Elegant And Ultra-thin Rossini Dianmei Fashion Series Ultra-thin Watch

Rossini Watch, located in Zhuhai, China, is an earlier professional watchmaking company established in China. Rossini watches not only hire professional watchmakers from abroad, but also introduce a full set of Swiss-made gold-plated case equipment and advanced processing technology and technology, dedicated to the development, design and manufacturing of watch case technology. Rossini also has an aggressive and high-quality design team. Each of its works is a combination of soul and craftsmanship, noble and elegant, thin and smooth lines, and exquisite craftsmanship, giving the wearer elegant and romantic. Noble feeling of cultural taste and comfort.

   Today I introduce to you the Rossini Dianmei fashion series of ultra-thin watches. The same simple design, ultra-thin figure, classic color matching and durable performance are the reasons why this watch is very popular.

   The ultra-thin body is the biggest highlight of this watch. The stainless steel gold-plated case, the bezel is decorated with high-quality zircon inlaid, has a gorgeous beauty, with a brown calfskin strap, a gold case with a brown strap Classic match. The white dial is embossed with a subtle chrysanthemum pattern and has a beautiful second hand-free design, which shows details in the details.

   Swiss imported quartz movement, durable. The case is 33 mm in diameter and 5.45 mm thick. Sapphire glass, stainless steel gold-plated case, water-resistant to 30 meters.

Sertina Champions Speedmaster Automatic Watch Goes On The Market

The legend of the champion series has been writing success stories for Certina since 2004. In the natural continuation of its well-known collection, Certina currently chooses to take a step forward in its watchmaking process. The new Champion Series Speedmaster automatic watch is introduced with its unique sense of vividness, sporty pride, and bold and unique design. The generous case expresses its strong elegance and masculinity, with the details showing the elegant and long tradition of Certina-at the same time affirming the excellent taste and tough nature of men.
The vocabulary most commonly used to describe Certina’s watchmaking craftsmanship is always around: unique, reliable and precise. The Champions Speedmaster Automatic is the latest chronograph produced by a Swiss watchmaker, emphasizing precious and highly valued design principles and bold innovations. The case of this new watch has an oversized exterior The trail has exceeded conventional standards. The oversized 44mm case contains the state-of-the-art ETA Valgranges automatic chronograph movement, which is specially designed for large watch cases and introduces high technical qualities, including robustness and long-lasting accuracy.

The new Champion Series Speedmaster automatic watch embodies first-class classic sports value in a purely highly aesthetic way. Its polished stainless steel case carries a contrasting polished stainless steel bezel and clear and bright speedometer markings. The black sports dial and its high attention to detail are protected by sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating on the front and back of the mirror. The time display part of the chronograph includes a circular area drawn by precision-machined concentric circles, and the red hands, large seconds hands, hour and minute hands on it, which have high-quality brightness and texture. The silver edges feature delicate highlights at 3 and 6 o’clock.

Through the transparent case back, the ultra-precision and artistic features of the unique Valgranges movement are clearly visible. The championship series automatic chronograph is available in a variety of configurations. One of the models is paired with a popular brown leather strap, while another version is also available: a pale silver stopwatch timer and a polished stainless steel bracelet for a stronger sense of movement.

Black And White World Longines Classic Retro Series L2.747.4.92.4 Watch Real Shot

Longines has been handy in the design and manufacture of clocks and watches. Its brand-new decorative art style has been well received by the market. Longines with its geometric design concept has become an elegant name. And it has perfectly integrated the original beauty in its most characteristic ancient style with the most cutting-edge watchmaking technology. Today I will bring you a real shot of Longines classic retro series L2.747.4.92.4 watch.

 Looking at the layout design of this watch, I felt a little familiar taste. I thought that this is not the same as our national treasure panda. The 12-hour black chronograph dial at 6 o’clock and the 30-minute black at 12 o’clock. The time dial feels like our national treasure’s eyes, and always attracts everyone’s attention.

 The beveled side of the watch has no trace of extra design, simple and beautiful lug radians, super-shaped block-shaped chronograph buttons, and a day and date display window at the three o’clock position. The watch has many functions but the dial’s The design pattern is extremely simple.

 From this side, we can see that the curvature of the lugs and back of the watch is very perfect. Such curvature can make the watch fit on the wrist of the wearer very well. The crown of the watch is uniquely engraved. Longines flying wing hourglass sign.

