this watch. The strap is lined with the Zenith flight logo, which is well-known to collectors, and the long-lasting brand coat of arms. Out.

Athens original dual time zone watch

成就 Achieve brand independence through courage to innovate. In the past few years, Athens Watch has continuously pursued a steep path, but it is all worth it. ‘Original dual time zone watch’ is undoubtedly the easiest watch on the market to read and adjust the time, with hours and minutes display, oversized second hand, dual window large calendar and two places time function; 9 o’clock position is 24 Home time window in hour format. Without removing the watch or affecting the operation of the minute hand, just press the (+) or (-) button at 10 and 8 o’clock, the hour hand can move forward or backward to synchronize with local time Adjustment. Of course, the best machinery is indispensable—the calendar function can be adjusted back and forth automatically.

Cartier Opens New Boutique In Zurich

On December 3, 2018 local time, Cartier opened a new boutique in the center of Zurich. Looking back on Cartier’s first boutique opened in Zurich in 1978, the brand continues this story that began 40 years ago.

 The new boutique is located at 47 Bahnhofstrasse and covers an area of ​​550 square meters. It is completely designed by architect and interior designer Laura Gonzalez. The store’s combination of bronze, marble and wood embodies the essence of contemporary Zurich design.
 “The Cartier Zurich boutique balances the concepts of comfort and efficiency,” said Laurence Bourgeois, Managing Director of Cartier Switzerland. “We want to create a refined and welcoming space for customers, an ideal shopping destination.

 Modern furniture reflects natural light, and the light colors and high ceilings make the store feel warm and spacious.
 Inspired by the picturesque Swiss capital, Cartier transformed the brand’s iconic Panthèrede Cartier into murals and decorated them in boutiques. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Rolex Creative Funding Recommendations Announces New Student List

At the end of May, the Rolex Creative Arts Recommended Funding Scheme announced in London at the end of May 2008 a list of six outstanding young artists selected from the 2008-2009 plan. They are from Argentina, Australia, Honduras, Japan and the United States. There will be one-on-one mentoring and communication with the mentors who selected them during the year. The Rolex Creative Funding Program includes six major areas of dance, film, literature, music, drama, and visual arts. The fourth mentor and student list are: Jason Dance Azira. Songma (Jason Akira Somma) and mentor Geely. Gillian; Selena in the film category. Celia Murga and mentor Martin. Scorsese; Literature Tara. Joan. Wen Qi (Tara June Winch) and mentor Wally. Soyinka; Aurelio in Music. Martinez (Aurelio Martinez) and mentor Yu Su. Andor; Theatrical Nahuel. Emiliano. Perez. Nahuel Emiliano Perez Biscayart and mentor Kate. Walker; and Masanori Handa and instructor Lei Beijia in visual arts. Hoorn. This funding program has successfully cultivated many outstanding artists since 2002, and will continue to discover more outstanding talents through the leadership of masters.

Glasutti Became The Official Partner Of The Zurich Film Festival For The First Time

This is the first time that Glashütte has become an official partner of the Zurich Film Festival. In the early summer of 2012, the top German watchmaker established a two-year partnership with the Zurich Film Festival, fulfilling its commitment to strengthen its sponsorship of the film industry. Since 2011, Glashütte has become an official partner of the Berlin International Film Festival. From left to right: Philippe Perret-du-Cray, Dieter Pachner (Vice President of Sales, Glasutti), Jemima Sissons, Elisa Vallata, Martina Grassi, Chantal Guidi (Glasuti, Italy), Christina Hentschel (PR / Glashütte Original) ( PR / Glasutti)
格拉 During the eighth Zurich Film Festival, Glashütte opened a dedicated VIP room in the century-old building DittingHaus at 35 Rennweg in the centre of Zurich. Also coming to this film festival is one of Glashütte’s most outstanding masterpieces to date-the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon. This watch is the first choice for travellers in the world. It was unveiled in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Beijing, and then went to the Zurich Film Festival. VIPs in the VIP room have exclusive opportunities to appreciate this extraordinary masterpiece. The first connoisseurs were media representatives from Italy, Britain and Switzerland. These guests were invited by Glashütte to attend the opening ceremony of the Zurich Film Festival.
In addition to watching the interactive demonstration of the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon in the specially designed ‘Secret Room’ by Glashütte, members of the media have the opportunity to become watchmakers and explore the microscopic mechanical world in person. Watchmaker Maria Tabaschnik showed the audience how to use special watchmaking tools to fit the tiny screws perfectly into the balance wheel. Other audience members watched with interest the watches displayed at the arts and crafts exhibition.
The last group of Glashütte invited guests to take a group photo in the Glashütte VIP room before going to the premiere of the movie ‘Savages’. The film’s director Oliver Stone and actor John Travolta appeared on the green carpet that night. To ensure the schedule of the two festival directors Nadja Schildknecht and Karl Spoerri during the festival, Glashütte equipped two of them respectively. A Glashütte watch.
DNadja chose a watch from the 1960s series, while Karl chose a watch from the 1970s a decade later. ‘We very much welcome Glashütte as the official partner of the Zurich Film Festival. This partner, a renowned German luxury watch maker, is not only dedicated to watchmaking but also has a special preference for filmmaking. Since last year In the beginning, Glashütte became the official partner of the Berlin International Film Festival. We are very happy to win such a partner, ‘said the two film festival directors.

