This Moment Creates The Next Moment Tissot Duluer Series New Products Shocked The Market Cum Tissot Watch Teamed Up With Huang Xiaoming And Liu Yifei To Unveil A New Print And Video Advertising Image

[April 21st, Shanghai News] Today, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot watch held a launch conference of Tissot Duluer series products in Shanghai with the theme of ‘This moment creates the next moment’. At the event, Mr. François Thiébaud, global president of Tissot watches, and Ms. Chen Suzhen, president of Swatch Group China, joined the Tissot watch’s global image spokespersons Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei to dress up and taste and interpret with the guests present. The charm of the Durul series of watches at the same time unveiled the new graphic and video advertising image of Tissot. In addition, Tissot watches also launched Tmall Super Brand Day’s online new product synchronization to share the infinite charm of Tissot moments with more online users.

Mr. Huang Xiaoming, Tissot watch’s global image spokesperson, Ms. Chen Suzhen, president of Swatch Group China, Mr. Francois Timbo, Tissot watch’s global president, and Ms. Liu Yifei, Tissot watch’s global image spokesperson
   That night, Tissot officially released the new Duluer series named after the brand’s birthplace. The design of this product is inspired by the natural scenery of Switzerland, whether it is a Paris studded dial like the miniature of the Alps, a crystal arched sapphire glass like a blue lake, or a mysterious and charming like a starry sky. Blue, all seem to be in the birthplace of the Tissot brand-the small town of Lille, Switzerland. The mechanical power 80 movement has given this series of watches a lasting moment of strong kinetic energy.

Tissot watch global ambassadors Liu Yifei and Huang Xiaoming perfectly perform the new Duluer series
   Tissot watches have walked the 165th anniversary in the historical time corridor, and always pay attention to the detail of every minute, with the subtle experience of every inch, accumulate energy in every second, and meet the challenges and opportunities of the next moment.
Create Swiss charm, reveal the origins of the Durul series
   The mysterious and charming blue has become the biggest highlight of the event. This color element from the natural scenery of Switzerland is also the main color of the new Duluer series released this time. The Durul series, as the tribute to the birthplace of the brand, celebrates the new moment of the Swiss Tissot with the ‘blue charm from Switzerland’ on the occasion of the brand’s 165th anniversary. At the scene, Mr. Francois Timbo, Global President of Tissot Watch, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, and Huang Xiaoming, the global spokesperson for Tissot Watch, and Liu Yifei attended the series of thematic exhibitions at the Durul series. His own experience tells many stories about the Tissot brand and the Durul series.

Liu Yifei and Huang Xiaoming stop at Tissot’s on-site exhibition area
   Stepping into the Duluer-themed exhibition area, the first thing you should see is a rectangular beam of light corridor full of design sense, like a time tunnel leading to the long history of Duluer Street, symbolizing the brand’s continuous historical stage. Then came a beautiful Swiss landscape. The snow-capped mountains and silver pines refer to the Paris studs on the dial. The crystal-clear and refreshing blue lake scenery is just like the arched sapphire glass on the watch, and 80 The hour, sun, moon, and stars constantly reflect the brilliance, which reflects the excellent quality of the mechanical power 80 movement. These decorative details throughout the scene are extracted from the birthplace of Tissot watches, Swiss Lloyd, together with the Durul series products, perfectly embellish the event site, creating a shining and charming Tissot moment world.