 The watch is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap. I believe that the softness of crocodile leather will be known to everyone. This watch uses a stainless steel stop design, which is safe and practical.

A black outer ring on the dial of the watch is engraved with numbers. This number is used by the watch to measure speed.

The watch is equipped with a stainless steel pin buckle strap, which is safe and practical.

 It is a pity that this watch does not have a back-through design, so if you like to watch the movement, you will have no eyesight. The water-resistant depth of this watch is 30 meters, which means that it can achieve simple life waterproof.

Summary: This watch can be said to be an entry-level model of Longines chronograph. The domestic price is 14,600 yuan. If you like a chronograph, then buying a chronograph from Longines is really a Good choice.
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Longines Real-time Alpine Skiing Data System Was Officially Launched At The 2017 International Ski Federation World Alpine Ski Championships In St. Moritz

On February 6, 2017, at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz, Longines launched an innovative and breakthrough ‘Longines’ The ‘Longines Live Alpine Data’ system mounts chips with built-in radar and motion sensors on ski boots. Longines introduced the system at a press conference. Attending the press conference include Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President and International Marketing Director of Longines, Alain Zobrist, Chief Executive of Longines Chronograph, Emmanuel Couder, Coordinator of Alpine Skiing Technology and Marketing of the International Ski Federation (FIS), and Stéphane, Swiss-Ski Alpine Skiing Director Cattin and Longines Elegant Ambassador Mikaela Shiffrin.

   ‘Longines real-time alpine skiing data’ technology can analyze the athlete’s speed, acceleration and deceleration, time to reach 100 kilometers per hour and analysis data of jumping in real time and continuously. This data will be presented in the form of TV charts to the audience at the game site and to watch the game at home. In the second phase, the data is given to the athletes, allowing them to analyze their performance more accurately.

   A series of tests conducted in Val d’Isère in December 2016 and in Wengen in January this year confirmed that the Longines Real-Time Alpine Skiing Data system works effectively. The Longines timekeeping team therefore decided to launch this system in St. Moritz’s 2017 International Ski Federation World Alpine Ski Championships, the most important international event in the 2016/2017 alpine ski season.

   Juan-Carlos Capelli said: ‘Longines is proud to launch the’ Longines Real Time Alpine Skiing Data ‘technology in St. Moritz on the eve of the first World Championship. We have provided timekeeping services for international sports. This experience Allow us to take on the challenges of timing and take our precision expertise to the next level. In addition, this new system will help increase public interest in the sport-something we have been doing since 1924 Participatory and passionate sport. ‘

   On the other hand, Alain Zobrist also said: ‘Longines is a pioneer in sports timing, and the spirit of innovation has been driving the development of the brand’s technology and watchmaking. The ‘Longines real-time alpine skiing data’ system is not just Longines and international The results of the close cooperation of the ski federation, where athletes, coaches and TV broadcast representatives play an important role. The World Championships are the best place to launch the new system and will increase the public’s understanding of alpine skiing.

   Emmanuel Couder, who has been involved in the development of the Longines Real-Time Alpine Skiing Data system since the beginning, states: ‘Longines are known throughout history for their support for explorers and adventurers by their precise timepieces, and the International Ski Federation is very We are pleased to work with the brand to launch a new and efficient alpine ski measurement system. We will be able to study a series of new data to further understand the performance of skiers. ‘

   Longines Ambassador of Elegance Mikaela Shiffrin shares her views on the new system from the skier’s point of view: ‘The latest ‘Longines Instant Alpine Skiing Data’ technology is really great and it provides a completely different audience Angle, let them see all the complex details that affect each curve or jump speed. This system is also a new way to show faster routes for players. As athletes, we often need to analyze videos and compare which routes on the track are more Fast-this is more important for speed racing, but we may not be able to find the required data by comparing videos side by side. The ‘Longines real-time alpine skiing data’ system can further provide more accurate information. ‘

Iwc Launches A New Large Pilot’s Right-handed Special Edition

For the first time, IWC launched a new model for right-handed large pilot series. The classic large pilot series welcomes a special edition-BigPilot’s Watch Edition ‘Right-hander’ special edition ‘Right-hander’ (model: IW501012).

