Find The Way Of Relaxation With Clé De Cartier In My World Of Light And Shadow

I have been engaged in the photography industry for so long, and slowly realized that the so-called relaxation is not so absolute in the art of photography. Extreme tension is a vent of emotion and extreme relaxation is a silent resistance. Both can make extraordinary works. What I have been pursuing is to be able to show relaxation in the works.
  I am very happy to have seen Cartier’s Clé de Cartier watch in advance in this cooperation with Cartier. In my opinion, this watch design has a modern avant-garde concept. Between the conversion of lines and the free connection, it reflects a sense of relaxation and beauty that is fascinating.
  Therefore, I brought a pair of dancers into the camera, and used the expressions of the dancer’s limbs to interpret the balance between relaxation under the light and shadow.

[影 · 张]
  Some people say that photographers are masters of light; and I want to say that every photographer is a sensitive body of ‘shadow’. The use of the grasp and transformation of the film can make the work show a completely different effect.
  Shadows make the lines instantly clear and let the power project into the light in the dark. Dancers under the camera, each muscle is fully exposed under the light. Such a clear and full outline can give a timepiece a tough and extraordinary temperament. Just like the design that Clé de Cartier watches want to express.

[Light · Relax]
  White creates a sense of holy light far from the earth, and it also hides the dancer’s sculptural muscle lines in the strong light and relieves tension. Under the white setting, the tension was relaxed, and the dancer interpreted contentment with concealed strength. Just like the balance and persistence, elegance and harmony shown in the Clé de Cartier watch.

[Zhang Chi has a way, sneaks in his heart]
  Simple and tough lines outline a silent and serious picture; the boundary between black and white seems to have a strong tension that cannot be easily surpassed. The dancer wants to distort her posture to break away from this tension, but her lightly relaxed face awakens another elegance.
  This is what I see in the Clé de Cartier watch series-to achieve simplicity in the complex, to experience tranquility in the hustle and bustle, to relax and to sneak in the heart.