Corum Kunlun Takes Over Distribution Rights In North America-news Corum

Montres Corum Kunlun signed an agreement to buy all shares of Corum USA LLC, the exclusive distributor of the Swiss watch brand in the North American and Caribbean markets.
According to media reports, because the North American market has a large scale and huge business opportunities, this acquisition is in line with Corum Kunlun’s global business strategy and also makes the brand have greater influence in the North American market.
In addition, Corum Kunlun hopes to strengthen its connection with retailers in North America and the Caribbean and continue to build a long-term partnership that can maximize the support of its watch sales.

Corum Kunlun’s Romvlvs tourbillon watch has a ‘waveform’ outer ring, 12 Roman numerals engraved on the dial, limited to 10 pieces.
According to media reports, Michael Wunderman, Johnny Wizman and Steven Wizman, who have been bosses of Corum USA LLC since 2008, will continue to be engaged in the watch business as the owner of W Luxury Group, the exclusive distributor of Franc Vila Watches in North America.
In addition, Wunderman will continue to serve as president of the subsidiary until the end of October, and until then the appointment of a new president, Corum Kunlun’s CEO Antonio Calce will serve as interim president.
According to sources, employees of Corum USA LLC will not be affected,
Will go to work as usual.
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Why Is This Rainbow Circle Sold Out?

To show the natural beauty of the rainbow with colored stones on the bezel, it is a great test of the brand strength and inlay technology. Therefore, there are not many watch brands who dare to try the Rainbow Circle. In 2018, ‘Hundred Years of Technology’ Zenith launched the Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow limited edition watch, which is divided into two models of black ceramic and titanium, each limited to 50 pieces. Now it is a hard to find out of stock status. . So, what is this ‘true’ rainbow doing in the fierce competition of the rainbow circle watch, killing a bloody road?

Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow Limited Watch Model: 33.9002.9004 / 96.R580

The face value is a little different
  In recent years, Zenith has relied on the new DEFY series’ iconic hollow-out mechanical sense to successfully transform. It is domineering and full of a sense of the future, harvesting a large wave of young cousins. But can the cool mechanical feel and luxurious colored gemstones be combined without any compromise? Therefore, when I first heard about the launch of the Rainbow Circle Watch last year, I was slightly skeptical of the value of this watch. But after seeing the real thing, only ‘True Fragrance’ can express my voice.

The Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow Limited Edition

  First of all, the dial style still follows the hollow design of the Defy series, which is full of mechanical sense. The 2.26 carat / 44 long step-cut gems inlaid around the bezel are arranged according to the color gradient and worn on the wrist to form a beautiful ‘rainbow circle’. Caibao shines, but it highlights the characteristic structure of the hollow movement. It is worth mentioning here that I have heard about it before. At present, all the gemstones on the Rainbow Circle watches are made of VVS clarity high-quality gemstones, which means that in terms of gemstone value, there is no more or less.

VVS Clarity High Quality Rainbow Gem

  In terms of case material, this watch is available in two versions, black ceramic and titanium. The black model is low-key and sultry, yet elegant. I have n’t tried it on the silver-gray titanium version, but the advantages of this material like titanium are presumably everyone knows. The weight is light and hard. Those who like more lightweight can try it on, and they will definitely feel the surprise.

Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow Limited Watch-Titanium
  Although from the appearance point of view, including the 44mm large dial, it seems more suitable for men, in fact, I have also seen girls watch friends wear, handsome and exquisite, the most important thing is, it is right to flash.

Female cousin wearing picture
  Here I share with you the daily wear of some celebrities and watch friends. It’s all up to you to match, but I think this “mechanical rainbow” watch can always be the “final touch” for your whole body regardless of any outfit. .

Eason Chan debuts at Zenith’s ‘Evolution of Time’ Watch Show-Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow Limited Watch
  The global brand spokesman Eason Chan wears a black ceramic rainbow circle watch. I think of his ‘You When I’m Floating’, talented but very restrained, and perfectly fits this ‘mechanical art’ timepiece.

 Guo Qilin attended the Directors’ Association Commendation Conference on No. 4.26-Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow Limited Watch when wearing Zenith

Yi Xi Qian Xi-Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow Limited Edition when wearing Zenith

  This rainbow circle is also noticeable on the wrists of millennials, showing a more dynamic and stylish side.

 Forum cousin wear

 Forum cousin wear

  I chose two forum wearers’ wearing pictures, one is cool, the other is elegant.
Movement is also very different
 But this rainbow circle can be sold out. In addition to the face value, the movement it carries also gives table friends a good reason to choose.

There are two independent escapement systems: one for the travel time system and the other for the timing system

  Zenith, one of the four major movement factories in Switzerland, has always had its own core and technical strength in addition to gimmicks and flowers. When it comes to technology, Zenith watch friends will proudly lift the El Primero watch on their wrist. After all, the title of the world’s first integrated automatic chronograph movement is not in vain. After that, we know that Zenith developed an El Primero 9004 self-winding star speed movement with 1/100 second accuracy based on the original El Primero movement with 1/10 second accuracy. Second Hand 1 With 100 beats per second, it is the fastest movement in the world. DEFY El Primero 21 RAINBOW limited watch is equipped with this movement. It is worth mentioning that such a precise and high-frequency movement can also be hollowed out, which is enough to prove the powerful performance of Zenith’s self-produced movement. Looking at it, Zenith is one of only a handful of brands that can do it today.

Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow Limited Watch Back
The price is even different

Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow Limited Watch-Titanium

  Finally, let’s talk about a practical issue. The DEFY El Primero 21 RAINBOW limited watch can be so hot that ‘a watch is hard to find.’ Its high cost performance is definitely an important reason. Rainbow Circle watches of various brands circulating in the market today are tens or even millions. And the high-value plus high-quality Zenith limited ‘Rainbow Circle’ has the same level of high-quality colored gemstones, and Hong Kong and the mainland are equally limited in sales. The price is RMB 175,000. Compared to other Rainbow Circle watches, it can be said that Too affordable.

  On the other hand, with regard to maintenance costs, for this type of precision machinery, the movement design is actually very powerful. The El Primero 9004 self-winding star-speed movement has the characteristics of accurate daily movement or stability, shock resistance, and anti-magnetic. The cycle required for maintenance is greatly reduced, requiring maintenance only once in several years. Considering its wearing value, this maintenance cost is still acceptable.

Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow Limited Watch-Titanium

  Judging from the out of stock in this rainbow circle, there are still a lot of watch friends who don’t follow blindly and buy extra-price watches at an extra price. Buying a watch is a picture that is pleasant, reliable, and reliable. Can’t commit it. In the end, the word ‘loyal to me’ is given to you.