Montblanc’s New Series Taipan Heritage 110714 Appreciate

Since Montblanc joined the Richemont Group, the brand’s watch business has expanded globally and has been comprehensively improved. After acquiring the well-known Minerva Movement Factory, it has quickly created its own premium watch products. Like a dark horse, it has entered the list of fine watchmaking brands with a strong impact. Today, Montblanc focuses on the mass watch market with timewalkers, celebrities, sports and other series, while the Villeret and Nicholas Kaiser series focus on the high-end watchmaking market, with a clear series style and positioning distribution.

 At the recently concluded Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon, Montblanc has released a new Meisterstück Heritage collection. There are 4 different styles of ordinary calendar, moon phase, perpetual calendar and pulse detector timing. Today we will introduce the perpetual calendar models to you.
 The dial looks elegant and neat, and the design of Montblanc under the moon phase plate at 6 o’clock is very exquisite, making the fan-shaped moon phase plate match the other three disks flawlessly and highlighting the beauty of symmetry.
 The perpetual calendar is a recognized complication in the field of watchmaking. Unlike the ‘almanac’, it can correctly display date information including leap years without manual adjustment. In theory, this watch is completely Can run accurately to 2100. With quick-adjust function, it can adjust the precise time in the shortest time no matter how long the wearer has not worn it.

This watch inherits the classic dress elements of Montblanc, and there is no lack of low-key and calm in the noble atmosphere. Since it is the latest series launched by Montblanc, it is estimated that the time to market will be the earliest after this summer. The official price of this rose gold model is 16,900 Euros. It is estimated that the domestic price should be between 15-20 thousand, if it is Perpetual calendar watches at this price will surely become the first choice for many successful men.
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