You And I This Time, This Is The Beginning Chopard Chopard Wedding Option

After walking through joy and sorrow, you firmly hold my arms, always, never let go. After experiencing love and pain, I slowly lifted your veil, tears in eyes, and a smile in my mouth. The scenery of this way is only known to those who have seen it. The depth of this love can only be experienced by those who love it. Throughout our lives, we were so pale. Life is short, you and I only love this scene. All this is witnessed by Chopard.
Brilliant diamonds with love
  Chopard presents its diamond engagement ring with a heart-shaped interpretation of the new diamond ring with the brand’s favorite heart symbol. This series of gorgeous and extraordinary evidence of true love naturally blends with the joyful spirit of Chopard. Staying happy is the best way to enjoy love! The secret is to make the sparks of love pulsate daily and last for life. If lovers can continuously create and share happy moments in ordinary life, then the passionate friendship will last forever.

  Solitaire diamond ring, Chopard uses a special setting process to insert a brilliant round diamond in a hollow platinum bracket, which almost completely displays the gorgeousness of the entire diamond.
You and I love each other
  For Chopard, the greatest joy is to work hard to create great products. He has worked hard to create precious treasures overflowing with the joy of life, and is destined to prove the pledge of love for the lovers who share a happy time.
  Chopard’s wedding rings in Chopard can be varied according to the brand’s different aesthetic characteristics, including the Ice Cube series, which is very modern. The work has a round or flat outline, and the setting is polished, with a half or full setting. There are three different colors of pure gold and platinum.
827702-1069 Ice Cube Ring

18k Rose Gold 827702-5039 Ice Cube Ring
18k Yellow Gold 827702-0069 Ice Cube Ring

Protection Of Water Resources Is Very Important Breguet Marine Marine Conservation Foundation Special Edition

Breguet and Race for Water Foundation jointly announced a new cooperation relationship at Baselworld 2018. On March 24, 2018, Mr. Marc A. Hayek, President of Breguet Watches, and Marco Simeoni, CEO of the Marine Conservation Foundation, kicked off the special exhibition at the Swatch Group Plaza in Basel Watch and witnessed this historical moment together. Breguet will work with the Ocean Conservation Foundation to advance the 2017-2021 Odyssey sailing journey (Odyssey 2017-2021) and fulfill important marine missions.

Breguet and the Race for Water Foundation jointly announced a new partnership at the Baselworld 2018, in which the brand and the Marine Protection Foundation will jointly promote the 2017-2021 Odyssey sailing journey

The Marine Conservation Foundation insists on the development of scientific research on marine ecological balance. This time, it will work with Breguet to awaken the world to the harm caused by marine ecological conservation and plastic waste pollution, and set sail to achieve the goal of energy conversion of plastic waste and clean energy. set sail. The Race for Water Odyssey global stop will stop in 35 cities, providing a platform for scientists and policy makers around the world to share their experiences in protecting water, the most precious resource of humankind. Breguet promises to support this global voyage until the end of its mission in 2021.

The protagonist of the Odyssey sailing journey, the Ocean Guard, will dock in 35 cities around the world to share experiences in protecting the most precious resource of humankind, water resources.

Marc A. Hayek, President of Breguet, said: ‘We are very honored and pleased to be a partner of the Marine Conservation Foundation. The Marine Protection Foundation launched in Switzerland is an important force in international marine research activities. The method of conserving the ocean is practical and effective. As early as the early 19th century, Breguet timepieces played an important role in the maritime field. Today, we will continue our deep relationship with the maritime field and this Odyssey voyage that affects the common future of mankind Support the journey. ‘

Ocean Guard uses a variety of clean and renewable energy sources such as solar energy, hydrogen, and wind to prove that 100-ton ships can complete global navigation without relying on petrochemical fuels.

Marco Simeoni, CEO of the Marine Conservation Foundation, said: ‘We are proud to be Breguet’s main partner and join this unique journey of discovery. The original purpose of the new Odyssey sailing journey is to prove to the world that humans are capable of solving plastics. Pollution, and is committed to let the world understand the relevant knowledge, especially the cultivation of younger generations of consciousness. Every time we stop in a city in a different country, we will show local decision makers various innovations and emerging business models, effectively for the economy and The sustainable development of the social environment brings more benefits. The Ocean Guard uses various clean and renewable energy sources such as solar energy, hydrogen, and wind to power, and aims to prove that 100-ton ships can complete global navigation without relying on petrochemical fuels. Energy transformation It is an urgent priority for today’s society. ‘After completing the first show of Basel Watch & Jewellery Show 2018, this special exhibition will travel around the world to contribute to the world’s awareness of marine protection.

Marine Marine Protection Foundation Special Watch

Titanium material / 777A self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal / water-resistant 100 meters / diameter 40mm
Breguet accurate timepieces have written indelible historical achievements in the field of navigation. In the 18th century, many nautical astronomical clocks specially designed for measuring latitude and longitude were made to allow sailing boats to accurately navigate in the vast sea, ensuring heading and position. Finally successfully arrived at the destination. Breguet pays tribute to the remarkable history and expertise of this nautical era with its contemporary Marine collection. In celebration of its collaboration with the Marine Conservation Foundation, Breguet has crafted a special Marine Edition 5517 special edition watch. The case is made of light titanium, and the blue dial and delicate Parisian studs outline the Ocean Guard. The Breguet Marine Marine Series 5517 Special Edition watch will be worn by Explorers on the journey of the Marine Guard to accompany them on a great voyage.

The Marine Edition 5517 special edition watch will be worn by Explorers on the journey of the Marine Guard to accompany them on their adventures

In 1815, Master Breguet was appointed as the official marine astronomical clock watchmaker by the Royal French Navy. The King of France also claimed the highest honor of Master Breguet, affirming his lifetime achievement in the field of watchmaking. This achievement also opened Breguet’s outstanding inventions in the marine field. The contemporary Marine nautical series inherits the long history of Breguet in the field of navigation with the latest watchmaking technology and technology. As a top watchmaking brand that has created countless inventions and passed on to this day, Breguet naturally stands at the forefront, and has long supported and sponsored modern marine scientific research.