Five Round And Round Watches That Include Everything In The Sky And Round Places

Fang and Yuan are simple geometric figures, but they contain China’s broad philosophical thoughts. The fusion of square and circle not only brings people a geometric beauty, but also has a philosophical meaning. Fang Yuyuan brought infinite inspiration to watch designers; whether in military watches, formal watches, sports watches or jewelry watches, this design element brings us a harmonious and dynamic beauty.
BellRoss AVIATION series BR 01-92 STEEL military watch

 Movement: automatic mechanical movement
 Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
 Case: 46mm diameter, satin-finished stainless steel case, screw-down crown
 Dial: black, light-reflective coated numerals, scales and hands
 Table mirror: anti-reflective sapphire crystal
 Waterproof depth: 100m
 Strap: black rubber or reinforced nylon strap
 Buckle: Satin-finished steel pin buckle
 The square in the square can be said to be the ‘standard look’ of the BellRoss AVIATION series. This BR 01 professional military watch is inspired by a clear, easy-to-read and precise aerospace dashboard. Under the banner of ‘military watch’, many men must be lively.
Cartier PASHA C Waterproof Watch

 Movement: Cartier 049 automatic mechanical movement
 Case: 35.25mm diameter, 8.77mm thick, stainless steel case, stainless steel screw-in crown hidden cover
 Dial: white, Arabic numerals, diamond-shaped blue steel luminous hands
 Mirror: Sapphire crystal
 Waterproof depth: 100m
 Strap: stainless steel bracelet
 In the round waterproof case, there are four Arabic numerals on the four sides of a rectangle, the shape resembles ancient Chinese copper coins. Another feature of this series is the short chain that secures the screw-down crown to the case. Introduced in 1943, the Cartier round waterproof watch inspired the birth of the Pasha series, which became an integral part of Cartier’s watchmaking world.
Tag Heuer MONACO Monaco Collection CAW211D.FC6300

 Movement: CALIBRE 11
 Functions: hour, minute, second, calendar, minute chronograph, chronograph second hand
 Case: Fine-brushed polished steel
 Dial: Blue dial with white vertical stripes, hand-assembled rhodium-plated hour markers, minute and hour hands with white fluorescent markers, red chronograph seconds and small dial hands, oblique blue circle calendar window at 6 o’clock, silver Dial decorated with sun rays
 Table mirror: anti-glare treatment on both sides, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
 Strap: Lacey Hollow Leather Strap
 This Monaco Calibre 11 Limited Edition offers innovative twisted ropes inspired by the watch designs that Steve McQueen loves to wear. The small square dial combined with the ring-shaped hour markers, the red dial blue dial and the white racing stripes create a visual impact. It is a unique sports watch.
Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945 25845-52-741-BA6A Watch

 Movement: GP01900-0004, automatic
 Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, power reserve indicator, date
 Case: 36.00 x 37.00 mm, thickness 12.90mm, rose gold case
 Dial: ‘High Temperature Glazed’ Enamel Dial
 Mirror: Sapphire crystal
 Water resistance: 3 ATM
 Long before the popularity of the retro style, under the influence of the Art Deco trend in 1945, Girard-Perregaux has released the Vintage 1945 watch series. Since then, different styles of Vintage 1945 watches have been released, bringing a modern interpretation to this collection full of unique personality, and the rich details are breathtaking. In addition to the hour and minute hands, this watch also has three small dials, power reserve display and date. Four circular sizes in the square case, showing unquestionable elegance.
Chopard Happy Sport 278498-9001

 Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date
 Material: 18K rose gold, stainless steel
 Gem: Living Gem
 This Happy Sport watch combines stainless steel and diamonds. The movable round diamond is added to the square case, which is very modern and urban, mature, refined and full of vitality, durable and dynamic.
 Square and round, simple but complex, simple but profound.

