Building Inspiration For Eternity

The first impression given by Mr. Franz Linder, the global president of Mido Watch, is his kind smile and gentleman attitude, just like Mido Watch, which embodies the spirit of the watch with the most special emotions. As a high-quality, cost-effective Swiss watch, Mr. Franz Linder, President of Mido Watches, tells us how Mido watches have developed in the Chinese market and how to face challenges.

How does the Mido Watch (hereinafter referred to as Mido) perform in the Chinese market this year?

Franz Linder: So far, Mido has seen double-digit growth in the Chinese market. The overall trend is very good, and it is full of confidence in the future development.

哪些 What are the best-selling models of Mido in the Chinese market?

Franz Linder: Mido has six main series in China. The Belem Celli series is one of the more classic and traditional ones. It is also the best-selling and most popular among consumers.

Amami plans to build independent stores in first-tier cities in China?

Franz Linder: Mido has developed very fast in the Chinese market in recent years, so the requirements for brand image have also been continuously improved. Mido Shenyang stores have been opened. In the future, more stores will be opened in first-tier cities in China .

As a high-quality watch, how does Amami face such a huge market demand?

Franz Linder: As a brand of the Swatch Group, Mido is unique in the movement equipment worldwide, and has a great advantage, so even in the face of such a huge demand, we can still get the support of the Group. The point is the most important.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for Mido in the Chinese market?

Franz Linder: In my opinion, Chinese consumers have strict quality control. Of course, this is understandable. After all, in the understanding of many Chinese people, buying a watch is a lifetime thing, which is different from European consumers. of. What Mido can do for Chinese consumers is to improve the quality. Every Mido watch sold in China is strictly tested. These are all done by Mido to do its best for consumers.

Can you describe what group of consumers you think of wearing Mido watches?

Franz Linder: First of all, Mido has a very high price-performance ratio, which is very attractive to consumers. Consumers buying Mido watches should realize that this is a very cost-effective investment for him. It may be a young person, or it may be a bit older. If he mainly pursues quality and value for money, he will choose Mido.

寻找 Looking for inspiration from architecture, what kind of gain did this bring to Mido?

Franz Linder: Architecture is eternal, and it can better impress consumers. Mido is more willing to combine with things that can bring people eternal aesthetic enjoyment. In addition, the communication between Mido and consumers has always been very clear. When mentioning buildings, you may think of Mido. This is a relatively big gain. However, it is not easy for any brand to find a clear positioning, so we need to spend more time studying such positioning and communication methods.