42mm Tudor Heritage Chrono Watch

The Heritage Chrono launched by Tudor in 2010 is actually a continuation of the 1970s oyster-style chronograph calendar watch, but the handling of details is more humane. For example, the lugs are polished and chamfered, and the grooves on the rotating outer ring and crown have a non-slip function. At the same time, due to the relationship between Tudor and Porsche, many new racing elements have been added to the design of the new watch. Like the watch buckle, the style is close to the antique car safety buckle.
Equipped with 7734 Valjoux movement, 42 mm diameter watch, stainless steel case, black dial, stainless steel strap, and three-link buckle.
Reference price: 35600 yuan

Tissot Becomes Partner Of Biel, Switzerland And Local Sports Club

In the city of Bienne, Tissot has established a partnership with the two largest local sports clubs (EHC Bienne and FC bienne). The Bienne stadia will also be renamed Tissot in the future Arena (TISSOT ARENA). Through its Tissot brand, Swatch Group will not only provide the most advanced technical support for the Billboard scoreboard, but also invest in commercial sponsorship. The conclusion of this cooperation agreement highlights the close relationship between the world’s largest watchmaking group and its headquarters Inseparable bonds.
   Taking the Tissot Stadium as a fulcrum, the Swatch Group and its Tissot brand have established close partnerships with the city of Biel and EHC Bienne and FC bienne sports clubs. The cooperation agreement just signed recently lasts at least 10 years. For Tissot, this dual-purpose comprehensive arena is strategically located, modern in architecture, and attractive. Watchmaking brands fulfill their commitments in such a way, and thank the Swatch Group, especially the Tissot brand, for their support and the support of Biel.
   Bill Mayor Erich Fehr said that the conclusion of this cooperation agreement is of great significance in many aspects. ‘This cooperation not only highlights the attraction of the Bill Hall and its competitions to well-known global brands, but also further draws closer. Tissot and Swatch Group have links with the region. Thank you Swatch Group for fulfilling their commitments and introducing the most advanced display system. A first-class exclusive experience. ‘Tissot’s sponsorship will also improve the economic situation of the two major sports clubs in Biel.
   The watchmaking brand Tissot is pleased to announce the establishment of a partnership with the city of Bill. Timing, such as ice hockey, bicycle, basketball and MotoGP, etc., the conclusion of this cooperation agreement further demonstrates Tissot’s commitment to sports. ‘Said Mr. François Thiébaud, President of Tissot.