   Inspired by the large pilot Calibre52TSC from the 1940s, the new watch has a diameter of 46.2 millimeters and is generous. The new version of this special edition is the positioning of the iconic conical crown, placed on the left side of the case. For those who are accustomed to wearing the watch with their right hand, the operation of the ‘right-handed’ watch is more practical. Given that nearly 40% of pilots are left-handed and wear wristwatches in their right hands, this may be a suitable development for the IWC product line, which has a rich history in aviation.

   The ‘right-handed’ watch is driven by IWC’s self-made 52010 movement. It uses a stainless steel case and a soft iron inner case to protect the movement from magnetic interference. The Pellaton self-winding system is equipped with ceramic components and the dual barrel provides power reserve for up to seven days. The strap is made of black calfskin.

   The slate gray dial has a power reserve display at 9 o’clock, a small seconds dial at 3 o’clock, and a date display window at 6 o’clock. Fluorescent timescales and hands ensure optimal legibility, even at night or in low visibility situations.

   As an exciting new model in the IWC product range, the special edition of the large pilot watch ‘Right Hand’ is limited to 250 pieces and will be available in IWC boutiques and authorized retail stores from August 2019 ( Prior to sale in Australia and France for three months). It is reported that the official website price of this watch is 113,000 yuan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Montblanc External Tourbillon Big Star Terrier

Montblanc Montblanc’s history of making tourbillon watches is actually not too long, but their family is very brave to go their own way. For example, in 2010, the brand launched its second tourbillon watch Villeret 1858. ExoTourbillon is full of features and freshness. The so-called ExoTourbillon external tourbillon tells the truth that the balance wheel is independently pulled out of the tourbillon frame and placed on a higher platform to swing and operate. The flywheel frame no longer needs to ‘eat’ the volume of the balance wheel, and of course the size will be reduced accordingly. This also means that the overall weight of the escapement system will fall. As for why it is necessary to rebelliously make these tourbillon transformation projects The purpose behind it is not so complicated. Montblanc wants to save as much as possible the kinetic energy needed to push the tourbillon (the measured effect of the external tourbillon can reduce the movement of the movement by about 30%), plus Villeret 1858 ExoTourbillon also There are two time and timing functions on the shoulders at the same time. When the power source cannot be greatly expanded, throttling becomes more important, and the ultimate goal of improving the performance of the movement It is to one thousand and one reasons for that: to enhance the accuracy of travel time watch.

 Montblanc ExoTourbillon developed a new turn in 2015. This time, Montblanc launched a series of new works Heritage Chronométrie with the theme of Exploration, with Portugal’s nautical explorer Vasco da Gama as the design and vision center. The explorer’s sailing story runs through the entire watch collection.
The moral behind the Dagama story
Montblanc’s choice of Vasco da Gama as a design proposition is not accidental, because he was the first man (captain) to open a route from southern Europe to India via the southern tip of Africa. In the current era of the global village, there may be nothing remarkable, but at the time But in the ‘backward’ era of the 16th century, Alexander Schmiedt, manager of Montblanc’s watch department, mentioned the idea of ​​creating this new series in a previous interview: ‘In the era of underdeveloped technology at the time, Vasco da Gama relied on simple navigational tools and observation of the heavens. Knowing the current sailing direction of the vessel, Starboard completed the route from Portugal to India bypassing Africa. All that was needed was ‘absolute accuracy’, which coincided with Montblanc’s watchmaking philosophy. In addition, Vasco da Gama also Building a bridge for culture, using Muslim sailors to sail to India, and also opening up trade exchanges between Portugal and India, so his story is quite in line with Montblanc’s watchmaking philosophy. ‘In short, it is to use a legendary story to make the brand Watch culture sets a link, so that a little more storytelling can promote and Play.

Face plate design enhances decorative details
ExoTourbillon is applied in a completely different world between the Villeret 1858 series and the Heritage Chronométrie series. In addition, Montblanc has incorporated the creative muse of Vasco da Gama on this watch, giving the external tourbillon a new life. The brand uses dark blue paint and aventurine decoration on the face plate, as if the beautiful starry sky seen by Vasco da Gama sailing on the sea, so that the face plate emits a shining light. In addition, at the 12 o’clock position of the face plate is also set a Montblanc six-pointed star-shaped diamond, which is as dazzling as the North Star in the direction of the night sky. In addition, the date display scale on the inner circle of the eccentric disk is still embossed with Flinqué-style blue lacquer. The concept of this decoration is derived from the star clock on the famous ship São Gabriel that Da Gama took.

