Langer – Sachsen’s Excellence Clocks

‘Langer-Saxony’s Excellence Watches’ by Reinhard Meis is an encyclopedia-style work, and it is a wonderful work not to be missed by all mechanical watch lovers.
    ‘The future needs tradition.’ German philosopher Odo Marquard proposed that the new world cannot be separated from the existing tradition, which also describes Reinhard Meis’s achievements in the famous German watch brand Lange.
    Based on his wealth of knowledge, the author builds a bridge for the outstanding tradition of the 19th century in the international precision watchmaking world.

    The acclaimed watch and clock writer Reinhard Meis has spent 8 years reviewing the work he created for this legendary watch brand in Dresden. The fourth edition of Lange-Saxony’s Outstanding Watches has been significantly supplemented and published by the Munich-based Callwey Press in two volumes. In his book, Meis tells the history of the Lange watchmaking dynasty founded in Dresden, and introduces all the watch works from the beginning of the 19th century to the present. The series has a total of 916 pages and contains more than 2,700 illustrations, most of which are color pictures. The coverage range has more than doubled from the previous version. The information is as rich as an encyclopedia. The text and images in the book are sufficient evidence of the author’s expertise in watchmaking, and the authorized annotated pictures are the treasure trove of Lange fans worldwide. The book also includes an unprecedented detailed introduction to brand watches.
    The first volume is entitled ‘Major Century-Glashütte Watch Industry from 1845 to 1945’. It builds a basic understanding from a socio-political and historical perspective, and briefly describes the early history of Saxony’s precision watches and introduces Dresden The deeds of famous watchmakers include Johann Gottfried Köhler, Johann Heinrich Seyffert, Johann Friedrich Schumann, Johann Christian Friedrich Gutkaes, and apprentices and mentors of Ferdinando Adolf Lange. In detail, the author describes in the book watchmaking factories, watchmaking workshops and suppliers, and the German watchmaking school in Glashütte. After the Lange watch factory was established in 1845, the watchmaking industry in Saxony also began to flourish.
    The second volume, entitled ‘Langer-Dresden Watchmaker’, describes the life of Ferdinando Adolf Lange. He started to become a watchmaker in Dresden, the first ingenious Mechanical design, and even his contribution to society. Reinhard Meis explains the full glory of the brand from the lives of Richard and Emil, sons of Ferdinando, and talks about the second nationalization of the watch factory and the fourth generation of the brand’s founding family. Story of Uhren GmbH rebuilding watch factory. The second volume ends with an introduction from Lange 1 to Lange Zeitwerk, and witnesses Lange’s journey to become a pioneer of European watchmaking culture in the 21st century.