New Colors And New Upgrades Some Of Panerai’s Unusual

On October 20, 2017, in the Panerai Store in Yintai Center, Jianwai Street, Beijing, the famous watch brand Panerai presented the second new product appreciation this year. The last time was this year. In mid-June, I brought the works of Panerai on SIHH at the beginning of this year. Only 4 months later, Panerai brought us a batch of brand new watches, most of which were released in September. , But there are already models sold out, so what are the highlights this time? We interpret them one by one for you.

   As an annual highlight, SIHH is undoubtedly one of the most important exhibitions in the entire watch industry. At the time, Panerai also showed the most important new products. The main features were focused on the results of new materials, new technology and new color matching. The works are relatively complicated and advanced. And this time, for the majority of tablemates, it is undoubtedly more practical to buy, because in addition to the classic brand design of Panerai, they also use a refreshing color scheme to show the unique style and charm of Panerai. , Not so high. In addition, Panerai also brought a very special watch.
Green dial
   At the beginning of September this year, Panerai released a brand new color combination watch-three green dial watches, we know that Panerai’s use of color in the past two years, very eye-catching, novel color combination, showing Panerai Strong sea sporty style. The three watches are equipped with three classic case types-Radiomir, Radiomir 1940 and Luminor 1950. They include a variety of outstanding functions, classic designs and different case sizes. Among them, the Luminor 1950 44mm 8-day single-chain chronograph GMT watch has sold out.

Radiomir 8 Days Titanio
45mm 8-Day Power Reserve Titanium Watch PAM00735 (RMB 85300)


   Green has become the trend color of young people, getting rid of the traditional black and white gray, the more novel but less eye-catching dark green, emphasizing the personality of young people and the strong sports texture. The PAM00735 watch has a case diameter of 45 mm, is equipped with a matte titanium pillow case, and uses linear lugs and a conical winding crown when the first prototype of the watch was first introduced in 1936. It has a strong retro flavor heritage. The history of Ledao. The classic Panerai sandwich dial design, with large beige luminous hour markers and gold-plated hands, forms a sharp color difference with the dark green dial to facilitate time reading.

   The watch is equipped with a P.2002 manual winding movement independently developed by Panerai. The three barrels provide eight days of power. The back is designed with a power reserve display. The movement is also designed with a seconds reset mechanism to accurately time The hour hand can also be adjusted back and forth without affecting the minute operation. Overall, the high-profile movement and the simple but extremely Panerai dial design make this watch very charming, and the large 45 mm case is very rough, wild and highlights Pei Nahai has always had a tough temperament.
Radiomir 1940 3 Days Acciaio
47 mm 3-Day Power Reserve Steel Watch PAM00736 (RMB 64100)


   It is said that the 47mm case is the true taste of Panerai. Then this time the green dial watch, Panerai also brought the PAM00736 watch with a 47mm diameter. Compared to the previous model, This is like a neoclassical watch, it has Panerai’s classic sandwich dial, gold-plated hands and beige super luminous scale with a retro taste, micro arched mirror highlights its classic texture, and its The lugs and cylindrical crown give it a modern feel. It is equipped with a P.3000 manual movement, has a three-day power reserve, and has hourly quick adjustment. Compared to 735, it has a more affinity price because of its streamlined configuration.

   It is also a green dial with a military-green vision. Compared with the 735, the scale is more slender, which makes this watch have a unique and elegant taste. The open dial is very eye-catching, and the retro-toned color tone is matched with the brown leather strap to highlight the classic style of Panerai. In general, except for the large case, this watch is more difficult to control, and the rest is very comfortable and has a built-in personality.

