Hengli “Western Art East Rhyme” Timepiece Culture Exhibition Flowing Time Museum

Hengli 2013 “Western Art East Rhyme” Timepiece Culture Exhibition will be held on September 25th in the trendy and luxurious focus of Vientiane City, Shenzhen. New and classic models of the world’s top and well-known watch brands. The exhibition will be followed by three cities in Beijing, Shenyang and Xi’an.

 The exhibition area is divided into four sections: ‘Exploration Road’, ‘Civilization Journey’, ‘Timing Time’, and ‘Time Station’. Creatively, a ‘museum’ is created in the urban public commercial space. While visitors are shopping and leisure, You will be able to walk into this museum and feel the rich atmosphere of time and culture, the unique ‘time flowing sand’ landscape, the quiet meditation space, and bring a different sense of experience for tasters.

A bridge to spread Eastern and Western cultures

 ‘Western Art and East Rhyme’ is an annual watch cultural exhibition held by the Hengli World Famous Watch Center since 2011. The exhibition is based on the ‘bridging of eastern and western cultures’ and shares and spreads watch culture, timepiece civilization and Art as its purpose, featuring the fusion of oriental essence and western watchmaking craftsmanship. Each year, many classic and new models of many of the world’s top and well-known watch brands are brought together, with a unique cultural and artistic visual form. display. Since its inception, it has received wide attention and recognition from people inside and outside the industry.

Flowing Time Museum

 When it comes to ‘mobile museums’, fashion people may still remember the global tour of the ‘Chanel Art Museum’, and when talking about ‘time museum’, the clock and watch museum and brand museum of Switzerland’s hometown Distraught. Today, there is such a ‘flowing time museum’, which can be said to be a combination of the essence of the former two in innovation in design art and conceptual connotation.

 The Hengli World Famous Watch Center 2013 Xiyi Dongyun Timepiece Culture Exhibition combines Zen-inspired oriental visual elements such as “trestle bridges, corridors, square tripods, and ink” with modern western design concepts that advocate simplicity and nature. Under the premise of the building, the “fluidity” of the building is realized with an easy-to-assemble structure. The carefully arranged exhibits include not only the replica models of the ancient timepieces that pay tribute to the long history of the development of the timepiece culture, but also include Nearly a hundred exquisite modern timepieces from nearly twenty top and well-known watch brands in the world. As a result, a ‘mobile museum of time’ came into being.

Discovery Road

 The ‘Exploration Road’ uses the square inch deep passage to visualize the vast time exploration process into an experience section. Visitors can come in there, and as the ‘pioneers’ explore, feel the process of exploring the unknown mind, unknowingly. Visitors also form part of this historical picture.

Civilization Journey

 ‘Civilization Journey’ is based on a large amount of historical data on the development of timepieces in Eastern and Western timepieces. The soft curtain light is projected on the white curtain, the light and the shadows, the guests from ancient times to civilization, experience the long history of the development of chronograph instruments, and lament the precision of modern timepiece treasures.


 ‘Chronograph’ brings together the classics of nearly 20 world-renowned and famous watch brands such as ‘Lange, Breguet, Blancpain, Chopard, Glashütte, Girard Perregaux, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Jacodello, Piaget, and Athens’ More than a hundred new models, showing the perfect modern chronograph craft in all directions. What was once the exclusive possession of the ‘royal and noble emperor’, now can provide people with different personalities to help people with different tastes. Whether it is to show tastes with skill, or to convey a time-conscious attitude towards life through possession of timepieces, or to understand the current trend of watch tasting, the collection of ideas in this exhibition area can provide guests with absolute Good reference.

Time post

 ‘Time Station’-In each year’s exhibition area planning, opening up a section for watch lovers to sit down to appreciate and explore is the first issue that Henry considers. The 2013 exhibition is not only a visual feast, but also a dialogue with the pioneers and the soul. Those who understand the time and the time will come together to feel and discuss all the meanings that time can give us. ‘Time Station’ is such a place. Time, in this world of Zen, quietly spreads, diffuses, and precipitates.

About the Hengli World Watch Center

 Hengli World Famous Watch Center is a chain group specializing in the distribution and service of world famous watches. So far, it has established a famous watch sales chain group with more than 250 chain stores in more than 60 cities across the country. Famous watch sales chain brand. For a long time, the Hengli World Watch Center and Breguet, Blancpain, Jacques Dro, Glashütte, Omega, Longines, Radar, Tissot, Hamilton and Certina, including Rolex and Rolex of the Swatch Group. Tudor, Lange, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier, Earl, IWC and Panerai of Richemont Group, Girard Perregaux, Shang Weisha of Kering Group, and independent brands Chopard, Athens, Bucherer, Breitling, Bellex, Swiss Bao, Amy Long, Raymond Weil, Oris, and Plum Blossom have established close cooperative relationships with many of the world’s top brands and mainstream brands.