The front and back sides are full of elements related to Da Gamma.The external tourbillon is moved to 6 o’clock, and the surrounding silver drawing machine board and the arrow-shaped bridge board of the tourbillon are polished. A gorgeous and simple contrast effect. In addition, there are 60-second and 30-minute chronographs at the top left and top right of the tourbillon, which is simpler than the functionality of Villeret 1858 ExoTourbillon. The transparent caseback on the back of the watch is printed with the São Gabriel led by Vasco da Gama and his signature, symbolizing the tribute of the watch. In addition, the limited number of 60 watches is also meaningful, which is to echo the legendary sailing team of a total of 60 members.
Both sides are filled with elements related to Da Gamma
As for the external tourbillon, it is moved to the 6 o’clock direction. The surrounding silver drawing machine plate and the arrow-shaped bridge plate of the tourbillon are polished and polished, and it has a gorgeous and simple contrast effect with the aventurine face plate. In addition, there are 60-second and 30-minute chronographs at the top left and top right of the tourbillon, which is simpler than the functionality of Villeret 1858 ExoTourbillon. The transparent caseback on the back of the watch is printed with the São Gabriel led by Vasco da Gama and his signature, symbolizing the tribute of the watch. In addition, the limited number of 60 watches is also meaningful, which is to echo the legendary sailing team of a total of 60 members.
Minerva manufactured premium movement
In addition to the tourbillon, the chronograph structure of the MB R230 self-winding movement equipped on the watch can not be ignored. It has a single-press chronograph, a column wheel, a highly efficient and accurate vertical clutch, an automatic winding and a double barrel. In addition to the accuracy and reliability guaranteed, it is also very convenient to adjust. The hour hand can be reset by the hour. The wearer can also adjust the date in units of 24 hours. This is a rare configuration for business travelers.

Heritage Chronométrie ExoTourbillon Minute Chronograph Vasco da Gama
18K white gold material / MB R230 self-winding movement / hour, minute, date display / external tourbillon device / one-touch chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 30 meters / diameter 44mm / limited 60 only

Hublot Commemorates The ‘100 Years Of Greatness’ Of Mexican American Football Club

October 18, 2016, Mexico City. Hublot has been a football enthusiast for ten years; in the same period, the world of football (famous clubs, star coaches, football geniuses, FIFA World Cup and different types of European competitions) has been following the pace of Hublot.

   For ten years, Hublot has been leading the world of football and reaffirming its brand promise year after year. Official ambassadors and friends of the brand, from Bailey to Mourinho, from Shakiri to Scolari, from Roy Hodgson to David Trezeguet, they are all the world of Hublot Love Football important parts of. The club is no exception. Ajax, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain all have record championship titles and countless team honors. As the official watch of the European Cup, the official timepiece of the World Cup, the Champions League and the ‘officially authorized watch’ of the European Union, Hublot has become a hallmark of the most prestigious competitions and championships. Swiss watchmakers have created a special timepiece for the world’s most popular sports design: the Big Bang Unico double retrograde chronograph.

   Hublot Loves Football returns to Mexico once again to commemorate the ‘100 Years of Greatness’ of the American Football Club. LuisPeyrelongue served as the host of the party, Jean-Claude Biver, president of the watch department of LVMH Group and chairman of Hublot, and Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

   On this unforgettable night, Hublot introduced two special watches: the Big Bang Unico double retrograde chronograph American Football Club Special Edition (limited edition of 100 pieces) and the Big Bang Chronograph American Football Club Special Edition ( Limited edition of 100 pieces). After the official release ceremony, Jean-Claude Biver presented Televisa CEO Emilio AzcárragaJean with a unique gold big bang Unico double retrograde chronograph to celebrate the cooperation between the two parties and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the club.

   Since its inception on October 12, 1916, the Football Club of America has traveled for 100 years. The club has won 36 titles, has some real world-class players, and has been a link between fans and football emotions for a century.

