Don’t Think Too Much Some Suggestions For The Watch ‘first Brother’

Recall that when I bought the first watch, I was the first brother of the clock. In order to buy a psychologically “best value” watch, I took a lot of thought and thought too much. In the end, I did not buy my favorite one.
   For ordinary people, after all, expensive watches are not something that can be bought at any time. Perhaps after a period of accumulation, they have that spare money. And for most people who buy expensive watches for the first time, the first choice is even more difficult. Some small suggestions may make ‘first brother’ the first time to buy a watch more smoothly.
Don’t buy a watch for ‘face’
   When referring to ‘face’, of course, it is necessary to say ‘lizi’. The two are mutually reinforcing and mutually reinforcing. ‘Lizi’ is the connotation and background of ‘face’ and is expressed by ‘face’; ‘face’ is the external expression of ‘lizi’ and is supported by ‘lizi’.

There is ‘noodle’ and ‘noodle’

   But most Chinese have a common problem, focusing on ‘face’ and ‘lili’. Good cars running on the road are already commonplace, and maybe even wearing a good watch is even more face-saving. Forget about those vulgar pretends, after all, rich, not bad. Those who are rich and poor in face are really not necessary. In order to buy a watch, Norse Minato, if not really like it, just to save face, it is better to save money and eat something good.
Buy a watch you like, not a watch that others say is good

   For First Brother, this is very important. Everyone has a different definition of a good standard. If you ask 10 people, there will be 10 different answers. And for the watches you like, they will also propose no less than 10 shortcomings. When buying a watch, you need to taste it carefully. Select one by one and try. If you do n’t like it, you do n’t like it. If you ca n’t come, it’s important for the first brother!
Choose the case size that suits you, not just big
   With the increasing popularity of large cases, cases with a diameter of more than 40 mm have almost become the standard for all new watches. The advantage of the large case is the high recognition rate, and maybe it will make you look more elegant.

IWC Pilot’s Watch, 48mm diameter, will it look good on a thin wrist?

   But for people with thin wrists, instead of pursuing a large case, it is better to choose a watch that fits their wrist size. I have seen people with small wrists wearing large case watches, which are indeed conspicuous at first glance, but in fact the lugs have already rushed out of the sides of the wrist, and the strap is buckled on the wrist like a small shield. , Slightly funny.
Don’t pursue the movement too much
   ‘The first brother’ tangled with the movement is nothing more than self-produced or unified core. As the name suggests, the self-produced movement is the movement designed and produced by the brand itself; the core movement is mainly based on the ETA movement, which is customized by each brand, and the movement belonging to the brand is made according to the different needs of each brand, provided the original Additional or modified, modified on the movement.

ETA 7750 modified

    Most of the ‘first brothers’ were exclusive to the core when they bought their first watch, equating the core with inferior quality and cheapness. Actually not. Take ETA as an example. As the ETA that controls half of the Swiss watch movements today, the king of movements with an annual output of more than 100 million, the movements that are often used by various brands are tested by time. Use it), such as ETA2892-A2 is fine. The research and development of a basic new movement requires a lot of investment. Many brands do not have this ability. Even strong movements are not necessarily more durable than the core.
The accuracy of mechanical watches is a relative concept

   Observatory certification and other certifications about the accuracy of mechanical watches are not as accurate as quartz watches. The reason why you choose a mechanical watch is that you like the mechanical beauty of the combination of various mechanical parts, or the unique beauty of fine polishing and ruby ​​bearings, which are beyond the reach of quartz watches. Therefore, ‘First Brother’ must first think about what you are looking for before buying.
Is a quartz watch bad?
   Many people think that quartz watches are not good. If you have a chance to ask him why? He will tell you that it is not good because it is quartz. Nonsense.

Chopard’s Happy Diamonds quartz watch is beautiful and fun

   The advantages of quartz watches are accuracy and small time error. The quartz movement is powered by a battery, and it will not stop even if it is worn for a long time. It only needs to replace the battery once every 2 to 3 years, which makes the mechanical watch much cheaper. For women and older people, quartz watches without long-term wearing and frequent time adjustment may be more suitable.
It’s impossible to add value to a watch
   The phrase I have heard the most is ‘buy a certain watch to maintain value, and you will not lose it when you sell it.’ This watch is like real gold and silver. Brother … even if it’s real gold and silver, it can go up and down, not to mention a watch in this area.

   Most mechanical watches do not actually maintain value. If you buy a mechanical watch for ‘preservation of value’, or even think of ‘value-added’ to earn some money, I advise you to dispel this idea as soon as possible, and the result must be that you are very hurt. When you buy a car, do you think it will keep its value? As the saying goes, ‘the car watch family’, this watch is actually the same as the car, from the moment you buy it, it starts to depreciate. Perhaps the only thing that will please you is that it depreciates much less than a car, and if you maintain it properly, the watch will last longer than a car.
I bought a watch to wear it.
   Although the watch is not cheap, if you buy a watch but hide it in the cabinet for a few months and do n’t wear it, but just take it out occasionally, it will lose the meaning of your watch.

   Case scratches caused by wearing a watch are inevitable. If you really care about scratches, then try to choose a brushed case or a ceramic case. Remember, you are buying a consumable, not a burden on daily life.
Take good care of your watch
   Maintain your watch regularly. Even the most prohibited watch, it is a delicate object, after all, daily cleaning is essential, at least to keep the surface of the watch clean, dirty wearing it is not ugly.

   Although the maintenance of the watch is not cheap, it is acceptable once every three years. In addition, please go to the designated after-sales service point of the brand or a reputable professional service department, otherwise you are likely to lose out because of small things.
Most limited editions are just a promotional tool
   Thousands of watches are not limited at all in a sense. It can be said that such thousands of watches are basically not sold. If you insist that the limit should be at least one hundred, dozens, or even a few, one, this is called the true limit. If you really want to be unique, you might as well buy a custom watch. Of course, this should not be considered by the ‘first brother’.