Omega Constellation Constellation Series

In 1982, Omega released a new watch called ‘Constellation Manhattan’. In order to strengthen the waterproof function, Omega invented a unique ‘claw’, which firmly fixed the sapphire crystal glass and washer on the case. However, this design, introduced for functional reasons, played an important role in the popularity of Constellation watches. ‘Claw support’ has become the symbol that defines this series. The newly designed constellation series is available in 5 sizes: diameter 24mm, 27mm, 31mm, 35mm and 38mm; dial colors include silver, champagne, brown and black. Other models have a white mother-of-pearl dial. In terms of technology, the coaxial escapement device is the flagship of the new Constellation series. In simple terms, the escapement is the heart of a mechanical watch, which allows the watch’s adjustment device, the balance wheel, to continue to swing. Omega’s coaxial escapement, released in 1999, is the first practical new escapement in more than two centuries. It reduces friction between components that transfer energy to other components, and basically eliminates the need for movement maintenance. Most importantly, it ensures that the accuracy of the watch remains extremely stable for a long time.

Live Gun Challenge A.Lange & Söhne Walter. Lange Award For Outstanding Watchmaking

Eight young watchmakers from seven countries are competing for the 2018 Walter. A. LANGE & SÖHNE Lange Outstanding Watchmaking Award. In the last week of April, Lange invited participants to visit the watchmaking workshop and announce the title of the competition before the event. Participants are required to develop a timepiece sound watch by the end of October.

Walter. Contestants of the Lange Award for Outstanding Watchmaking and Langer President Wilhelm Schmid (5th from right) and Anthony de Haas (4th from right) pose in front of the historic Lange building

This international competition for young watchmakers enters its ninth year, and this time it has a new name. The Lange Watchmaking Competition, which started in 2010, is now officially called the ‘Walter Lange Award for Outstanding Watchmaking’ in honor of the company founder who died in early 2017. Walter. Lange has always been very concerned about the training of young watchmakers and the way of watchmaking competition.

Participants visit the watchmaking workshop

Promoting the development of young talents is the focus of this competition. The participants are all outstanding students from world-renowned watchmaking schools, and they are competing for a prize of 10,000 euros. The competition consisted of multiple stages, starting with sending applications to more than 30 watchmaking schools at the beginning of the year. The school may nominate up to three candidates, and Lange will select the most suitable students to participate in.

In addition to the watch factory, participants also had the opportunity to visit the Dresden Semper Opera House and experience the historic charm of the five-minute digital clock

Participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Finland and Japan visited the towns of Dresden and Glashütte from April 23 to 27, 2018. Lange deliberately arranged different activities, and one of the focuses was to walk into the workshops of the watch factory. Under the professional guidance of sculptors, grooming experts, and watchmakers, each of the cutting-edge watchmakers demonstrates the handicrafts such as ‘Tremblage’ carving and chamfering polishing in the workshop. They also assembled the automatic movement of Saxonia Dual Time. Due to the complex structure of the movement and the need to handle German silver parts with care, this task is a challenge even for experienced watchmakers.

Anthony de Haas, Product Development Director of Lange, explains the task of the competition

The contestant’s long-awaited topic was announced by Anthony de Haas, Product Development Director of Lange on the last day of the event. Each person needs to design and develop a timepiece sound watch within six months. Lange will provide participants with a basic movement. According to Anthony de Haas: ‘The structure of timepieces is very complicated and one of the best in the field of watchmaking. With the innovations of the past few years, I am convinced that we can see great designs again in 2018.’ Selection by a panel of experts. The awards ceremony will be held at an international press conference in January 2019.