More Personal Luminor Due
   The Luminor Due series was born in 2016. Compared with other Luminor series, its biggest feature is that it is thin and light. The large case of Panerai has always made many small wrist men and some women discouraged. The Luminor Due series The birth makes Panerai more affinity. For women, Panerai on the wrist also looks more friendly. At the same time, it is designed to follow the Luminor series of the 1950s, retaining a vibrant sporty atmosphere.
42mm 3-Day Power Reserve Titanium Watch PAM00728
42mm 3-Day Power Reserve Red Gold Watch PAM00741 (RMB 161600)


   42 mm case diameter Luminor Due, this time there are two in total, one is a 728 frosted titanium case, blue case design, thickness is only 10.5 mm, equipped with P.1000 manual winding three-day power reserve mechanical machine Core, with stop-seconds reset device. 741 is an 18K red gold case watch, non-sandwich dial, gold-plated hands and dot hour markers with super luminous material coating, a light blue strap, Panerai patented strap replacement device It can be matched with different styles of straps. The watch has a built-in P.1000 / 10 manual movement with a three-day power reserve. It is a skeleton version of the P.1000 movement.

   Because these two watches have a diameter of 42 mm and a friendly case thickness, they can be controlled by both men and women, and still retain the classic design style of Panerai. The iconic crown guard of the Luminor series, It is well worth choosing for men and women with small wrists.
45 mm 3-Day Power Reserve Steel Watch PAM00739 (RMB 100700)
45mm 3-Day Power Reserve Titanium Watch PAM00729 (RMB 79600)


   In addition to the 42mm three-day power reserve Luminor Due series, this time also brought a larger version-the 45mm Luminor Due series, which is equipped with an internal P.4000 automatic movement, compared to The P.1000 movement and the P.4000 movement have a pearl oscillating weight to achieve two-way winding, which will be more convenient in terms of practicality. Among them, 739 is a charcoal gray dial polished stainless steel case watch, which is equipped with a P.4000 / 10 automatic movement (a hollowed-out version of the P.4000 movement). Due to higher technology, a 22K The gold-colored pearl tuo makes this stainless steel watch even more luxurious.

   729 is a watch with a matte titanium case. The case is a grade 5 titanium metal. The polished bezel is a grade 2 titanium metal. The blue dial is decorated with a sun pattern and is very gorgeous. . The watch is equipped with a P.4000 automatic movement and is equipped with a tungsten alloy pearl rotor. The 45 mm case is very atmospheric, with a leather strap, it is suitable for casual wear.
Panerai’s redesigned metal bracelet watch
3-Day Power Reserve Automatic Steel Watch
42 mm (PAM00722 RMB 56900) 44 mm (PAM00723 RMB 57600)


   Although Panerai has a history originating from the Italian Navy and has a very tough athletic temperament, Panerai is the only brand that is strong in sports and rarely uses metal bracelets. This year, Panerai has redesigned a metal bracelet. The structure of its chain links draws design inspiration from the classic crown bridge of the Luminor series, so that the compliant ergonomic metal bracelet also presents Representative elements of Panerai.

   722 and 733 use 42mm and 44mm case diameters respectively to meet the needs of most watch buyers. The watch has a built-in P.9010 self-winding movement. Thanks to the thinner movement size, the watch still maintains a good thickness of the case on the basis of the three-day power reserve, which makes it easy to wear.
Based on movement 9010, more models have been upgraded
   The P.9010 movement is an upgraded P.9000 movement. Since then, the Panerai classic movement 9000, which has been glorious for many years, will gradually withdraw from the historical stage. Compared with the 9000 movement, the 9010 movement maintains a three-day power reserve. Functional features, but in thickness, reduced by 2 mm, so that all watches equipped with this movement can be reduced in thickness and easy to wear.

