Details Of Panerai Luminor Series Watch Purchase Guide

In the Central Collection, we mainly introduced the selection guide for the Panerai Luminor 1950 series. As the younger brother of Luminor 1950, Luminor, although there are fewer specific elements on the older brother However, it seems more free and easy, and it is precisely because it does not have so many historical constraints, so the whole looks more lean and younger, and is also sought after by the majority of young fans. In this episode, we will Tell everyone how to choose a watch from Panerai’s most grounded series.
   1997 was an extremely important year for Panerai. Richemont included Panerai under its umbrella and then helped Panerai establish an authorized distributor network in Italy. In the next few years, Panerai began to make its debut in the field of international horology and launched the Luminor series. At that time, there were two models: Luminor and three Luminor Marinas. Although the Luminor series has the shortest history, it is the first series that Panerai has officially entered the civilian high-end watch market after joining the Lifeng Group. At that time, Panerai was a brand that had just entered the field. The market’s demands are ignorant, it also holds a try attitude, and has not completely copied the shape of the previous military version, but has made some changes that are more in line with the public’s aesthetics.
   The first is the size. We know that Panerai’s original models were 47 mm. We must know that this size was absolutely unthinkable at the time, so Panerai introduced a limited edition of only 47 47 mm 021 at that time (this The performance of this model is already sky-high), the other models are reduced to 44 mm, even 44 mm, it is still an extremely anti-sky size 17 years ago. It is also from then on that the tide of big tables began to rise gradually.

   The second is the shape of the case. The Luminor case no longer uses the 1950 four-pointed pincushion-shaped case with the preserved crown and bridge. It has become an oval-shaped case with four corners straight up and down, and the shape of the bezel has become More concise, the same is that the lugs are still integrated with the case. Although this is more modern, I personally think that looking from the back and side, there are some layers and textures missing. To say that the biggest change compared to 1905 is the crown protection bridge. Luminor’s crown protection bridge is no longer engraved with the original ‘’ inscription and presents a more square appearance. Becoming straighter and smaller, of course, all of this is to make Panerai more modern and fashionable, and better fit the market, and with the continuous deepening of people’s understanding of Panerai, now more and more Many people still prefer Panerai with stronger retro flavor.
historic version
   Luminor, as Panerai’s most personal collection, retains many of Panerai’s classic elements, while the movement has always been based on the 6497-based OPX / XI movement, although this movement has undergone Panerai’s All-round modification of the sea, but still widely criticized because it is not a self-produced movement. After the P.5000 self-produced movement was born, not only did it complain less, but it also promoted the Luminor series as a whole, so I think when we talk about the historical version of the series, we can divide the model into There are two parts, one is the OP model and the other is the P.5000 model.

   Let me talk about the OP model first. The size of this series is both the OP model and the P model. The dimensions are all 44mm. And I personally think that the 44mm size can indeed fit a wider audience. The current historical version of the Luminor OP models has a total of 9 watches, of which I think the most worth buying is 111. First of all, we can see the domineering of this watch from its name. It is the first watch launched by Panerai to join the Lifeng Group. It is also the first watch of the Luminor series. It is finally the first watch that Panerai made to change for the civilian market. With these three firsts, we can fully understand that I use it as the first watch. Reason for payment.

    Caliber 6497 perfectly polished
   In fact, the Panerai value of the ETA movement is not worth buying. My point of view is not worth it, because some high imitation watches also use this movement, for which I have also argued with a netizen who owns Panerai. The final result was that I lost. He said, ‘I haven’t seen the so-called high imitation places. The reason why high-end watches can be called high-end watches is that they are different from the stalls of cabbage prices. The feelings are very different. The texture is something that cannot be reflected by a fake watch. The reason why Panerai is very popular is not only the movement. Everyone has its own movement, which moves us even more. It’s mostly the history, culture and appearance of Xiaopei. Would you want it if the case of the fake watch used the movement of a real watch? ”This speech not only refutes my silence, but also corrects my“ core ”doctrine. Narrow view. After that, I also researched it and found that Panerai’s polishing of the 6497 is really very careful. It even handles the invisible places very well. It is better than some top-notch brands that are not polished and do not deal with the invisible places. a lot of.


   If you think 111 is not traditional enough, you can also choose 112, which is the base version of Luminor, which is the second version without hands, but I personally think that the second hand is still pretty. In addition to the obvious features of Panerai’s sandwich dial, small seconds, and digital scale, the torpedo mark is also a major feature, but the 000 and 005 with the torpedo mark are not transparent, so if you want torpedo or look at the movement, see You choose it yourself.

   After talking about the OP model, let’s talk about the P model. The P models are all equipped with the latest P.5000 movement developed by Panerai. The biggest feature of this movement is that it has an 8-day long power reserve. The difference of .2002 is that the movement has only two barrels, so it is thinner than P.2002. Panerai equipped such a close-to-the-people series with such a powerful movement, which not only made it the most popular on the market. Competitive long-powered models are a big blessing for Peipei fans.


   At present Luminor’s P models have a total of 7 watches, including 3 Base and 4 Marina. In view of Marina’s small seconds dial is more practical, so we decided to choose from Marina, 511 is too expensive in red gold; 563 is white There is no sandwich dial; in the end, 510 and 564 are left, 510 is stainless steel, 564 is titanium alloy, 510 is 2013, 564 is new this year, 510 is priced at 6400 euros, and 564 is 6800 euro. In the end, steel or titanium Everyone is portable.
Modern version

   The modern version of Luminor is arguably my least favorite series. There is only one reason for this series. Except for the 356 series, all models have a damn ‘Automatic’ printed on the dial. Friends who have read my article have I should know that I am disgusted and disgusted with this word, because 99% of the world’s automatic watches will write this word. As soon as I see this word, no matter the brand size, I will feel this watch is very low-end, so now Many top brand watches simply abandon this term.

   We can see that the font of this word does not match the scale and other characters at all, but also does not match the overall case style of Panerai. Since it is a modern series, it is modern in the end, so I recommend Luminor for this series Submersible, this model is a professional diving watch, evolved from a model created by the brand for the Egyptian Navy in 1956. Its unique rotating bezel makes it easy to read the time underwater. The circle makes the watch look more stylish as a whole. There are 2 Submersibles in this series, 024 and 025. The former is stainless steel and the latter is titanium alloy. I prefer 025 because of the brushed titanium alloy and The underwater feel fits perfectly.

   So far, all the recommended models of Panerai’s series have been sorted out for everyone. I found that the most powerful part of Panerai is that it can use a variety of elements to make it difficult for you to choose. In the end, even if the two models are only very Small differences, you will also buy, in the end you will find all its watches have the meaning of buying, and even hope that Panerai can customize a match according to your mind, I think this is the magic of Panerai Right!