Hublot World’s First – Watch Space Capsule

Try it out at the hustle and bustle of the 2013 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, step into a fully enclosed space away from the hustle and bustle, sit in the comfortable chair, and experience the outstanding watchmaking art and masterpieces firsthand … Experiencing 3D technology with a new sense of sense, image and sound! This is Hublot’s innovative device, the watch capsule, launched in close cooperation with its long-term partner Xavier Dietlin, a high-tech showcase manufacturer at Baselworld 2013.

Unprecedented close-up experience A new dimension brings a full range of experience

Sell ​​it now! Generally, 3D technology cannot be fully appreciated due to external conditions. For example, the position is not aligned, the distance is not accurate enough, and the noise is disturbed, especially in the noisy environment of industry exhibitions … and Hublot’s watch capsule , The perfect fusion of 3D technology and the real watch, in the absence of interference at a very close range in front of you. When viewing, just sit comfortably and place your hand on the infrared-sensitive armrest. Just watch for a minute and anyone will be amazed: ‘You absolutely have to try it!’

Come and experience for yourself at Hublot’s showroom in Hall A05, Basel 1! The exhibition runs from Wednesday, April 24th (only open to the media on that day) and ends on May 2nd.

Welcome to the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show Hall 1 A05 HUBLOT Hublot Exhibition Hall for free!