Aachen World Equestrian Festival Ends, British Veteran Wins Rolex Grand Prix

Rolex Grand Prix Finale

 Langer Haneberg wins again

Sina Sports News June 30, Aachen, Germany. The 2013 Aachen World Equestrian Festival ended the last race day in the small German border town of Aachen. The most important finale Rolex Grand Prix British player Nick Skell After three rounds of competition with the ‘Big Star’ of Hermes, Tonton won the championship and won the exclusive prize money of 330,000 euros. He also became the second player in history to win the Aachen International Equestrian Festival Rolex Grand Prix.

This year’s obstacle course Rolex Grand Prix once again became the final battle of this equestrian festival. 39 riders participated in the competition. After the first round, only 8 people were not penalized, and 18 players entered the second round after time calculation. In the first two rounds, the only players who were not penalized in the first two rounds were British Nick Skelton, Swiss Splenger and French player Dravio. In the tiebreaker game, Skelton continued to perform strongly, once again conquered the audience with a perfect performance without penalty, and finally won the championship with a score of 56.4 seconds. Although the other two took less time, they both appeared four times Mistakes, and eventually missed the championship. Continuing in 1982, 1987, and 1988, after a lapse of 25 years, Skelton, 56, again stood on the podium of the Rolex Equestrian Championship.

18 The 18 players who broke into the second round share a million euro prize, and Skelton, who is at the top of the list, has an exclusive 330,000 euro championship prize. Tonight’s final scene was flooded with 40,000 horse fans, and the crowd was full. Skelton said: ‘It is definitely a moment when my dreams come true to win the competition with the attention of a great audience like Aachen.’ The fourth-ranked German star Deusser is the best local player in this competition. Unfortunately, he had a penalty in the first round. Despite his excellent performance in the second round, he still lost the tie for the tiebreaker. Match chance.

 Holland wins chariot national cup

In the other competitions, Dreher won the SAP Grand Prix at the obstacle course, which is also his highest podium for the fourth time in this equestrian festival. The Dutch team won the chariot national cup, followed by Germany and Sweden. Local champion Lange Haneberg, who has won many championships, won the last dressage competition-the CDIO Freestyle Grand Prix, followed by compatriot Isabelle Wells, and three Danish players. Rank third to fifth.

At this point, it can be called the world’s highest level of equestrian events-the 2013 Aachen World Equestrian Festival ended. In 47 competitions, the champions are their own.