   As part of the collaboration, Hublot invites 2D / 3D artists and Mexican entrepreneurs to design, produce and donate a special edition of the Centennial American Football Club football. These footballs are now on display at the booth and will participate in auctions to raise funds next year to practice and realize Hublot’s contribution to charity and support the mission and vision of the Global Foundation. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

The Winners Of The 2016 Longines And International Horse Racing Organization International Excellence Awards Are The Prestigious Leaders Of The French And International Horse Racing World-the Romanet Family

Longines, a Swiss watch brand, is an official partner and official timekeeper of the International Federation of Horse Racing Organizations (IFHA), and is deeply honored to receive the 2016 Longines and International Horse Racing Organization International Award of Merit (IFHA International Award of Merit) ) Awarded to the Romanet family. Winners in previous years include: Irish well-known trainer, owner and breeder Jim Bolger; former French champion trainer and founder of Haras du Quesnay, Alec Head; Seth Hancock of Claiborne Ranch, and pure blood of Latin America Marcel Zarour Atanacio, the former chairman of the Malaysian Promotions Organization (OSAF).

   Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President and International Marketing Director of Longines, said: ‘It is a great honour to recognize the contribution of the Romanet family to the sport of horse racing. Longines began to provide professional timing for this sport more than 100 years ago. In 2013, Longines became a partner of the International Federation of Horse Racing Organizations. At that time, the alliance was under the leadership of Louis Romanet. Since then, we have developed the horse racing sport together and created a series of awards in recognition of the industry elite: Longines and International Federation of International Horse Racing Organizations Awards, LonginesWorld’s BestRacehorse, LonginesWorld’sBestJockey and LonginesWorld’sBestHorseRace. Through cooperative projects, joint achievements and Great horse racing moments, and our mutual passion for equestrian sports, we have established a strong friendship with Louis Romanet, who has chaired the Alliance since its founding in 1994. His father, JeanRomanet, inherited the legacy of his grandfather René Romanet and his uncle Maurice Romanet. Regulator of French horse racing He eagerly supports the reconstruction of the Longchamp Racecourse and the Chantilly Training Center in Paris. He has been constantly promoting and encouraging international cooperation between horse racing management agencies, and his influence is beyond the country. And geographical boundaries. He participated in the development of the European classification system, which also provided a basis for the North American classification system. He had the same vision as his father and uncle, and believed that the stakeholders in the horse racing industry should be united. Contributed to the establishment of the International Conference of the International Federation of Horse Racing Organizations, which is the main annual event in the horse racing world today. JeanRomanet’s extraordinary achievements have been recognized internationally and have won many international awards. I sincerely admire the outstanding person achievement.’

   Louis Romanet, President of the International Horse Racing Organization Alliance, on behalf of the Romanet family, received the Longines and International Horse Racing Organization International Awards of Excellence, and expressed his gratitude. ‘This award recognizes the three generations of my family who have contributed to the horse racing industry for more than 100 years, including my great uncle, my grandfather, and especially my father (JeanRomanet), whose vision contributed to the International Federation of Horse Racing Organizations. The establishment also promoted the relationship between global horse racing institutions. I began to have the opportunity to work with my father in 1968 and witnessed the International Conference of the International Racing Organization Union transformed into a powerful international alliance dedicated to the development and protection of global horse racing. This is the Romanet family. The great achievements that have been passed on to future generations. The alliance hopes to include the world’s major horse racing regions, and this vision was formally realized in 2003. We have established three vice chairmen to represent the Americas, Europe and Asia. I am very happy to see horse racing The world continues to develop in these regions, and also sees the Asian Racing Federation, the European and Mediterranean Racing Federation, the Latin American Thoroughbred Promotion Organization, and the Pan American Conference to develop the horse racing and horse breeding industry on an international level. The goals of the first international conference hosted in 2012. ‘