   The new works brought by Panerai this time include models with multiple functions, PAM01320, PAM01321, PAM01351, PAM01535, PAM01537. These watches are upgraded versions of their original watches, and numbers are added before the numbering. ‘1’, so according to the model, you can easily know its ‘predecessor’ version. At the same time, it is equipped with movement 9010, the small second hand is blue embellishment. These watches are based on 9010, and through derivative functions, they realize the functions of power reserve display (display on the back) and GMT (calibration 9011), power reserve display (display on the dial) and GMT (calibration 9012). Through different case sizes and dial colors, such a series of watches have been introduced.
Mysterious Limited Edition
42 mm stainless steel watch PAM00716 RMB 71400
   This watch is the most special model in this new appreciation. It is a replica of a classic brand watch from 1993, inspired by the first chronograph in the history of Panerai. According to authoritative history He pointed out that the watch prototype was released in 1943 and was specially designed for the Royal Italian Navy officers, but it has not been officially put into production. One of the trial works was discovered years ago and is housed in the Panerai Museum, so that its unique design and functional characteristics are finally reappeared. Previously, Mare Nostrum could only be traced from the limited literature following the 1966 flood in Florence. Based on these documents, Panerai launched the brand’s first engraved chronograph (Ref. 5218-301 / A) in 1993, which was also the year when Panerai created its first civil watch series, namely The pre-Vendôme period (1993-1997), known to Panerai enthusiasts.

   Because the original watch has a huge size of 52 mm and cannot be used for daily wear, the engraved version has been reduced to a 42 mm case. The 716 watch uses a delicate blue tone and is equipped with an OP XXXIII manual movement. It is a 1993 wrist. The same movement of the watch, based on the ETA 2801-2, is loaded with the Dubois-Dépraz chronograph assembly and has a power reserve of 42 mm. Obviously, this is a Panerai that is least like Panerai, but it is for this reason that this watch is given more legendary color. Limited to 1000 pieces.
   To sum up, only one watch of this time is a precious metal style. The rest of the models are based on Panerai’s well-known classic movements, with different case sizes and dial colors. A Panerai style with a sporty temperament. At present, some watches will be sold in the store, and everyone can go to the store to try it on.

Recommended Father’s Day Watches

Tango Dance-the most beautiful, sensual and tempting dance in dance, it is also the most technically demanding dance. Rose-symbolizes eternity, passion and perfection.

  Combining the feelings and aesthetics of the two, inheriting the style of the Junya series: refinement and vitality, the Tudor Series JunDao DoubleDate will perfectly interpret the retro trend and meticulous feelings.

  ‘Bright, elegant and charming’ is the best adjective for the appearance of the Junya series. The shiny case, polished stainless steel double outer ring, with a sophisticated design, willow-style hands and curved blue crystal surface. And the case diameter is enlarged to 42 mm, which is just as good as other models of the Junya series.

  The surface color is available in black, white, silver and dark gray to choose from. The new design elements include a striking double calendar display window at 12 o’clock, and the small second hand set at 6 o’clock for the first time. The Tudor rose logo from the 1930s and 1940s is embellished with nostalgia.

  The Tudor DoubleDate is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement that is water-resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet). It is available with a black lizard strap or calfskin strap with crocodile pattern. Two leathers The straps are equipped with folding clasps. A stainless steel or gold steel strap is also available, with a Tudor clasp.

Tudor watch jun double calendar type
Model: 57000 |
Full stainless steel
Diameter: 42 mm
Automatic mechanical movement
Polished case with double bezel
Dual calendar display at 12 o’clock
Small seconds dial at 6 o’clock
Willow Leaf Pointer
Curved sapphire surface
Screw-down crown
Water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet)
Tudor watch jun double calendar type

Model: 57003
18ct yellow-gold steel
Diameter: 42 mm
Automatic mechanical movement
Polished case with double bezel
Dual calendar display at 12 o’clock
Small seconds dial at 6 o’clock
Willow Leaf Pointer
Curved sapphire surface
Screw-down crown
Water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet)

  About Tudor
  Swiss fine watch brand Tudor has always been very popular, and its supporters are all tasteful, eager to be different and pursuing excellence. With its charming design, unique style, sturdy features, original spirit and reliable performance, the brand fully reflects its extraordinary image. Tudor watches are created and manufactured by the brand’s independent design, product development and marketing teams. Adhering to the rich tradition of watchmaking, the brand is unique in the sophisticated and retro design of modern watches.