Christmas And Bordeaux Red Jacques De J005033240 Watch

The understanding of the festival, or everyone is different, whether it is visiting relatives or friends or traveling together, have different meanings, so for many people who are busy working on weekdays, a pure High-end crowds are more and more accepted for leisure. Aside from the scorching work, walking to the favorite bar alone at night and celebrating with everyone is a very good way to spend Christmas. You know, bars on weekdays and bars wrapped in Christmas are not a concept. This way can not only satisfy your body and mind that you want to relax, but also inspire you to drink drunk. Why not?

 Preparing for the holiday season is naturally indispensable. If you can get a glimpse of the crowd at Christmas, you must prepare in advance. In these days, I think casual and business attire are out of place. When the girls forget the season and put on flowery skirts, do you also need to find shirts or T-shirts with color or pattern decoration from the wardrobe? Meeting at the right time is not necessarily a romantic relationship.
 The matching of the dress and the watch is also very important. The appearance of this Jacques Dro watch will definitely make you the focus of attention. Similar to the festive red, it may not be suitable for everyday occasions. But spending Christmas with you is the most suitable, the official model: J005033240
 As a leader in the luxury watchmaking industry, the birth of Jacques de Loire gold foil enamel watches has extraordinary commemorative significance. This is not only the glory of the Jacques de Loire brand, but also the pride of the entire watchmaking industry. Jacques de Lo is legendary, the extraordinary ‘golden leaves and jade leaves’ swaying on the dial, which can even light up the Christmas atmosphere.
 To cater to this watch’s 18K red gold case, the crown is also made of red gold. This material not only echoes the warm colors on the dial, but also makes this watch look more luxurious. The shape of the crown may not be common, and it is similar to the ancient palace-style decoration style, which is very exciting.

 The strap of this watch is very comfortable, and the natural texture of crocodile leather is clear and extended. You must know that the use of crocodile leather to make leather belts is very sophisticated, not all crocodile leather can make excellent straps. Jacques Dro’s crocodile leather strap is simply a coloring process. Such red straps are rare, and the gloss and comfort are well done.

 The lugs of this watch are also very exciting. On the basis of the red gold material meandering, in addition to a charming curve, this watch looks very elegant, the part near the dial will extend the width and the angle lines are very beautiful. The overall integrity is stronger. At the same time, such arc also takes into account the comfort factor, which makes the wearing feeling stronger. The space on the side of the linked strap is not very large, making people feel more secure.

 Speaking of the dial of this watch, in fact, we must first study the manufacturing process of this dial. Jacques played the U European gold leaf engraved enamel hour and minute dial watch, fully showing the essence of the fusion of 18 actual antique gold leaf and big fire enamel. This watch has long been known as the ‘antique lace’. It is the pinnacle of Jacques Dro PAILLONNÉ enamel craftsmanship.

 The bright-fire enamel dial, which is fired in a 1000 ° C high-temperature furnace, is warm, full-colored, and of high quality. Whether it is people who love art or have an opinion on watches, I think they are obsessed with Jacques Dro’s enamel plate. There are many enamel dials, but neutrally speaking, the beauty of Jacques Dro is never easily copied. There are many examples of Dong Shixiao, but few people imitate Jacques Dro. I think this is not only a brand’s charm, but also another affirmation of the brand’s craftsmanship.
 When the dial was fired into a semi-finished product, the master watchmaker quickly placed the thin gold leaf on the translucent enamel and arranged it into a unique pattern. It is no exaggeration to say that there are not many masters in the world who can master this technology. Even in the Jaquedro family, not every master can master this skill. The ultra-low melting point of the gold leaf and the large fire enamel that needs to be calcined at a thousand degrees, seemingly a pair of contradictory bodies that are difficult to reconcile, have been magically combined by Jacques Dro to achieve a rare masterpiece. There are many forms of art in the world, and there is an art that only blooms among the square dials.
 Although many masterpieces of art have become distant with the passage of time, and despite the amazing development of social productive forces, the unique secrets of many generations of famous artisans have also been lost. The antique gold leaf on the dial of the PAILLONNÉ enamel watch is derived from this long-lost ancient craft. This also proves that Jacques Droo respectfully protects and follows traditional craftsmanship with a faithful attitude.

 Just like those luxury high-end uniforms, only by insisting on the use of antique lace that can no longer be produced in the large industrial period, can it truly reflect the spiritual essence that designers seek. Just as each lace has a different style and appearance, taking Versace as an example, according to the characteristics of the brand and culture, Versace is a high-definition masterpiece with lace decoration, which has a typical southern Italian style. Therefore, in a sense, each PAILLONNÉ enamel watch is a veritable ‘antique’ watch, which is a perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, and the precious and precious models must be included A discerning taste person.
 Of course, while we advocate perfect dials, we also pay more attention to their connotations. The movement of this watch is based on Jacques Dro Model 2653, an automatic winding movement. Double barrels and a 22K white gold oscillating weight are important factors for a luxury movement. 28 jewel bearings shine in movements you can’t see. The vibration frequency is 28,800 times per hour. The guarantee of power enables you to remain calm and confident in any occasion. The 30-meter life is waterproof. Even if you accidentally touch the glass of someone in the bar, Say sorry can easily solve it.

Summary: In terms of collocation, this watch may not be your first choice for daily life, it is more suitable for collection, and it is more in line with its temperament and your mood when you wear it on holidays. Not all high-end watches have a proud face. This watch does not have complicated functions. Maybe yours on Christmas Eve. You need to simplify everything and focus on this beautiful holiday. Sometimes you are alone. It doesn’t matter, with the Bordeaux red of this watch, ordering a glass of wine, everything is right. Merry Christmas.
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