Introduction To Patek Philippe Ref. 5204 Perpetual Calendar Two Seconds Chasing Watch

Patek Philippe’s classic chronographs can generally be divided into three categories: pure chronographs, pure chronographs with perpetual calendar, and two-second chronograph hands with perpetual calendar. This tradition continues to the basic configuration of the patented CH 29-535 PS movement introduced in 2009, and later it can be added with a calendar module and a two-second tracking mechanism. Ref. 5170 and Ref. 5270. launched in 2010 and 2011, respectively. The newly added Patek Philippe two-second chronograph chronograph Ref. 5204 uses this new self-developed movement: CHR 29-535 PS Q.
Two years ago, connoisseurs and collectors began to predict that the coveted Patek Philippe Ref. 5004 two-second chronograph (with a classic manual winding design with a column wheel, horizontal clutch and perpetual calendar) will be surpassed; A new two-second chronograph with its own patented CH 29-535 PS movement will become a rising star. However, Patek Philippe has completed the independent research and development of this series of chronographs at an alarming speed, which really made the experts impressed. The reason for this enthusiasm is to show the world a complete series of chronographs with a new patented movement as soon as possible, which once again validates the outstanding watchmaking ability of this independent family business of Patek Philippe. This ambitious project is finally complete.
From scratch: Patek Philippe independently developed eight chronograph movements at record speeds
For decades, Patek Philippe has always paid attention to the independent research and development and manufacture of movements and is engraved with a unique logo. But for a long time, there has been a special case:
Until the launch of the CH 29-535 PS chronograph movement, Patek Philippe chronographs used 27-70 movements. This movement was purchased externally and was specially manufactured by Nouvelle Lémania according to Patek Philippe’s special technical specifications. The movement has been assembled and finalized in Geneva; in the eyes of many enthusiasts, it was the best and most beautiful chronograph movement in the world.
This movement was once a benchmark for the manufacture of chronographs, and it was not until the launch of Patek Philippe’s magnificent chronograph development plan in the new millennium; in 2005, this plan gave birth to the world’s thinnest two-second chronograph chronograph movement CHR 27- 525 PS reached its peak; in 2006, Patek Philippe launched an automatic winding CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H chronograph movement with an annual calendar; in 2009, the Swiss watchmaker introduced a manually wound star column with a horizontal clutch CH 29-535 PS Chronograph Movement. The completion of the series has won unanimous praise from the watch industry. This laid a solid foundation for the classic chronograph series with a variety of complex functions based on a patented movement. Counting three basic Patek Philippe chronograph movements and the chronograph module of Ref. 5208 triple complication watch, Patek Philippe launched eight chronograph movements in just six years.
八 These eight chronograph movements belong to more than 50 movement series independently developed and manufactured by Patek Philippe. There are 17 basic movements of the watch, including a variety of simple manual and automatic winding movements, with tourbillon, perpetual calendar, annual calendar, minute repeater and astronomical functions.

Based on tradition, bold innovation
The new two-second chronograph with perpetual calendar inherits the traditional features of Patek Philippe that made it loyal to its loyal fans. Manual winding, double star wheel, horizontal clutch. It is also the most modern and fashionable watch in the chronograph. This is due to the use of the CH 29-535 PS basic movement (see the annex for a summary of the 6 innovation patents for this movement); on the other hand, it is due to the introduction of the perpetual calendar function equipped in Ref. 5270 in 2011. Correspondingly, the frequency of the new CHR 29-535 PS Q two-second chronograph chronograph movement is 28,800 half-oscillations (4 Hz) per hour, with a 30-minute jump timer and small seconds dial, and its power reserve is 65. hour. However, the double-second tracking mechanism has been completely redesigned and updated with two technological innovations: an innovative dual-second tracking mechanism with a push-pull lever and a patent-pending device that optimizes the precise operation of the chronograph hands and chronograph hands.
1. Clutch lever for double-second follow-up pusher
Once the chronograph hand stops at a certain lap time position, the clutch lever of the two-second chase pusher lever will immediately disengage from the double-second chase hand gear from the timing wheel. Since this will interrupt the connection between the two-second follow-up pusher and the heart cam, the stopped two-second follow-up gear will not affect the amplitude of the balance wheel.
Polished star wheel dome is an admirable Patek Philippe traditional invention. In the new CH 29-535 PS basic chronograph movement, the spur wheel dome is eccentrically designed for the most precise adjustment. Combined with a gooseneck-shaped clutch spring, the dome cover on the dual-second chase pin wheel is now an additional feature.
2. Device for reducing deviation of chase chronograph hands and chronograph hands
The two-second chronograph chronograph has two central hands: chronograph hands (direct-drive seconds) and chronograph hands (second seconds). The two-second chase gear that drives the chronograph hand rotates with the chronograph wheel that drives the chronograph hand; both gears are connected to the double-second chase heart-shaped cam on the chronograph wheel. As with all mechanical connections, the ruby ​​rollers of the two-second follower pusher must avoid gaps as much as possible to achieve perfect operation. However, this gap may also cause slight deviations in the position of the chronograph hands, and the two hands should be superimposed accurately. Usually, making the chronograph hand slightly wider will eliminate this phenomenon. Although there will be no major flaws, it runs counter to the perfection of Patek Philippe. To this end, the movement designers of the Patek Philippe Watchmaking Workshop developed an innovative solution and applied for a patent.
The new gooseneck-shaped double-second chase needle clutch device consists of 42 parts and is 1.7 mm high, which is 0.10 mm thinner than the clutch system of Ref. 5004. The thickness of the new Ref. 5204 is 8.7 mm, compared to the Ref. 5004, which is 8.86 mm.

