Iwc Macau Store Settles In Galaxy Hotel

On June 29, 2012, after opening its flagship store in Hong Kong three years ago, IWC Schaffhausen opened its first exclusive store in Galaxy Hotel Resort Macau.
    Macau is known as the ‘Oriental Las Vegas’, and the world’s premier resorts, landmarks and buildings are making this city a luxury tourist destination. As one of the world’s leading brands in the field of luxury watches, IWC combines precise performance and unique design to create a model that reflects the highest state of fine watchmaking art.
    After the great Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama completed the feat of arriving in India in the fifteenth century, many Portuguese navigators raced to imitate the East and settle in the East, including in Macau. In 1939, IWC Schaffhausen was commissioned by Lisbon and Porto importers to produce the first Portuguese watch series. Since then, Macau has inherited this rich history of navigation, and this city has become the perfect destination for IWC. The new IWC store in Macau showcases the complete IWC product range in order to provide customers with a unique and high-quality service.
    The interior design of the store is managed by IWC’s internal designers. The environment is full of a sense of time, creating a timeless, magnificent and practical atmosphere. The front facade of the store is fascinating, leading guests to explore the maritime history behind the Portuguese watch series, and the legend of TOP GUN elite pilots told by the pilot watch series. The lounge area of ​​the store is comfortable, and there is also a display area to complement the pilot watch series with aviation decoration. The Da Vinci watch series cooperates with Leonardo Da Vinci’s life to pursue the history of accurate timekeeping.
    The journey continues to the corporate zone, displaying a collection of marine timepieces for divers, and a collection of engineer watches that withstand extreme conditions. The Portofino watch series is the perfect ending to the entire display, which contains the essence of Italian quality life. The Galaxy Macau exclusive store has launched a journey of discovery that brings endless inspiration, experience the essence of the IWC brand, and lead to its colorful world.
    Georges Kern, CEO of IWC, said: ‘We are pleased to announce that IWC has opened its own store in Macau, setting another milestone for the brand’s global development. The new store is for watch lovers And collectors provide a comfortable and homely space to showcase exquisite timepieces in an elegant atmosphere. ‘