Watches Are Valuable ‘hidden Road’ Unlimited

Omega launched Marine in 1932 and was worn by adventurer Charles William Beebe. It dived for the first time to a depth of 10 meters and set a world record at the time.
百 Since the advent of the watch a hundred years ago, water, dust, magnetism, and shock are the four major enemies of the watch. In the 1920s and 1930s, watch manufacturers began to study ways to combat these external forces to increase the durability and durability of their watches. Although before the 1920s, a few watchmakers, such as Francis Baumgartner, Paul Perregaux, and Georges Peret, were able to produce high-quality cases, provide better sealing, and thus have good water resistance. Omega Both Longines and Longines used this case. However, the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, was the first person who really saw the potential of waterproof watches and further devoted himself to bringing the waterproof watches to the market and winning public applause. At present, most watch experts recognize Rolex and Omega as pioneers and promoters of watch water resistance.
Generally speaking, the combat methods and the popularity of military watches during World War II were another reason for the rapid progress of diving watches. At that time, the US Navy adopted the Hamilton Sea Bees Diving Watch. Its waterproof depth has been advanced to about 50 meters. Its technology is mainly a double crown to enhance its water resistance. The Russian Navy also has similar military watches. Offi cine Panerai, adopted by Italy, uses a unique pressurized crown system to make its diving watch effective working depth to 30 meters.