Tissot Duluer Series New Product Launch Event

Speech by François Thiébaud, Global President of Tissot
   Mr. Tian Bao, President of Tissot Global, kicked off the event with a shocking speech. On behalf of the brand, he extended a warm welcome to the guests and friends, and said in his speech: ‘I am proud of the Tissot family, proud of our products, and proud of the Durul series and the brand behind it. . And every consumer who buys and wears a Tissot watch is a member of this family and a spokesperson in another sense. We believe that our products will make them proud. ‘

Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, explains the new Tissot Duluer series
   And Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, interpreted the design concept and market positioning of Tissot Duluer watches for the guests present, especially emphasizing the deep meaning of the theme of this event, “Create the next moment at this moment”. She said: ‘Tissot watches pay attention to the meticulous attention to every detail. With countless moments of condensed strength, they are brought together into the brand’s spiritual core to create the next brilliant moment. This is also the spirit of the brand moment. Every moment is important: the emptiness of this moment is the blank of the next moment. This moment is fully interpreted to achieve the eternal memories of the next moment. The accumulation of the past has become the present, and the future is now being created. Life is connected by each and every moment Finished. Master every moment, experience every moment, live every moment. Create unlimited value for a limited moment! This moment, create the next moment. ‘
Interpreting the spirit of Tissot moments Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei meet again
   At the launch site of the Tissot Duluer series, the two Tissot watch global ambassadors Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei once again gathered together, perfectly interpreting the new Duluer series that gives commemorative meaning and the spirit of the moment. For Tissot watches, the two spokespersons are not only partners, but also confidants. At the press conference, the two spokespersons, together with Mr. Tianbao and Ms. Chen Suzhen, pressed the launching device that descended from the sky. With the blue light shining, the new Tissot Duluer series was officially released.

Tissot Duluer series officially released
   As the global image spokesperson for Tissot, Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei also shared many stories on the scene with their brands. As actors, they repeatedly figured out in the process of reading the script and rehearsing, constantly researching the role’s psychology and demeanor, and successfully created different screen roles. It is this way of grasping every opportunity and every moment. Achieve yourself who is doing well today. The new video advertisement of Tissot watch deduced by Huang Xiaoming revealed at the event scene is exactly Huang Xiaoming’s interpretation of the brand and his shared spiritual characteristics. In the video, Huang Xiaoming constantly walks through the door of the pillar of light symbolizing different moments in the background of midnight blue, and his facial expressions explain the various states of different life stages. Each moment is taken seriously. The next moment of shock. Tissot always adheres to the original intention of ‘innovation, originating from tradition’. It has ingenuity in watchmaking skills, cultural heritage and industry cooperation. It must compare details with baht, treat each process with a sincere heart, and fully grasp the pulse of the moment.

Tissot launches new video ad

Mr. Huang Xiaoming, Tissot’s global image spokesperson, unveiled a new print advertising image

Ms. Liu Yifei, Tissot watch’s global image spokesperson, revealed her print advertising image
Tmall Super Product Day unveiled brand new retail layout
   At the scene, Tissot watch co-operated with Tmall Super Brand Day. Since Tissot launched the official Tmall flagship store last year and became the first official timing partner of the Double 11 Global Shopping Carnival in Tmall history, the cooperation between the two parties has become closer. At the event, the two spokespersons interacted with online netizens cordially during the live broadcast, leading the online launch of the Durul series to a climax.

Tissot Tmall Super Brand Day Scene
   Tissot watches work with Tmall to combine Tissot watches with new marketing strategies. Adhering to the concept of ‘innovation and tradition’, Tissot has deployed a new international retail strategy. In addition to the launch event in Shanghai, Tissot’s flagship stores in Paris, London and New York were also linked to celebrate the Tissot Tmall Super Brand Day. It not only brings a brand new marketing experience to overseas consumers and tourists, but also allows domestic consumers to appreciate the brand style of Tissot watches in different cities around the world. At the same time, simultaneous live broadcasts were performed on the big screens in the core business districts of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and on 14 live broadcast platforms, detonating new product launches.
Pay tribute to the original heart

Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei talk about their moments with the brand at the press conference
   At the scene, the brand’s global image ambassadors Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei showed the elegance and exquisite beauty of the Durul series. The most amazing part of the Durour series released this time is undoubtedly the mysterious and charming ‘midnight blue’ color tone, which is like a day and night illusion of stars. This color from the natural landscape of Switzerland brings to the watch Endless texture. In addition, the Paris studs on the bezel are delicate and elegant, surrounded by a circle, like the snowy peaks of the Alps, and this element that was originally used as architectural decoration can still be seen in the small town of Lille. The arched sapphire glass with anti-glare coating has beautiful and charming arcs. Just like the beautiful view of the Swiss Blue Lake, the ice is clean and clear, making the reading and timing extremely easy. As the core part of the watch, this series of movements uses 80-hour mechanical power 80 movement (Powermatic 80), outstanding performance, long time, giving this series of watches to create the next moment of permanent strong kinetic energy. The center of the dial exudes a sense of blue light without losing the soft sun ornaments, adding a touch of avant-garde style to its overall calm temperament.

Tissot Duluer series new product launch event live watch display area

New Tissot Duluer Series

Technical Parameters
Made in Switzerland
Self-winding movement
316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
Water-resistant to withstand pressures equivalent to 5 bar
Leather strap with push-button butterfly clasp
316L stainless steel strap with push-button butterfly clasp.
Two-tone and rose gold models with PVD coating
Size: 42mm * 42mm for men’s watches, 32mm * 32mm for women’s watches

Girard Perregaux Ww.Tc-lady World Time Watch

Shuttle the world is no longer a male patent. Ladies are also eager for the world timetable. In the field of world time functional watches, Girard-Perregaux has always been a masterpiece of esteem.

配合 To meet the requirements of women’s business travel, Girard-Perregaux launched the women’s world time watch, accompanying them to every corner of the globe. The outer edge of the dial is 24 active time zone rings representing the city name, and the two-color 24-hour world time scale ring runs synchronously with the hour hand; as long as the local city name is set to 12 o’clock, and then the local time (24-hour mode) Adjust to the name of the city in that place, and the time in other time zones will be displayed simultaneously.
This elegant and elegant watch displays the world time in a more gorgeous way: the bezel is set with 54 diamonds, and the dial is set with 8 diamond hour markers; the flawless diamonds are perfectly matched with the dial tone and white strap. Available in pink, blue, brown and black straps. The diameter of the case is 41 mm. The lines are carefully arranged to form a perfect arc with the lugs. It is more comfortable to wear.
Girard-Perregaux watches are dedicated to the production of women’s advanced mechanical watches with elegant style and excellent performance. The with GP033G0 automatic winding movement not only has a world time display, but also is equipped with a power reserve display and a small seconds function. The beautiful movement of the core is clearly demonstrated from the transparent case back. Lady Technical Specifications
壳 Case: Rose gold steel case, bezel set with 54 diamonds (approximately 1.95 carats)
Dial set with 8 diamond hour markers (approximately 0.12 carats)
Crown with round polished onyx
Sapphire crystal case back with six screws
(Optional stainless steel case)
Case size: 41.00 mm
Case thickness: 11.00 mm
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Movement: GP 330G0 automatic winding movement
Wobble frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
Movement diameter: 11 1/2
Gem: 27
Power reserve: more than 46 hours
Parts: 190
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, power reserve display, day / night world time display
Strap: Alligator leather strap with folding buckle
Pricing: RMB
GP Girard Perregaux Introduction
Since 1791, a group of Girard-Perregaux watchmakers have created a variety of sophisticated timepieces with outstanding craftsmanship. Among them, the extremely complex three-gold bridge tourbillon has a patented automatic version, which undoubtedly became the proud symbol of Girard-Perregaux. GP Girard-Perregaux’s head office is located in La Sandy Place, Switzerland, and has been known as a clock since the middle of the 18th century. After more than 200 years of cross-century research, in order to share this glorious history of watchmaking with GP Girard-Perregaux, GP Girard-Perregaux Museum was established in 2000 to collect and display various antique watches, reflecting the craftsmanship of watchmaking Technical history.