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‘Mom, I want to eat your fish.’ I miss home, I miss my mother, especially when you are in another country, when you finish a heavy and busy work day, and you walk away from work in the winter night, do you really want to eat a bite of hot mom’s meals? It’s okay, it’s almost the Spring Festival, and now it’s finally time to go home and eat my mother’s meals. Of course, when you go home, bring a gift for your mother, such as a suitable and elegant watch.
Mido Bruner M024. watch

Product model: M024.
Domestic public price: ¥ 8400
Watch diameter: 33 mm
Case thickness: 9 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 80611
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: 80.811
Water resistance: 50 meters
Case material: 316L stainless steel, rose gold plating
Watch details: 2671
Water resistance: 100 meters
Case material: Full polished 316L stainless steel case, PVD rose gold coating
Watch details: certina / 59954 /
Recommended reason: What many people don’t know is that Certina’s women’s watch also has a unique charm. Combining the advantages of the previous two models, this Certina female watch has a delicate mother-of-pearl dial, a comfortable and soft leather strap, and even in the design of the hour markers, the embellishment of small broken diamonds makes this watch feminine. .

Summary: She is shy and sometimes has a broken mouth; she is gossip and likes to follow all your movements; even so, you still know that she loves you very much, after all, you brought her into this world. When returning home, in addition to bringing gifts, remember to be more patient, just like when she was a kid, she tirelessly tried to understand every expression on your face.

Xu Lijia, The Chinese Olympic Champion, Won The International Sailing Rolex Voyager Award

The 2012 ISAF Rolex World Voyager Awards was officially announced on November 6, 2012 at the Mansion House in Berlin, Ireland. This year’s men’s and women’s award winners are British athlete Ben Ainslie (Ben Ironsley) and Chinese Olympic champion Xu Lijia. British athlete Ben Ainslie Ben Ironsley (second from left) and Chinese Olympic champion Xu Lijia (third from left)
     The ISAF Rolex World Voyager Awards are awarded each November. The highest award for sailing athletes is to recognize the outstanding achievements of sailing athletes in the previous 12 months. Rolex has sponsored this award since 2001.
Ben Ainslie
     Four-time Olympic gold medalist Ben Ainslie said: ‘It is a supreme honor to win the 2012 ISAF Rolex World Navigator Awards, especially for those who help me. This honor It’s inseparable from behind the scenes support from a strong team of family, friends, coaches and sponsors. It is an honor for me to be nominated for this award with many outstanding sailors. ‘
     Ironsley is the most successful Olympic sailing athlete in history. Following 1998, 2002 and 2008, this year is the fourth time he has won the ISAF Rolex World Voyager Award. The 35-year-old Ironsley’s outstanding performance at the 2012 London Olympics made him the five Olympic medalist (four gold and one silver), surpassing Paul Elfest, a Rolex spokesperson from Denmark. Paul Elvström, Elfström won four Olympic gold medals between 1948 and 1960.
Lijia Xu
     Xu Lijia just won the Laser Radial at the 2012 London Olympics. She is very happy to be the second Asian athlete to win the FIFA Rolex World Navigator Awards. Speaking of her love of sports, she said: ‘Sailing gives me the opportunity to pursue my dreams, and at the same time builds a platform for me to show my potential. It gives me the opportunity to observe, sense and explore the world. Let me live a better, more vibrant, exciting and joyful experience. ‘Xu Lijia became the first Chinese to win the gold medal in the women’s single boat Olympics in August, and also the first in Asia.
About the FINA Rolex World Navigator Awards
     The International Sailing Federation (ISAF), the international regulator of sailing, celebrated its centennial birthday in 2007. ISAF is composed of 130 member state agencies (MNA), responsible for making various decisions in the sailing competition. There are currently 95 classifications of international, accredited and classic sailing vessels recognized by ISAF, ranging from Olympic yachts to 60-foot ocean sailing vessels.
     The winner of the ISAF Rolex World Voyager Award is nominated through a public invitation, screened worldwide, and finally selected by MNA voting. The two awards are awarded to the best female and male sailors who performed best between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012. Since its establishment in 1994, previous winners have come from all levels of the sport, including Olympic sailing and keel boats, solo sailing, record-breaking transatlantic sailing, competitions, America’s Cup and windsurfing. In addition to the precious FINA Rolex World Voyager Award trophy, each winner will also receive a Rolex watch.
Rolex: The King of Sailing
     Rolex has supported sailing for more than 50 years and is an important enabler behind the top sailing events, athletes and organizations. Whether supporting the highly competitive Rolex Sydney to Hobart regatta or maintaining the traditional glory of the Rolex Super Sailing Cup, Rolex has established a special relationship with the elite of the sailing world.
     Rolex is currently the title sponsor of 20 major international events in different fields. The Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta and the two-year Rolex Fastnet Regatta are the world’s leading offshore races. Participants face intense challenges and extremely harsh natural environments during the race. These two races are often compared to Mount Everest in the sailing regatta. Similarly, the Rolex Farr Forty World Championships also attracted the world’s best sailors. This highest-level standard design competition attracted shipowners and their teams around the world.
     The Rolex Super Sailing Cup is one of the highlights of the Mediterranean Yachting season. With a luxurious Costa-Smeralda background, a large-scale fleet of top-quality, technologically advanced sailing ships gathers in Porto Cervo, Italy, each year for intense competition. Also held in Porto Cervo is the top Rolex Swan Cup, a race for sailors who want to find a strong rival. Rolex rewards men and women athletes who have made outstanding achievements in the field of sailing in the past year by supporting the International Sailing Federation (ISAF, the sport’s regulator) and hosting the annual ISAF Rolex World Voyager Awards. Rolex has also established close relationships with the top yacht clubs around the world, including the New York Yacht Club (USA), the Royal Speedboat Fleet (Coase, UK), Costa Smeralda Yacht Club (Port Cervo, Italy) ) And the Italian Yacht Club (Genoa, Italy).
Rolex spokesperson
     Outstanding Rolex-backed celebrities include spokesperson Danish legend Paul Elvstrom, who has won four Olympic gold medals, and Paul Cayard in the United States, who has won 7 times in the world Champion of the championship and participated in 6 America’s Cup and 2 Olympic Games; Brazilian sailor Robert Scheidt is the 2nd Olympic champion and the 2nd ISAF Rolex World Voyager Award winner. The leading Swiss watchmaker Rolex pursues excellence and appreciates sailing. The common pursuit of perfection in watchmaking and sailing has led to a close collaboration between Rolex and sailing.