Watch Life Brought By The Quartz Crisis

Zegna Monterubello series watches: Girard Perregaux GP03300-0030 mechanical automatic winding movement, power reserve of more than 46 hours, inheriting the design inspiration of the 1940s. Hermès Grand Opening Enamel Watch: in cooperation with the famous Swiss enamel art master Anita Porchet, equipped with the H1928 automatic winding movement specially made for this purpose. Chanel Premiere Floating Tourbillon: Launched the first high-complexity mechanical female watch, produced in collaboration with watchmakers from Renaud & Papi, the advanced research and development department of Audemars Piguet, Switzerland DIOR VIII white ceramic watch: Inspired by the classic cotton canvas color of haute couture dresses, it was created in the Dior Watch Studio in La Chaux-de-Fond, home of the Swiss watch industry. Hermès Arceau straw-inlaid watch: inheriting the Arceau series created in 1978, the “stalk inlay” technology is presented in a 41 mm diameter white gold case. Vuitton Tambour Minute Repeater: Created by Louis Vuitton’s La Fabrique du Temps fine watchmaking workshop in Geneva.
Watch life brought by the quartz crisis
     In addition to the phrase ‘more professional than fashion brands, more fashionable than professional watches’, what else can better describe the professional watches launched by fashion brands? As early as three years ago, Hermès’ first tourbillon watch was on par with other professional watches on the list of ‘value-saving watches’ listed by well-known watch critic Zhong Yonglin. ‘There is a self-produced movement, and its value has not yet been discovered.’ Zhong Yonglin said at the time.
The watchmaking paths of fashion brands are a little bit the same.
     If it were not for the quartz crisis of the 1970s and 1980s, fashion brands might not have entered the watch industry so early. The quartz movement, which is cheap, accurate, and easy to maintain, has impacted the traditional watchmaking industry and lowered the threshold for the watch industry. However, without a self-moving movement, the watch will appear shallow. Apart from talking about design, there is not much to talk about, and of course it cannot enter the mainstream watch market.
     The top fashion brands that have tasted the sweetness of the watch industry obviously also want to have a certain right to speak in the watch industry. They either cooperate with the top brands to launch professional watches, or start their development by acquiring a small watch factory in Switzerland to establish their own watchmaking base. Independent movement, step by step into the professional watchmaking industry.
     ‘Luxury brands have strong capital. They integrate the resources of the Swiss watch industry well and can be quickly integrated into the field of high-end watches. These brands cooperated with Swiss watch factories in the early days, but the resources were scattered and the industry was not System, there is no complete series. Later, they began to acquire peripheral resources, such as watch band factories, watch case factories, etc., to improve their own watchmaking by controlling shares. ‘Senior watchmaker Chang Wei summarized top fashion like this The road to brand watches.
     For example, Hermes established the first exclusive watch production workshop in Bill, Switzerland in 1978, expanded the watch department in 1998, and invested a lot of resources in the new factory of Hermes watches. After launching a Dressage watch with Hermes H1928 movement in cooperation with Vaucher movement factory in 2003, Hermes bought a 25% stake in this movement factory in 2006, and then acquired the famous Swiss watch with a history of more than 125 years. A 32.5% stake in JosephErard, a shell-making company. Through investment and cooperation, Hermes has introduced its own unique models to the market. These watches are equipped with Hermes mechanical movements.
Fast professional shortcuts
But more top fashion brands take a ‘cooperation’ shortcut.
     The most representative of them is Chanel. Chanel, which entered the watch industry only in 1987, began to design designs, mainly quartz movements, and was commissioned to manufacture in Switzerland. Soon, in 1993, Chanel began to acquire watch factories, and developed products with self-made movements and brand identity. The introduction of the J12 watch in 2000 earned Chanel a good name, and also gave Chanel a label of ‘technical school’ to distinguish it from other fashionable watch brands. In 2008, Chanel cooperated with the famous old Swiss watch Audemars Piguet factory, launched the Calibre 3125 equipped with Audemars Piguet automatic movement in the J12 series, and was regarded as a classic by many collectors. It also explored a ‘quick specialization’ ‘path of.
     Since Dior officially launched the watch series in 1975, while emphasizing the integration of the brand’s haute couture elements into the watch design, it has also continued to make articles on the breakthrough of the movement. Until 2005, when ‘borrowing power’ Zenith, Dior launched the Chiffre Rouge Irreductible chronograph with Zenith ElPrimero high-frequency chronograph movement, Dior also announced the entry into the ranks of advanced complications watch.
     The road of “cooperation” and rapid professionalization with professional brands has been respected by many brands today. Zegna tasted the sweetness of cooperating with Girard Perregaux in the special series of centennial celebrations and tried to set foot on the road of professional watches.
     At the Baselworld Watch Fair, many top fashion brands are also showing their strengths: Louis Vuitton’s TamborSpin Time Scroll Watch, Dior VIII Watch, Chanel Première Floating Tourbillon Watch, all without exception Demonstrating the brand’s achievements in sophisticated watches …
     ‘Now, the line between some fashion watch brands and traditional watches has been blurred. They all have their own watchmaking factories, and they are no longer the traditional fashion watch brands.’ Pan Jian, editor-in-chief of Fashion Time Say.
     This shift in the professionalization of fashion brand watches is good news for consumers, especially female consumers. Jessica, a senior affairs manager in a Hong Kong-owned shopping mall, just bought a Chanel J12. ‘The reason why I chose this watch is that it is thicker and more connotative than ordinary fashion watches,’ Jessica said. ‘And J12 often appears in The back cover of a fashion magazine, I think it has the same characteristics as the 2.55 bag, and it can be seen at a glance. There are also many magazines that use it to match clothing, and can draw on different effects! ‘
     In the view of brand expert Gu Huanyu, although fashion luxury brands are lacking in traditional watch culture, this has little impact on ‘non-professional’ watch consumers. There are hundreds of new models in this year. In addition to the particularly outstanding technology with epoch-making significance, consumers wearing watches will pay more attention to the first impression. Fashion brand design watches pay attention to the concept of design and the details of production. The ability to provide more services such as customization is undoubtedly an advantage in the fierce competition in the watch industry.
     ‘These fashion brands’ entry into the field of professional watchmaking has undoubtedly broadened people’s understanding of clocks. These brands are not only inferior to professional watchmaking brands in the development and production of professional movements, but also more innovative in the design of dials and cases. ‘Because these fashion brands are famous for their own design, it is a matter of familiarity for them to apply the design elements of their fashions to the design of watches.’ Chang Wei said.

Raymond Weiss 2014 Toccata Watch New Product Express

Raymond Weil 2014 Toccata Watch

 In 2014, following the steps of the great composers, Raymond Weil launched the new Toccata series. Toccata is a kind of free improvisation keyboard music with Rhapsody-like freedom and unrestrained freedom between slow and fast rhythms. This new entry series is inspired by this free and impromptu music. It aims to promote its superb watchmaking skills to a wider consumer group, so that it understands this family business’s watchmaking tradition passed down from generation to generation. Raymond Weil is known for its love of music, and the Toccata collection is dazzling among the brand’s many exquisite watch pieces with its musical and spiritual design.

 Since the brand’s founding, Raymond Weil has paid tribute to its source of inspiration by celebrating the composers behind great musical compositions. The Toccata collection is sophisticated in appearance and stable in style, while blending the brand’s bold design and creativity. Accompanied by the improvisation of the Toccata series, the elegant and simple, classic and timeless style will leap between the gentlemen’s and ladies’ wrists.