Radar Enters The Creative Era Of Material Design

1962, Switzerland. The watches of Ganges sand number flow from the manufacturer’s workshop here to the world as usual, as in the past hundreds of years. Except for RADO, which has just been born for five years, no one may think that an oval watch called ‘DiaStar’ is about to create a new watchmaking history. At that time, Mr. Marc Lederrey, the designer of the Swiss radar watch, found that gold and steel watches were very beautiful when they were brand new, but after a few days of wearing, they will be scratched and need to be constantly re-polished. At the time, hard metal alloys composed of tungsten, titanium, and carbides were only used to make tools and used in high-tech fields due to their unique anti-wear physical properties. Mr. Lederrey suggested: ‘We can use this metal to make watches.’ Mr. Paul Lüthi, then Swiss radar watch leader, used a short sentence: ‘Go ahead!’ As a result, the world’s first hard-wearing watch was born. This is the Original DiaStar, a founding ‘diamond star’ watch that combines high-tech hard metal alloys with classic design. Subsequently, the new material concept of ‘not easy to wear’ swept the world. With its unique and forward thinking, the young RADO radar watch brand has become an upstart in the watch industry with its innovative ideas of half material and half design.
Sintra Super Jubile

Silver Diamond Series
Keywords: is a popular series of radar
Design features: round and harmonious appearance, comfortable to wear
特点 Material characteristics: high-tech ceramics
The integrated shape of the radar watch silver diamond series is like a building structure, passing the original idea that the radar watch challenges infinitely. The Sintra series is currently the most expensive watch in the radar watch category. It includes astronomical watches, sports chronographs, automatic watches and diamond-set super diamond watches. Pink and other colored elements. The color series made of high-tech ceramics is highly sought after by elegant women.
The classic barrel-shaped design body is the symbol of the silver diamond series. The proportions redesigned in 2007 inherit the essence of the original creativity. The dial has an arched square, and the smooth curve of the barrel-shaped case gradually extends into the strap. The entire body of the Silver Diamond Series is covered with high-tech ceramics, and the high-tech ceramic strap with a very tactile experience makes the wrist feel comfortable.
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Silver Diamond Super Diamond Series
Sintra Super Jubile
Radar silver diamond extra-large real diamond series continues the strong black legend. The metal-plated black sapphire crystal interacts with the dial and interacts with the barrel-shaped case. The integrated strap is completely smooth, and each watch is progressively advanced to the end. A continuous stretch of single colored lines. Delicate hands and four diamonds dot the dial. Inlaid with 48 real diamonds on both sides of the case, it shines.
The Silver Diamond Super Extra Large True Diamond Series draws energy from the material and is covered with high-tech ceramics, becoming an unparalleled color carrier. Luxurious, comfortable to wear, subtle and ethereal, mysterious.
Integral ceramic chronograph real diamond series
Integral ceramic series

Integral ceramic chronograph
Keywords: the world’s first watch covered with high-tech ceramics
Design features: the width of the dial and the strap are the same
特点 Material characteristics: black high-tech ceramics
Following the widespread welcome of the launch of the precision ceramic series in 1982, the radar watch continued to think about how to apply high-tech ceramic materials to a magical situation. In 1989, the whole ceramic series (CERAMICA) covered by high-tech ceramics was born. This is the first time in history that black has been used in watches, and the design of the dial and the width of the strap has repeatedly won international design awards.
Last year, this watch with the unique material and classic design of the radar table perfectly combined, once again attracted the attention of the world. The round design of the dial of the overall ceramic chronograph series has changed the tough image of the radar watch. It represents three different rings with three timing rings and a date window. It has become the iconic design of the radar watch in recent years. . Last year, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the radar watch, designer Jasper Morrison redesigned the limited edition series of the overall ceramic chronograph, which has become a favorite in the watch design industry.
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Integral ceramic chronograph real diamond series
Ceramica Chronograph Jubilé dial, sapphire crystal, case and strap, covered with high-tech ceramics all over, all black and natural. As the iconic graphic of the entire series, the unusual line design makes the watch unique. The exquisite design in details brings a unique temperament to this highly technological chronograph-sparkling diamonds set with four rings, three chronograph windows and a date window set on the dial, conveying the basic Conceptual design consistency. The push-type chronograph button is slightly exposed on the side of the watch, again displaying the chronograph function of this model.
Radar V10K series

Radar V10K series
Keywords: the hardest watch in the world
特点 Design features: simple, crownless design
特点 Material characteristics: high-tech diamond
V10K series was successfully developed by RADO in 2005, and won many world design awards. The English abbreviation ‘V10K’ stands for 10,000 Vickers hardness. 100% of the high-tech diamond coating is covered by the special manufacturing process of RADO, and its hardness is equivalent to that of natural diamond. The toughest watch in the world. On the simple and smart case, there is not even a crown, but it is still easy to time from the back of the case-this is one of the details that reflects RADO’s emphasis on innovation. On this watch, you only need to use the With integrated magnetic contacts, time can be easily adjusted.
Radar Integral Jubilé
Precision ceramic series

