Don’t Think Of Any Gifts For Christmas Yet? Come To Amy Long To Choose A Warm Heart Good Gift

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ~~ At the dawn of Christmas, this cheerful song has spread all over the streets and alleys, and the windows of the mall have been carefully arranged, no matter Children and adults are looking forward to Christmas. In the West, children put stocking socks next to the fireplace the night before Christmas, and believe that Santa will come down from the fireplace’s chimney at night to bring them their long-awaited gift. Of course Santa Claus only exists in fairy tales, but the tradition of gift giving has remained to this day.
   The most interesting thing to spend Christmas in China is to eat apples on Christmas Eve. This is a custom peculiar to China ‘Ping An’. Today, the Christmas atmosphere in China is getting more and more intense. It is necessary to send carefully selected Christmas gifts to relatives and friends and send full blessings.

   When they were young, people would expect Santa to give them endless candy. When they were older, they would like Santa to bring cool skateboards or unique skirts. Later, people want more and more things, but they can really move Fewer and fewer people, how to choose the right gift becomes a problem. The following editors are for you. You don’t need to rack your brains on choosing the right gift, because the choice of moving the ‘core’ is in Amy Long.

Baihua Fairy Gifts
   She has high heels and running shoes, drinks tea and drinks, has brave friends, and powerful opponents. She is particularly beautiful and peaceful, full of wisdom and extra gentle. She is good at finding her role on different occasions, and she has all the relationships Properly handled.
   The Baihua Fairy Watch is sold in the form of a box, which contains 3 replaceable faceplates and two belts of different colors, as well as a pendant that can be fitted with a faceplate. Through free matching, DIY produces watches that meet your mood, satisfy The ever-changing charm of women. The steel belt is calm and calm, the orange belt is relaxed and active, and the classic black belt is elegant and dignified. Different straps and different dresses allow the faceted goddess to easily control various social scenes and hold the field easily.

Challenger pays tribute to young people who make breakthroughs
   He doesn’t like a comfortable life, he is constantly breaking through the imprisonment of reality, always thinking of going faster and rushing higher, he is not insatiable, but indulged in the best effort.
   The Challenger series watches have the lug design of the brand DNA ‘Time Wing’, which is neat and generous, exuding the beauty of strong sports and strong masculinity; the blue dial, like the feeling of being in an extremely cold glacier, is continuously released to the wearer The courage to let go and challenge.

Ballet pendant watch for sweet girlfriends

   What a magical word for ‘girlfriends’. They had never known each other and had no blood relationship, but they became the most important people in each other’s lives. Together, we have traveled a lot of time. They don’t have to stick together all the time, but they can find each other.
   The ballet pendant watch is a new product of the Jingya series. The small 22mm small watch can be hung on the neck like a pearl pendant. Just like you quietly tell your heart in your girlfriend’s heart; the wearing method of the pendant breaks through the traditional function of decoration only on the wrist, making the way of coordination more flexible, so that your girlfriend can attend your intimate company.
   Christmas is coming. Although the story of Santa Claus is gradually leaving us as we grow up, thankfully we have friends around, and we can also celebrate in front of the Christmas tree together and look forward to the time when we unpack the gifts. Little surprise, guarding the fairy tale in the heart together, everything is still as beautiful as it was. More Amy Long’s selection of Christmas gifts, to accompany you to guard the little beauty of Christmas, welcome to buy at Amy Long’s various stores and Jingdong Mall specialty stores.