Those Forgotten Beauties Watches (On)

Women’s watches have always been the most gorgeous part of the world of watches and clocks. In the history of women’s watches, there have been countless shocking works. Although some of them have been discontinued, others are still blooming Glorious, but this does not affect us to quietly appreciate them, let me take you back to review the infinite charm of those female watches.

  Lange’s classic Lange 1 series has always been one of the most popular products in the world of fine watchmaking. As Lange’s first work after entering its new era, perhaps another watch has never been so popular and praised. In the early years, ‘The Little Lange 1′ Soirée ” was a super-equipment specially designed for women who entered the world of fine watches. The 36mm diameter case houses the L901.4 movement of the Lange double barrel. The patented large date display of the Lange is an unmissable highlight. This 8K white gold model with a metallic silver crocodile leather strap and a pale blue pearl fish belt with diamond sparkles and the softness of mother-of-pearl creates a perfect dream stage.

  JeanRichard’s Bressel Lady women’s watch is a rare watch with a combination of appearance and function. While maintaining the classic design of the brand’s eccentric time display, it also showed a feminine elegance. The watch is equipped with JR1000 automatic winding mechanical movement developed and produced by Shang Weisha, which subtly drives various functions on the dial, hour and minute display, date display and power reserve. The most special feature of the watch is its dial design inspired by the sun’s rays. The time-division display panel, which has been specially polished, shows a satin-like luster, and matches the entire dial with light-like stripes, hanging on the dial, highlighting the brand’s attention to design details. The black model is just like the bright moonlight. The unique python skin strap rises mysteriously with the black dial.

  The city is the basic element that constitutes the country and the indelible theme of artistic creation. Piaget’s masterpiece Limelight Paris-New York this year led women on a dream journey to explore the two most beautiful cities on the planet: Paris and New York. These two fashion capitals are highly recognizable, and they ignite inspiration for creators and craftsmen. The spinning Ferris wheel in the fashion capital of Paris appears on the dial of the flip-type watch. The diamond-studded baskets stay on the spinning wheel, just like the shiny car on the Paris Ferris wheel. In the architectural capital of New York, Earl chose the Statue of Liberty as the inspiration for his watch. The totem on the dial is like the crown of seven rays on the Statue of Liberty, and it also symbolizes the seven oceans on the earth.

  If the rose gold watch with black dial is too glamorous, then what kind of words should be used to describe the watch with rose gold and pink dial? The IWC (Universal), which won the hearts of the hard-line men’s masculinity watches, moved at the right time, and launched the elegant Da Vinci watch, which became the new favorite of fashionable men and women. Adding new dial colors and sparkling diamonds, the Da Vinci Automatic watch is transformed into a luxurious swaying girl, creating a noble gift for women, Da Vinci Automatic Precious Stones. The bold and practical big date display in the series is used, and the shiny diamond frame and charming dial color are refreshing. Among them, the pink dial with pink satin strap rose gold model will be a woman’s gorgeous eye-catching three points.

  When someone sees Jaquet Droz’s watch, he is not amazed by its natural visual sense. Nowadays, the symbol of purity and whiteness has become the new focus of Jaeger’s creation. The Grande Seconde Céramique Blanche has a simple and exquisite purity. It is unique in the new Hommage Genève 1784 series. However, behind the pure and flawless rustic appearance is the essence of manufacturing technology and innovative spirit. The extremely exquisite ceramic case and the flawless enamel dial are an irreplaceable match, and the strap is made of modern white rubber. All seemingly independent elements have reached a perfect harmony here.

  Hublot launches Tutti Frutti, another series of Big Bang that focuses on bright colors. Successfully combining rose gold with orange, blue and purple rubber, boldly creating a bright and bright combination, and the bezel inlaid with a week of rectangular sapphire, makes the color of the watch eye-catching like delicate and juicy fresh fruits. This series of watches retains a diameter of 41 mm and the original design, which gives people an unparalleled impact and freshness from the color alone, making it an ideal choice for festive celebrations, noble banquets or outdoor activities.

  The Roda (radar) brand not only promotes high-tech ceramics in the watchmaking industry, but also brings unprecedented material combinations to the world. In this year, the new precision ceramic gold real diamond series was born. The watch brings a sparkling visual impact, and the sapphire crystal with gold-colored metal coating covers the entire case, emphasizing the arched curved lines. The widened strap continues the series’ consistent flexibility, continuous fluency, minimalist sensibility, and a natural fit. The combination of light and shape makes the watch a shining halo between the wrists. The same gold dial is inlaid with two rows of three diamond scales to reflect the line design of the watch.

  With the high price of the world’s largest watch group Swatch Group in 1999, Léon Hatot, a top European jewellery brand with a mysterious color, has finally unveiled its mysterious veil almost half a century after its founder died. . French jewellery master Léon Hatot can always give jewellery a poetic mood, and the latest J’amie series interprets the ‘metaphorism’ in poetry, and promises the sweetness of the lover’s unforgettable love, and swears aloud by the oversized gems and bright design. . During the day, it is a read-only watch; at night, it turns into a gorgeous jewelry. J’amie uses superb, rigorous and labor-intensive handwork to arrange diamonds of various sizes, so that the flawless luminosity of the watch is extremely plump from any angle. Art Deco’s concise lines outline seven criss-crossed geometric patterns, which are presented in different permutations and combinations through the setting of diamonds, which not only reveals a rational refined decoration style, but also perfectly blends the sensual diamond beauty. The design of two materials, diamond and gemstone, on the same surface, greatly enriches the vision with the two shining textures.

  The unique size and depth of Roger Dubuis (Roger Dubuis) King Square has the courage to be recognized at a glance even a few meters away. The 36 mm women’s version cleverly uses rich and coordinated color and infinite space for aesthetic changes. The noble metal texture of the titanium, white gold, and rose gold cases is complemented by the white rubber crown and strap, which form different contrasts to enrich the watch’s texture. Under the three-dimensional mirror, eight semi-circular pearls and four mother-of-pearl Roman numerals make up the time scale. The center of the dial is decorated with Guilloché texture, surrounded by faint dark lines, and the minute scale is set with garnet. The glittering diamonds between the crown and the lugs are more delicate.

  Creative Cartier watches always know how to please women’s hearts, charming, elegant, charming appearance and posture, always creating surprises again and again in the innovation. When it comes to jewellery watches that complement the details of the clothing, it is the Libre series. Libre’s free-spirited style is the main feature, which is not a first glance for women. The novel look that interprets the perfect details is laughable and amazing. The combination of black and white is the keynote of this series of watches, perfectly set off the charming charm of women. Perles de Cartier pearl watch has a four-wheel ring shape in the unique circle. The mother-of-pearl dial is embellished with pearls and the striking black Roman numerals are used to make time in the geometric shape of the circle, accompanied by star-like pavé. The brilliant diamonds slowly flow away.

  Maurice Lacroix’s new moonphase women’s watch, Masterpiece Phase de Lune Diamonds, combines luxury design and feminine charm into one. 41 mm diameter design, equipped with ML 163 automatic movement shows elegance and noble temperament. 67 top Wesselton diamonds, softly embellished bezel, 7 diamonds with crown, dazzling and eye-catching. The two dials with different color contrasts are impressive: elegant white or modern purple with mother-of-pearl dials, which strongly emphasizes visual creativity and decorative beauty. The minute circle and hour scale circle are embedded outside the date circle, which are located at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock respectively. The moon phase uses a pink or purple background window and is surrounded by 13 gems. The carefully treated Roman numeral scales also use 2 diamond inlays, with round sanding and grooved glossy reflections combined with hour scale circles.