Exploring The Legend Of Royal Watches And Clocks

Today I will tell you the story of those rare jewellery and watches in the royal family behind the beauties of Jiangshan. The historical origins of these precious timepieces will evoke memories of the luxurious and romantic European courts of yesteryear, and they have witnessed countless secrets, historical events and love. They are a symbol of love and status. The original owners of the royal clocks were all famous royal ladies in history. They pursued the beauty of art and luxury, leading the fashion of the time. They have a persistent preference for rare watches and go to great lengths to buy the most collectible watches. They are not only seeking the material value of watches, but also the cultural elegance and luxury essence contained in them.
Queen Victoria’s preference for Patek Philippe Queen Victoria’s love for Patek Philippe is well known. In 1851, just 12 years after the establishment of the Patek Philippe Company, the Queen Victoria couple bought a hand-wound chronograph from here. The Queen Victoria couple became the brand’s first royal customers. This Patek Philippe is made of gold with diamonds and enamel throughout, symbolizing the Queen’s noble status. The queen can tie it to brooches, ribbons, or other decorations on clothes. At the same time, this watch can also be tied directly to the waist at the time, this wearing method represents a woman’s good life and education. Queen Victoria’s preference for Patek Philippe makes it the darling of European courts.
In addition, Queen Victoria has another watch cleverly composed of diamond and enamel brooches. This watch is made of gold, and the hands are refined with elegant Breguet hands. In April 1845, Jean-Andrien Philippe applied for a patent for this brooch watch in Paris.
的 The collection of the Grand Mercure Pompadour in Paris The Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS family, as the royal jeweler, has a close relationship with the royal family. One of these watches is the crystallization of the love between Mrs. Pompadour and Louis XV.
原稿 The original design of the Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS Collection Pompadour watch is actually derived from a piece of jewelry, which has an inextricable relationship with Mrs. Pompadour. Mrs. Pompadour, who was successfully welcomed into the Palace of Versailles, loves luxury, loves art, and loves all kinds of jewelry. Because Louis XV’s extravagant indulgence made Madame Pompadour even more luxurious. Louis XV decided to order a unique luxury jewellery for Mrs. Pompadour to commemorate the good time together. ‘It was absolutely impossible for this jewellery to have a second piece in the French court at the time’, ‘and even the most discerning person would love it.’ Louis XV found the jeweller of the Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS, and secretly arranged the relevant jeweller in a quiet mansion in the Palace of Versailles to facilitate the supervision of jewelry production at any time. Louis XV personally participated in the design of the manuscript of the jewellery. After numerous revisions, the final draft was assured that the jewellery craftsman made it. The jewellery craftsmen of Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS polished and modified here day and night. Louis XV often came to look at the process of making jewelry and give opinions. Louis XV’s attention to this jewel made the jewellery craftsmen of Grand Mercure Paris Not even dare to have the slightest slack, they have devoted themselves to making this jewelry carefully. Finally, after a year of slow work and constant modification, this world-renowned jewellery was completed. Mrs. Pompadour was described as ‘wondering herself,’ and even saying that it was impossible to exchange a jewellery with a palace.
In order to prevent this jewellery from being copied again, Louis XV simply burned the design artwork, and took the jewellery craftsmen of MGZO PARIS, the Grand Mercure of Paris, as their personal royal jewelry designers, and kept them in the palace. After hundreds of years, the design of this jewellery was still hindered by the MGZO PARIS jewellery craftsmen in Paris to restore the design of this jewellery, and it has been kept in the MGZO PARIS family of brands in Paris. In the library.
