What Watch To Wear After The Olympic Games

A London Olympics blows the sports style from the fashion industry to the watch industry. Since formal wear with sneaker has become the ‘smart causal’ standard, then the late assembly of sports watches is the focus of fashion for the next season. From deliberately borrowing the Olympic Dongfeng hot iron model to the classic must-have enthusiasm for sports timekeeping, several major high-end watch brands have launched new ones. Seeing the era of sports watches unpalatable is over. Audemars Piguet cooperates with Lionel Messi in limited edition ‘Royal Oak’ Royal Oak Many sports brands take advantage of the Olympic Dongfeng hot iron to launch a competitive time Rolex Yacht-Master
I first said that the Omega Seahorse series was born in 1948, just when London last hosted the Olympic Games. In commemoration of the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London again, Omega specially launched the 1948 coaxial ‘London 2012’ limited edition watch of the hippocampus and officially released on the first anniversary of the countdown. The retro style from the 1950s continues to the present day: the 39 mm stainless steel case is polished and sanded with a polished bezel and lugs; the 18K yellow gold case back is engraved with the emblem of the London 2012 Olympic Games; inside the case The Omega’s unique 2202 movement, officially certified by the Swiss Observatory, used in 1948 by the hippocampus, is equipped with a 3-layer coaxial escapement system and a balance spring without balance, which is quite technical.
One cool thing is the Glashütte Sport Shockproof Chronograph. This precision watch specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of golfers is very unusual: the black dial is embellished with a little bright red, the chronograph abacus boldly uses bright colors, and the vibrant color instantly mobilizes the sporty atmosphere. The bar-shaped hour-markers and hands are simply coated with the ‘SuperLumiNova’ luminous paint (easy to read the time at night); the red numbers around the dial highlight the seconds for accurate seconds; the bottom cover is made of concave sapphire crystal glass, which fits the wrist of the wearer. Through the bottom of the watch, you can also get a glimpse of Glashütte’s classic gooseneck fine-tuning, openwork rotor and three-quarter splint, which is cool and low-key.
Similar to the style is the Jacques de Londer sports watch (SW) series. The beauty of it is that the precious material is treated with natural rubber (21560, 90.00, 0.42%) and ‘Super-LumiNova’. The stainless steel (Jacques Dro’s first choice) strap is paired with moist natural rubber, and the modern sense of conflict makes this sports watch look surprisingly light.
即使 Even if not talking about the Olympics, the brand’s favorite nautical and pilot watches have always been popular. Take the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Masterpiece (the first model launched in 1992) as an example, it was born for the sailing industry. The newly-designed yacht’s two-way rotating outer ring uses a 120-grid ring and a triangular spring to minimize wear; the outer ring is all made of 950 platinum, which can easily calculate the time interval within 60 minutes. The time of the distance between the two buoys and the elapsed time calculation; the heart part of the watch completely uses the self-winding mechanical movement 3135 developed by Rolex. The patented blue PARACHROM hairspring resists magnetic field interference and is very stable under temperature changes. , Ten times higher than the shock resistance of traditional hairsprings.
对应 The corresponding pilot watch here will be the first to launch the ‘TYPE 20’ series of Zenith. Its legendary history can be traced back to Calais, France, at 4:15 on July 25, 1909. At that time, Brillio completed the feat of flying an English strait with a range of 40 kilometers in 37 minutes. At that moment, the father of aviation was wearing a 20th century Zenith ‘TYPE 20’ Aircraft watches, luminous hands and numbers make the monumental moments legible. The new aircraft watch is entirely hand-stitched, and the vintage leather strap with piping is reminiscent of an old pilot watch. The most important is the legendary 5011 movement equipped with it: as early as 1967, the Neuchatel Observatory awarded this movement the title of ‘the most accurate chronograph movement in history’. Since then, Zenith has continued to focus on this and continued to produce the 5011 movement to provide power for many precision instruments such as competition watches, marine timers, and watchmaking college timepieces.
Finally, the watch that true sports fans love is here. Audemars Piguet breaks the entrenched element of the Royal Oak collection and collaborates with Lionel Messi to issue 1,000 innovative watches in a limited edition: this watch has a larger size, a crocodile leather strap instead of a stainless steel bracelet, and abandons tradition The ‘Tapisserie’ check pattern redesigns the dial and uses a material rarely used in watchmaking-tantalum. Yes, like Messi, it stands for quality and rarity. What makes Parmigiani’s watch fans happy is that the brand has become the official watchmaker of the Brazilian Football League CBF (Confedera ?? Brasileira de Futebol). To this end, Parmigiani created a unique Pershing series to commemorate this powerful alliance. The back of the Pershing men’s watch is engraved with the ‘CBF’ logo pattern, and the whole body is wrapped in the official colors of the Brazilian Football League: gold, blue and green. The small seconds scale is replaced by a green star, representing the five World Cup titles won by Brazil; even the speedometer around the dial uses the golden yellow typical of Brazil. Authentic fans, you can see at a glance the watch you wear.

Zenith Launches New Pilot Type 20 Gmt America And Pilot Type 20 Extra Special America Limited Edition Watches

To celebrate the deep relationship between the brand and the aviation industry, Zenith launched the new Pilot Type 20 GMT America and Pilot Type 20 Extra Special America watches. Both timepieces are derived from the brand’s legendary pilot series. Limited to 50 pieces, only for sale in the US and Canada.

Pilot Type 20 GMT America

   Pilot Type 20 GMT America watch is 48 mm in diameter and the case is made of black DLC titanium, which has a light texture. The dial is matte blue, embellished with bright red details, the large crown is easy to hold and adjust, and is equipped with a curved sapphire crystal, which is quite retro. Equipped with an Elite Caliber 693 self-winding movement with a second time zone display, the bottom of the watch is engraved with the Wright Brothers ‘Flyer’ pattern, and is water-resistant to 100 meters. It is reported that this watch costs $ 7,800, about 52,000 yuan.

Pilot Type 20 Extra Special America

   The Pilot Type 20 Extra Special America watch is 45 mm in diameter and features a screw-down crown. The dial is dark blue with ‘Extra Special’ printed above the 6 o’clock position. The faceted hands and oversized Arabic numerals are coated with Luminescent fluorescent layer, which not only fits the appearance design of the pilot watch, but also guarantees perfect reading effect. Equipped with an Elite Caliber 679 self-winding movement, which provides a 50-hour power reserve. The bottom of the watch is engraved with an airplane pattern piloted by Louis Brillio, and is water-resistant to 100 meters. Louis Bleriot was a French pilot who crossed the English Channel in 1909 while wearing a Zenith watch. It is reported that this watch costs $ 6,600, or about 44,000 yuan.