Lightweight Texture For Light Life Radar 2016 Basel Watch Tasting Session

On July 5, 2016, RADO, a well-known Swiss watch brand that enjoys the reputation of “Material Master”, held a 2016 new product preview event in Beijing Dongfang Xintiandi Store. Through this year’s new watch, Radar conveys the brand’s brand philosophy of ‘if you can imagine, you can create; if you can create, you can achieve’. I’ve seen Radar’s new products this year up close, and ‘lightweight, simple, quiet and beautiful’ is my biggest impression.

 The event was held at the directly-operated Xintiandi store in the east of Radar. The new store is located in the center of Beijing’s Wangfujing commercial district. It covers an area of ​​192 square meters. The combination of warm and textured wood grain elements creates a luxurious and warm shopping atmosphere for consumers.

 The shop’s new product preview exhibition area is carefully arranged to fully demonstrate the lightness and simplicity of Radar’s new watches. On the site, hand-crafted art made of different materials such as tulle fabric, smooth porcelain and various quilted drapes were skillfully matched and displayed together with the watch, so that everyone in it could enjoy this quiet and soothing atmosphere Both of them have relaxed their bodies and minds. They not only feel the specialty of radar watchmaking, but also taste the fashion sense and literary style.

 The new product tasting exhibition exhibited a number of radar watch new products under the radar, the editor will not introduce them one by one here, only select a few of the major products to tell you:

Radar new HyperChrome 1616 watch
 This radar 1616 watch can be said to subvert the traditional design of the brand. It adopts a bold shape, with a diameter of 46 mm and sharp edges. It is equipped with an ultra-wide leather strap. , Tough and stylish.

 This 1616 watch is a new interpretation of Radar’s classic Cape Horn series. It is also a commemoration of the 400th anniversary of mankind’s brave exploration of South American Capes. Therefore, the watch is limited to 400. Regardless of the large size of the watch, it is very light. It uses high-tech ceramics and the brand’s new unique hardened titanium metal in the material field. It has a higher hardness than stainless steel, which is about 5 Times, and the weight is only half of the same volume of steel.

Radar Thin Series Hollow Watch
 This really thin series of skeletonized watches is limited to 99 pieces. Each watch is individually numbered. The models are made of black polished high-tech ceramics, showing the beauty of black. The slim shape, with a thickness of only 7.8 mm, is equipped with a sapphire crystal glass and bottom cover, allowing the wearer to clearly observe the rhythm of the internal mechanical structure, and the hollow design fully displays the various delicate elements that make up this wrist.

Radar True Open Core Watch

 These two new true series open-core watches are inspired by lightness and are limited to 500 pieces in the world. Each watch is individually numbered. The watch is made of black matte or white polished high-tech ceramic material, and the simple and atmospheric lines show the consistent design style of the Radar True series. The ultra-thin mother-of-pearl looks like a veil floating on the dial. Through it, you can admire the exquisite movement under the hollow dial, with a subtle mystery.

Radar True Thinline
 Radar has also added three Mini Thinline watches with minimalist styles this year, including pure white, black black and shiny plasma colors. The watch follows the design philosophy of ‘return to the original’, simplifying complexity, Keep only the most core elements. The case is made of high-tech ceramics. The dial has no scale mark, small dial design and complicated decorative elements. Even the second hand is omitted. The modern atmosphere makes me feel that there is a ‘zen feeling’ in it.

Radar Crystal Extraction Open Core Watch
 This watch is for the majority of fashion people, and also recently invited the prospective mother Tang Wei to attend the watch’s new product launch. The new watch comes in three styles with white, chocolate brown polished high-tech ceramics and a classic leather strap. The 33mm dial is subtly matched with a gold case and set with 12 brilliant Weselton diamond hour markers. The watch uses a chic inverted crescent-shaped dial to clearly appreciate the internal mechanical structure, and a hollow window is also opened at 12 o’clock to add depth and mystery to the overall shape.

New radar small watch

 At the same time, a new small watch with a diameter of less than 30 mm was also unveiled, which is the perfect match for this summer’s wrist. This new series of watches is made of stainless steel and has all-steel and leather strap styles, which can be used as both professional watches and fashion accessories. At present, this watch is not officially listed in China. It is expected to land in September. Brand-operated stores.
Summary: I believe that those who have read the full text can fully feel the unique concept of radar watchmaking and a new way. Lightness, simplicity, comfort, professionalism and innovation are the feelings that the brand wants to bring to every wearer. A watch is not just a tool for recording time, it should also be a wonderful expectation of life.