Until recently, in order to commemorate Mrs. Pompadour’s contribution to art, Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS published this jewellery design draft, and based on this jewellery design draft, a new design of Pompadour was created. Ladies’ Collection.
Every well-designed watch is often the only one. In the world, it may be one of the few, but how dare you take it easy? This is true of the Lady Pompadour Collection. The dial design that raises the gorgeous wind can not blow away the elegant charm exposed from the inside and out. The exclusive design of the Grand Mercure Paris has an embedded rotating second hand quietly presented, and the dedicated rose gold cubism digital scale mark is full of art and smooth. The sapphire case and the lugs surrounded by semi-precious stones make the entire watch be embedded in the claw holder like a diamond, whether it also tells the elegance and flashiness of that extravagant era. When the satin-finished spiral of the dial holds the beautifully deformed rose gold three-dimensional graduated Roman numerals, the elegant new design idea also spreads. Time is infinitely stretched and enlarged at this moment, and the pace at the foot also follows. Becomes slow and long. The beautiful and pleasing patterns in the dial are decoration, which is the commemoration of Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS’s contribution to Mrs. Pompadour’s art: diffused, convergent, resolutely new, firm and flexible. The classic ergonomic case design of Grand Mercure Paris, hand-stitched crocodile leather strap and sapphire mirror, show the beauty of harmony. It can be described as the fusion of the classic appearance and the latest contemporary movement, and the accuracy of its movement is regarded as the leader in mechanical watches.
Montblanc pays tribute to Princess Grace In order to pay tribute to the late Princess Grace and integrate the brand’s top craftsmanship, Montblanc has carefully crafted the ‘Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco’ high-end jewelry, watches and writing tools. The watch series includes unique high-end jewellery watches and diamond-set limited editions, and debuted at the 2012 Geneva Fine Watch Fair.
Montblanc meticulously crafts the ‘Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco’ fine jewelry, watches and writing tools by combining the top craftsmanship of the brand to pay tribute to the late Princess Grace. The limited edition of 8 watches echoes the elegant beauty of the princess: the brilliant mother-of-pearl dial and 177 round diamonds (about 0.56 carats) scattered on the outer edge. 18K rose gold case with royal crown engraved on the case back; lugs, bezels and outer edges are very unique in shape, exuding elegance and graceful temperament, developed for this watch series; bezels and lugs Set with 76 baguette diamonds (approximately 3.30 carats) and a three-dimensional pear-shaped pink sapphire, embodying the noble taste of the princess; the watch is equipped with a white alligator leather strap, and the buckle is set with 76 round diamonds (approximately 0.32 carats). , Together with a Montblanc star diamond set on the crown, show the master craftsmanship level. The unique contour of the case is developed by Montblanc for this watch series. It is elegant and graceful, reflecting both the grace and luxury of the princess and the classic round watch design.
Bao Queen Marie Anthony’s special order Swiss brand Breguet because the French queen Marie Anthony’s order and the royal family have inextricable relationships. French queen Marie Anthony, because of her love for pocket watches, found Breguet’s artisans at that time, and asked to order a pocket watch with timekeeping, automatic, date, time, temperature display and other functions. She has no restrictions on the time and price of this watch, but it must be the best pocket watch with all functions. Twenty-seven years later, in 1820, Breguet’s watch designers finally developed a pocket watch that meets the requirements of the queen. It can be called an unprecedented masterpiece in the clock industry. But unfortunately, the queen who had waited too long did not see this work for her. It became a pity that the watch was named and treasured after Queen Mary Anthony.