Radar Precision Series
Keywords: the first model to introduce high-tech ceramics to watchmaking
Design features: ‘Merge watch and bracelet’
特点 Material characteristics: high-tech ceramics
Since the 1970s and 1980s, radar watches have been innovating and developing more suitable materials for watches. This time, they set their sights on high-tech ceramics that were only used in aerospace technology and high-end medical equipment at the time, because this material has the advantages of lightness, non-wear, high temperature resistance, and low skin allergy. On the watch
In 1982, the Integral series was born. The signature design of the series ‘Merge Watch and Bracelet’, the high-tech ceramic strap embedded in the I-shaped steel bracelet link, gives this watch an unparalleled elegance and the flexibility and flexibility that it feels when worn. Comfort.
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Precision ceramic real diamond series
Integral Jubilé The innovative and precise ceramic series of radar watches, which are realistic, breakthrough and constantly innovating, today’s style is a bold and more modern interpretation. Maintaining its soft and smooth outline like an entire bracelet, it still offers its signature signature flexibility and adaptability. The curved case emphasizes and maintains the outline of the single line. Two exquisite rows along the edge of the case
diamond. Exquisite collection, endless touch.
The sapphire crystal with black metal coating covers the entire surface of the case. The dial has evolved into a screen that is straightforward. Silver hands define hours, minutes and seconds. Two rows of three diamonds mark the time scale, showing the moments at 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 10 o’clock, showing the interpretation of linearity.
It also has a mirror dial model, a watch showing mobile operation. True eloquence, ingenious, intimate touch, is a contemporary example.
Radar Founder Series Chronograph
Foundation Series

Radar Founding Series
Keywords: ‘DIASTAR’ Heritage Series
Design Features: Oval Watch
Material characteristics: high-tech hard metal
Based on ‘DiaStar’ design model, more than 40 years of the Original founder series have launched many different versions at different times. Today, the original version on the market is a new version launched in 2005, inheriting the classics and incorporating many modern elements. What deserves special attention is the radar watch, which has been paying attention to the material and shape of the watch. Last year, it launched a new dual-track mechanical chronograph and Basel launched an original Skeleton mechanical perspective watch. These two models The launch of the watch once again proves the leading level of radar watch in watchmaking technology.
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New founding double chronograph mechanical chronograph
New Original Rattrapante
Light and shadow ratio game. The design of the blue and black dial is inspired by the little stars under the mysterious night. The shimmering flow of the strap and the brightness of the oval case project a subtle light on the night-like dial. The subtle white starlight shining in the background of the deep black dial makes the watch’s lines firm and real, but also full of abstraction and mystery. Various color contrasts give the new and original type of radar watch its strength and charm, mature, seductive, frank and unfathomable.
推出 The introduction of this dual-tracing hand mechanical chronograph proves the profound skills of radar meters in manufacturing complex mechanical watches. Although it may seem simple, it is a device that can realize the double-second chronograph instantly through three timing buttons. Every second is accurately recorded. This is the throbbing beat of a metal movement under sapphire crystal. The dim matt dial is inlaid with a shiny timescale at the top; three timing windows record the change from seconds to minutes and hours, and the free-swinging iron anchor in the porthole symbolizes the automatic mechanical movement of the watch. Fluorescent hands, titanium buckle, screw-down crown and crown protection, all subtle qualities are displayed in its outstanding quality.

Guess Watches Launches New Rock Star Collection

For watches with sportsman character, Guess brings Rock Star.
This watch with the brilliant G-shaped brand logo comes with a smooth gold-plated black case and a strap set with forty rectangular Swarovski crystals, which light up the entire bezel. The black dial is equipped with a silver sub-dial for multiple functions; the day, date, and 24-hour readings are on the dial. The first G-shaped connection on the G-shaped brand logo strap is the most eye-catching, because it is also set with rectangular Swarovski crystals, and the rest of the G-shaped logos are connected together to form a hollow design.

This gorgeous Guess watch is undoubtedly the first choice for women who want to show their charm and love brand names.
Source: Sequel AG