Qian Weishan Xiu Zunzhuang’s Main Watch Is Oriental Style

Founded in 1860, JUVENIA, the top Swiss watchmaking brand that inherits more than 140 years of gold carving craftsmanship, at the end of the Basel World exhibition in Switzerland, especially Taiwan as a global tour table At the first stop, Xun Wenyao, general manager of Zunhuang Watch Asia Pacific, also made a special trip to Taiwan to participate in the new listing of the latest global limited edition models in 2006 and officially announced to the Taiwan market. The headquarters is optimistic about the market potential of Taiwan’s top watch collectors, and attaches great importance to the high demand for connotation of clocks in Taiwan. The first official watch exhibition of Zunhuang Watch also attracted many senior watch collectors in China to come and appreciate the limited edition watches of Zunhuang. .

The models of Zunhuang Watch’s Taiwan show include the Collector’s Items Collection, the Biarritz Collection, the Marquise Collection, and the Classicique Collection. The total value of the show models exceeds NT $ 20 million. Cai Jiantai, Marketing Development Manager of Zunhuang Watch Taiwan, said that in 2006, Zunhuang Watch was designed with tigers, phoenixes, and dragons representing the Oriental Totem as the theme. It is one of the few Swiss watch brands with strong oriental colors as the inspiration source. The extreme gold carving handicrafts embodies the combination of Chinese and Western styles and the Emperor’s Watch’s artistic concept of ‘Divine Inspiration’.

Longines Watch Mother’s Day Carefully Selected Elegant Timepieces Remember The Moment Of Tenderness

Mother’s love, sometimes gentle as water, bright as warm sun; sometimes fortitude as steel, broad as sea. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Longines, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, carefully selected Boya series timepieces, praised the mother’s selfless dedication, and remembered every moment of tenderness with her mother.

   From the young girl who is ignorant to the mature woman who stands alone. Becoming a mother is not only a change of identity, but also a new chapter in life. Time turns into a wrist watch, witnessing the maturity of the mother, and remembering the happy moments in her life.
   Longines Boya series stainless steel rose gold diamond women’s watch, with elegant design to tell the original intention of elegance, with a round line design to show the mother’s gentle and delicate temperament. The 52 beautiful diamonds on the rose gold case echo the 12 diamond hour markers on the white mother-of-pearl, exuding the charming brilliance of the mother’s maturity and intelligence. It contains the L595 automatic mechanical movement, symbolizing the warm moment. , Permanently.
   Maybe you have never witnessed the mother’s Shaohua’s past, but you can witness the mother’s sweet moments with elegant timepieces. Shao Hua is fragile, and I wish all mothers would stay gracefully.
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Longines Boya Stainless Steel Rose Gold Diamond Women’s Watch

Watch number: L4.309.5.88.7 suggested retail price: RMB 32,000
   The Longines Boya series of watches are the perfect embodiment of classic design and fluent lines, highlighting the typical characteristics of Longines. The steel rose gold case with a diameter of 25.50 mm is set with 52 Weselton diamonds, the white mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with diamond hour markers, and it is equipped with the L595 automatic mechanical movement.