Introduction To The Calibre De Cartier Rose Gold Watch

This is Cartier’s brand new watch series launched in 2010. Recently, I once again admired its real thing in the watch industry of Hong Kong. I have always had a weird idea that looking at a watch in a watch exhibition such as SIHH, and looking at a watch in a relatively quiet, especially highly private, watch row like Hong Kong, even if you see the same, the feeling will be Totally different.
As far as the environment is concerned, the latter is obviously more rational. Only rationality seems to help us produce a more objective evaluation and judgment of a thing. In fact, for brands such as Cartier, which have already been included in the Haute Horlogerie, they often do not easily launch a new watch series, but on the other hand, if there is a new product launched, it will most likely be a scrutiny . And my evaluation of the Calibre de Cartier series is that the lines and variability conveyed in the design concept make it well present a rough style that is different from the past, and this style is not lost. Cartier’s inherent elegance and neutral temperament.
In other words, this is not only an authoritative work, but at the same time ‘Cartier’. I believe that with this feature alone, it will be enough to be cited as Cartier’s new classic in the future.
This year’s strong promotion of CALIBRE DE CARTIER by Cartier also shows its full confidence in this new series, which includes not only daily wear styles with automatic winding movements, but also tourbillon styles with 9452MC movements. This Calibre de CARTIER rose gold / stainless steel watch is powered by Cartier’s newly developed automatic movement 1904MC. The hours, minutes, seconds and triple date window are enough to meet daily needs. 18K rose gold watch The combination of the ring and the stainless steel case is also quite detailed. An off topic is that although this watch is currently water resistant to 30 meters, I believe that this series of diving watches with innovative materials will come out in the future.