Baoyu Beijing Shuangdian Also Opened ‘悦’ 然 迎客

Breguet, the world’s top watchmaking brand, announced today that it has unveiled its second and third boutiques in Beijing’s Yintai Center and the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Like Breguet’s first Beijing boutique in Sete Shopping Center, the new boutique also has a unique geographical advantage: standing in the most prosperous Beijing CBD and Wangfujing commercial districts. At the same time, the new Breguet (Classic Hora Mundi World Time) watch will be presented exclusively in the two stores, ‘joy’ moving Beijing. Breguet Beijing Yintai Center Boutique Breguet Beijing Oriental Grand Hyatt Beijing
    Breguet has always carefully selected the location of its boutiques to welcome its discerning guests. This time, Breguet has selected Beijing’s unparalleled prime location for the two new boutiques, providing services to VIPs in Beijing and North China. The two stores are open together, showing their edge. Together with the existing Shanghai Heyi Hotel, Ningbo Heyi Avenue, and Beijing Sete boutiques, Breguet already has five boutiques in China, which not only reflects Breguet ( Breguet’s confidence and outlook for the blueprint of the Chinese market stems from the recognition and favor of Chinese customers for the classic quality of Breguet and its aggressive technological innovation.
Breguet Beijing Yintai Center Boutique Breguet Beijing Yintai Center Boutique
    Breguet Beijing Yintai Center Boutique Store is located at the core of the first floor of Yuetai Life in Yintai Center. Adhering to the classic design and noble temperament of Breguet, it presents the masterpiece of Breguet’s fine watchmaking. The interior of the store is decorated with blue carved glass, similar to the machine-engraved Newso-like enamel decoration on Queen Josephine’s pocket watch. The ceiling reflects the elliptical case shape of the Queen of Naples series, a tribute to the first watch customized by Mr. Breguet in 1810 for Queen Naples Caroline Murat.
Breguet Beijing Oriental Grand Hyatt Beijing Breguet Beijing Oriental Grand Hyatt Beijing
    Breguet Beijing Grand Hyatt Beijing is located on the first floor of the Grand Hyatt Beijing, facing the Forbidden City. Echoing the classics of the Intime boutique, here is a sophisticated pattern with modern characteristics: the pearl-colored glass wall and the hand-cut engraved lines on it reproduce the Breguet’s delicate and elegant Paris shoes Studded dials, luxurious leather furniture in the store, and warm brown walnut woods create a natural and luxurious feel. The soft and bright colors complement the overall style of the Grand Hyatt. The manuscript selection of Mr. A.L Breguet displayed in the store makes people feel like they are in the legendary history and superb craftsmanship of Breguet.
    In order to celebrate the opening of the two stores and another milestone of Breguet’s development in China, Breguet specially presented the new generation of time zone watches-Classique Hora Mundi World Time Watches, which is also a classic The work debuted in Beijing. This time zone watch with three exquisite dials uses a delicate mechanical structure to reach the instant jump time zone, switching between calendar, day / night and time between square inches. The double shop ‘Yue’ welcomes guests, providing watchmakers in Beijing and even the whole country with a space to taste Breguet’s extraordinary masterpieces, in order to feel the respected experience brought by the legendary brands in watchmaking.
Breguet Classique Hora Mundi
Breguet Today: a contemporary style that respects traditional values
    Not only experts know that owning a Breguet watch is equivalent to owning a masterpiece of art; in the eyes of many people, Breguet’s original and timeless style exudes unique philosophy and characteristics.
    The simple lines, refined design and unique Breguet style make collectors and all brand lovers happy. The famous eccentric hollow moon-shaped blue-steel hands have been used in Breguet watches for more than two hundred years; the frame coin decoration is also an integral part of the low-key Breguet style. One of Breguet’s most precious features is the hand-engraved dial, which has been used since 1786.
    Under the leadership of President and CEO Mark Hayek, Breguet is now more committed to promoting the legacy of the founder of the brand. The company combines sophisticated design and sophisticated technology to launch more and more amazing timepieces.
    Taking 2011 as an example, Breguet introduced the first Classique Hora Mundi watch with a mechanical structure to achieve the jump time zone display to join Breguet’s masterpiece.
Breguet Classique Hora Mundi-New Generation Time Zone Watch
    Take a first look at the Classique Hora Mundi watch, it will bring you a sense of leisure and freedom in the world. Europe and Africa, Asia and Oceania, or North and South America, the three world maps are decorated on different models.
    This time zone watch with three delicate dials uses the same exquisite mechanical structure. The local time and the time of all selected time zones are displayed with the same pointer switch, which works by the instant jump of time. This dexterous function benefits from a mechanical memory device with two heart cams. Another subtlety of the watch is that the calendar and day / night display can be switched in synchronization with the time display.
    The Classique Hora Mundi is thus the world’s first mechanical watch with instant jump time zone display, synchronized date memory, day / night and city indication.
Breguet boutique
    At present, Breguet’s boutiques have increased to about 30, covering more than 20 world-famous cities and locations around the world, including Geneva, Zurich, Gstaad, Paris, Cannes, Milan, London, Vienna, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul and Shenzhen, etc. Important position.