Low-key Luxury Charm Of Minimalist Watches

Some people say that a publicist loves a car, just like a restrained person loves a watch. Although we can’t agree completely, careful thought seems to make some sense. In fact, no matter whether it is a luxury car or a luxury watch, if luxury is used as its attribute, then the real luxury should be an elegant but not high-profile, restrained rather than noisy life attitude and taste. The same goes for luxury watches.

Understated but luxurious watch
The watchmaker is naturally fascinated by the stunner hiding in his shirt cuffs. However, those who have a better watch but don’t like publicity and low-key are extremely appreciative. In addition to appreciating the complexity, exquisiteness, and elegance of the watch, he is right about it. Watches with a simple design, restrained and unpretentious, but exuding a luxurious atmosphere, have a soft spot for them.
Of course, there are many factors for evaluating a watch from different perspectives. However, to be a low-key, restrained but luxurious watch, you can study at least the following three points:

Minimalist look
No matter how to show off its complicated functions, a low-key luxury watch must first be a simple watch with a simple time display as its main function. Almost all real timepieces meet this point, of which the self-sounding watch has an unparalleled charm of restrained luxury. The perpetual calendar and the tourbillon are slightly flaunted by the non-stop sound. If it is a chronograph, then it depends on the design of the classic dial plus a single button.
Of course, there are exceptions to everything. The perpetual calendars of Glashuette Original and Ulysse Nardin have absolute practicality. Although the appearance is low-key and noisy, they express their unique superiority in the small face plate.

 Humble decoration
Gold, rose gold, and precious stones are naturally excluded. Platinum and platinum are the best choices, although some metals such as palladium are now being debated as raw materials for watchmaking. However, in general, the closer the metal is to steel, the better it will meet the requirements of low-key luxury. If the materials that can be used to make the dial are considered in terms of quantity, then there are now more options than traditional precious metals.
Of course, this does not mean that all low-key luxury watches should use ancient metals such as steel or copper as raw materials. In fact, many watches use gold movements, and even some watch movements are used very Beautiful alloy to complete the production. For those who only know one or the other, the luxury and beauty of these watches are hidden in the case, but they cannot appreciate them.

Harmonized specifications
Take 50mm as the dividing line of watch size. The size of traditional disc watches is between 40-42mm. In our opinion, this is the largest size a watch can keep its mystery. Any size can be shared with neighbors across the street, and this loses its elegance and connotation.
This may sound relatively simple, but the development of watch cover production is becoming more and more complicated. Although various unique shapes and shapes are very attractive in themselves, according to the intent of this article, we will ignore these ‘personal’ watches And faithful to traditional round and square watches.
From these three principles, let’s start the journey of low-key luxury of watches:

陀 In watches, the tourbillon is probably the most ostentatious technology among many complicated functions, although it is not proved in many places. This Patek Philippe is engraved with the word Tourbillon on the face plate. Through the bottom cover, you can see the movement parts such as the balance wheel and hairspring. The absolute top-level movement determines Patek Philippe 5101’s highest honor in the watch industry. In addition, the 10-day ultra-strong power reserve makes it a rare rival.
Although it is not the most popular moon phase tourbillon watch in the world, nor is it the most complicated work, nor is it the platinum-class standard movement Ref.5131 in the world’s watch industry, but it hides the same calmness in the simple and restrained appearance. The charm of technology is magnificent.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Duo
AeJaeger-LeCoultre has an absolute say in the field of low-profile watches, such as the extremely charming Master ultra-thin watch series. What I want to say here is its Reverso Duo watch. Although it is not the brand’s most low-key luxury work, the time display function and design of the two places in the left and right faceplates are absolutely in line with the essence of the real time machine. .