Hublot Officially Became A Strategic Partner Of Hongzhou International Yacht Club

On December 9, 2013, Switzerland’s top watchmaking brand finally set sail on China Ocean-Chairman of the Board Mr. Jean Claude Biver personally announced the official launch of Hublot Become a strategic partner of Hongzhou International Yacht Club, which is well-known in Asia, and jointly compose the legend of Haitian in Hublot’s individual lifestyle. The press conference was held at the Gallery on the third floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel, and the Watch House was invited to attend.

Hublot has always maintained a close relationship with navigation and marine sports. ‘HUBLOT’ stands for porthole in French. The iconic round bezel and six H-shaped rivets are always evoking memories of the ocean. Whether working with the famous Maritime Museum of Monaco, or including the Italian yacht club Marina de Porto Cervo, the Real Club Nautico de Palma de Majorca, the international top sailing competition Copa Del Rey Regattas In-depth cooperation, Hublot watches are accurately and uniquely recording the marks of the waves on the porthole. Respect for and persistence in tradition and faith and attention to the future are the development directions of Hublot. All these form the Hublot brand philosophy: from the ocean to the land, linking the past to the future, combining trees with high-tech materials Let time and space talk and boldly blend all elements and technology in everything!

Perhaps at Christmas, Hublot will use various lights to create beautiful scenes at the conference.

In order to meet the theme of Hublot’s cooperation with the Yacht Club, the brand offers oysters and other marine-related cuisine.

 Last year, Prince Albert II, Prince of Monaco and Chairman of the Royal Yacht Club, announced that Hongzhou International Yacht Club became the first Chinese yacht club in Asia to join the International Bell Yacht Classe Alliance.

 Speaking of this strategic alliance, Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, chairman of Hublot’s board of directors, said: “Whether it is at sea or on land, whether Yang Fan sails for competitive competition or just leisure and entertainment, whether it is on top modern Super Maxis is still a traditional classic yacht. Hongzhou International Yacht Club will always represent a deep love for the ocean. Hublot shares the same values ​​and concepts with it. ‘

 Mr. Wang Dafu, Chairman of Hongzhou Group, said: ‘After many years of hard work, China has once again shown a strong affection for the ocean. I visited Hublot’s Geneva headquarters and I can share Hublot with Hongzhou International Yacht Club Friendship, family and common values ​​are deeply honoured. We believe that this cooperation will promote the protection of the ocean that we love together, and the lasting cooperation between the two parties will have far-reaching significance for the next generation. The art of fusion will also be at Hongzhou International Will continue. ‘

 Mr. Beaver officially launched the Hublot clock logo cooperation to Hongzhou Group. At the opening of Haitian Festival in March next year, Hublot promised to launch a limited edition Hongzhou special edition watch.

The successful holding of “Haitian Shengyu” for four consecutive years spreads the essence of high-end lifestyles at home and abroad. Looking back on the development history of Hongzhou International Yacht Club since its establishment seven years ago, it is echoing the time track of Hublot’s seven years of scorching progress. This alliance is called a match made in heaven. At the end of the event, Mr. Beaver shook out three lucky prizes through a WeChat sweepstakes. The grand prize was a two-person luxury tour in Hainan. (Text / picture watch house Mao Zhuang)