Perpetual calendar
The perpetual calendar device of the new classic Patek Philippe two-second chronograph chronograph was used for the first time in Ref. 5270 launched in 2011. It consists of 182 individual parts and is only 1.65 mm thick. The thickness of the entire movement is 8.70 mm, which demonstrates the outstanding ability of Patek Philippe in manufacturing complex components, whether it is a large push rod, date gear, day and month star wheel, leap year Cam, thrust spring and other precision parts. In Patek Philippe’s timepieces, the charm of these components lies not only in their extraordinary production precision, but also in their exquisite craftsmanship, such as slightly concave concave chamfers, hand-polished sides and straight grained surfaces. Stainless steel gears and pinions are also carefully treated: all gear teeth and blades are individually hand-polished using hard wood wheels. This isn’t just for aesthetic effects. Polished surfaces reduce friction and abrasion, which transfers kinetic energy more efficiently.
The dial is simple and orderly, with no holes inside
Although the exquisite time-keeping wheel train, the two-second chronograph and the perpetual calendar are extremely complicated, the dial layout is reasonable, with 12 independent time scales, bringing a clear and easy-to-read display effect. Like Ref. 5270, this two-second chronograph uses the classic dial layout of the Patek Philippe calendar chronograph, but adds a chronograph hand. The day and month are displayed in two side-by-side windows at 12 o’clock, following the brand tradition. The analog date display at 6 o’clock integrates the moon phase display function. The small seconds dial and the 30-minute jump timer are located at 9 and 3 o’clock, respectively, and their center points are slightly lower than the horizontal center line of the main dial. This layout is a typical design feature of this movement. Miniature circular window, between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock for the leap year cycle display, and another between 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock for the day / night display, which simplifies the adjustment of the calendar function. The silver-white dial is made of 18K gold, with 12 platinum rod-shaped three-dimensional indexes, and is coated with a fluorescent coating. In addition, the black oxidized hour and minute hands are also coated with Superluminova fluorescent; so that the time can be read clearly even in the dark. As one of the most popular and practical functions of super-complex watches, the glory of the perpetual calendar is inseparable from a well-designed dial.
Stylish platinum case reveals top style
The new Ref. 5204 is the pinnacle of Patek Philippe’s classic chronograph trilogy, with a platinum case with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 14.19 mm. The round and smooth three-piece case features vertical lugs, and the curved crystal glass is fixed in the recessed bezel; the sapphire crystal transparent cover can be replaced with the platinum full cover provided with the watch. Platinum is extremely tough and difficult to process, which brings great technical challenges to the case craftsmen. Compared to typical case materials such as gold and stainless steel, more pressure is required to process. However, the platinum case finally created by Tiandao pays homage, exuding an extremely cool silver luster, highlighting the moving brilliance of the timepiece. Just like all Patek Philippe watches in platinum, it is set with a flawless top-level Celton diamond at 6 o’clock between the lugs, which only the wearer will notice. The round start and stop buttons at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock, as well as the buttons on the crown that control the chronograph hands, are clearly different from pure chronographs with a perpetual calendar. Every detail of the new Ref. 5204 double-second chronograph with perpetual calendar is extremely detailed, and complies with the strict regulations of Patek Philippe Seal. Comes with a hand-stitched matte black square scale crocodile leather strap and is secured with a very comfortable and convenient platinum folding buckle.