 The Toccata series is equipped with a quartz movement and combines delicate design, affordable price and extraordinary quality. The exquisite round case is available in diameters of 29mm, 39mm and 42mm, and the material is available in stainless steel and gold plating. The exquisite case, smooth lines, and the round sapphire crystal mirror in harmony, become the symbol of the series. The hands are like a baton conducted by a symphony orchestra, swinging repeatedly between time scales or roman numerals, and the dial seems to play a simple and precise movement under its command. This model comes with a black plated dial and a matching leather strap or stainless steel bracelet, exuding a rare elegance. The gorgeous finish of this movement is an all-steel model with a sun-silvered silver dial with a small seconds hand at 6 o’clock, classic and modern.

 As Raymond Weil’s first 2014 movement, the Toccata series will sing the notes with an amiable attitude and a constant pursuit of precision, celebrating the artistic spirit behind each piece.

A.Lange & Söhne Dubai Store Unveiled

On September 26, 2012, A. Lange & Söhne opened its second store in the United Arab Emirates. On this important day, Lange also presented a special edition watch limited to 30 pieces, which is only available in 7 Lange stores worldwide. Dubai Store Opening Ceremony
     From right: Wilhelm Schmid, CEO of Lange, Klaus Ranner, German Consul General in Dubai, Matthieu Dupont, Langer Middle East Brand Director
LANGE ZEITWERK HANDWERKSKUNST displayed at the newly opened Lange Dubai store
    The Lange store in Dubai Mall is the largest store of this Saxony watch brand, with a retail area of ​​nearly 2,000 square feet. As of September 26, 2012, watch connoisseurs will be able to experience this Saxony fine watchmaking first-hand. Lange also introduced to the guests who participated in the opening ceremony a limited edition watch LANGE ZEITWERK HANDWERKS-KUNST, which is only available in 7 Lange stores worldwide. Its case, dial and movement decoration from the master craftsmanship are all The best example of Lange’s outstanding watchmaking skills. An sculptor from the Lange watch factory impromptu demonstrated how the balance wheel and escapement splint of each special edition watch were carved by hand, while another Lange watchmaker demonstrated its exquisite craftsmanship to the guests.
    ‘Our wrists are sold at the top watch and jewelry retailers in 57 countries,’ said Wilhelm Schmid, CEO of Lange, at an international press conference on September 26. The Dubai-based boutique is the seventh in the world, and it is located in Arab The second in the United Arab Emirates. ‘Lange opened a specialty store in Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi in July. ‘No matter how far away from the brand’s hometown in Saxony, our specialty stores exude the traditional atmosphere of our brand, allowing connoisseurs of fine watches to experience the history and philosophy of Lange’s watchmaking craftsmanship.’

Domestic Boutique Tasting Tianwang Hengyi Series Gs5363s/D Watch

Since its establishment in 1988, Tianwang Watch, a domestic watch brand, has become a well-respected brand with exquisite watchmaking technology and perfect shape design after more than 20 years of wind and rain.
   Tianwang Watch originated from Dapu County, Guangdong, with annual sales exceeding one billion yuan. It should be a leading company in the watch industry in China. Recently, I saw a blue watch of the Hengye series of the Utopia watch. I feel that the design and workmanship are still very good. Its product model is GS5363S / D, and the general offer is around 2200 yuan.
   The Hengxuan series is named after ‘constant power, lasting life’, all adopt automatic winding mechanical movement. It was first introduced in 2007, and it can be seen that the vitality of its products is still relatively strong. The overall case is 38.5 mm in diameter, and the bezel is designed with a dodecagonal concave curve. It can be seen that the brand is very sensitive to the trend of men’s watches in the world today. The grey-blue dial is reminiscent of the early Audemars Piguet Royal Oak models. The junior hands and hour markers are quite satisfactory, which is very suitable for this relatively small dial. A convex glass is designed on the date window at three o’clock, which is clearly a classic goldfisheye to pay homage to Rolex. The design of the lugs and steel bands is smooth and compact, which enhances the integrity of this watch. The bottom cover is see-through, you can see the automatic movement used.
   The most fascinating aspect of mechanical watches is the superb craftsmanship contained in the movement, and the constant-moving movement, as always, accurately records the time with a stable rhythm. The Hengye series gives mechanical watches the life and soul, and sculpts them into luxurious time art. With the charm of perpetual motion, it achieves an eternal and extraordinary life. In the dimension of time, it always plays the most superb technical role.
   Learning and imitation have been the secrets of success that have been adopted by all sectors of the manufacturing industry since China’s reform and opening up. This watch objectively refers to the design of many Swiss classic models, but it feels very coordinated when put together. The reliability of the mechanical watch products and the accuracy of the travel time, to be honest, there must be some differences between brands, but I believe that not as many national watch skeptics claim as large. A more affordable price, a more beautiful design, and a more reliable workmanship. In fact, our ordinary consumers expect nothing less than domestically-made products in various industries on the market.