Tudor And Ducati Join Hands Again

Swiss sports watch brands and Italian motorcycle manufacturers join hands again, continuing the cooperation that began in 2011. The new Tudor Fastrider Black Shield chronograph watch and the corresponding Ducati Diavel Carbon motorcycle are the testimony of this extraordinary cooperation.

   The cooperation between Tudor and Ducati far surpasses the pure alliance between the brands, but the like-mindedness of values ​​and empirical opinions, and the sympathy of acting style. To this end, the two sides continued the partnership established in 2011, which enabled them to cooperate more closely, thus sparking an unexpected spark. The new Tudor Fastrider Black Shield chronograph watch and the Ducati Diavel Carbon motorcycle, which embodies the spirit of the Tudor Sports Watch, will leave an important mark on this cooperation process to prove that the future is bright.

Andrea Ferraresi, Ducati Design Director— Davide Cerrato, Head of Marketing & Product
Development — Roberto Totti, Motorbike Designer.
   The Tudor Fastrider series combines reliability and outstanding performance, which fully demonstrates the masculinity of the racing world. The Fastrider Chronograph’s 42mm stainless steel waterproof case is equipped with a Tudor Model 7753 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 46 hours. The button is mounted on the middle case through a black PVD coated sleeve, reminiscent of a motorcycle engine cylinder; in addition, the speedometer on the bezel reveals the sportsmanship of the chronograph. In 2011, Tudor and Ducati worked together to create a Fastrider series commemorative watch. In addition to having the same technical characteristics as other models, the vertical stitching of the strap and the surface are made of Ducati’s unique red. The embellishments contrast subtly with the strap and black timer.

FASTRIDER BLACK SHIELD Chronograph: Black and Flame
   In 2013, Tudor launched the new Fastrider Black Shield chronograph watch. With its striking all-black design and neat aesthetics, it entered a higher level. The watch incorporates advanced technology and perfectly matches the source of power and high-speed pleasure emphasized in motorsport. The new Tudor Fastrider Black Shield chronograph debuts in a high-tech black matte ceramic case. This is not only an extraordinary all-black timepiece, but also a rushing chronograph.
   The black matte ceramic case of the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield Chronograph has an integrated design and is scratch-resistant, which is a model of the same type. What makes it unique? First of all, the ceramic case is not only covered with a ceramic coating on another material, but is all molded by high-tech ceramics and integrated. As a result, the middle case is made into a single component, which is unique among similar watches. The chronograph watch not only shows the sophisticated aesthetic design, but also the result of exquisite professional technology. The brand’s extremely complicated manufacturing process ensures the reliable performance and durability of the middle case and outer ring.

   The watch is water-resistant to 150 meters (500 feet), with direct push-buttons and a stainless steel screw-in crown with PVD coating. The 42 mm case is equipped with a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement with a power reserve of 46 hours. Its matte case highlights the beautiful radians and clean lines of the chronograph, while the outer ring of the tachymeter sets off the extraordinary atmosphere of the watch. The red decoration and luminous display make the dial stand out, highlighting the robustness of the case. The red sealing gasket under the sapphire glass mirror not only shows the brand’s meticulous attention to detail, but also pays tribute to the red representing Tudor. This chronograph combines extraordinary precision and performance with a choice of rubber strap or red stitched leather strap.

Ducati DIAVEL CARBON motorcycle: coincides with BLACK SHIELD
   If you want to compare the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield chronograph to a motorcycle full of strength and passion, then Ducati Diavel Carbon motorcycle will be the best choice. Tudor strives to recreate the excellence of the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield chronograph in an innovative way. A Ducati Diavel Carbon motorcycle that cleverly matched the unique elements of the Tudor Chronograph was born. It is a unique masterpiece. In the past, Ducati’s Diavel Carbon motorcycles exhibited five different black tones based on different materials; today, special versions of motorcycles use graphite to present a single matte black, which echoes the matte black ceramic black shield.
   In the design of the motorcycle, the balance between the matte black case of the watch and the red hands and hour markers is an important consideration. To this end, each side of the motorcycle is decorated with a delicate red line, and the red LED light is also installed in the all-black lamp holder, showing the masculine and tough lines. In addition, the red circle on the rim is exactly the same as the red halo on the outer ring of the Black Shield chronograph.
In the end, the incomparable Ducati Diavel Carbon motorcycle perfectly embodies the incomparable power and aesthetic essence of the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield chronograph. This watch not only interprets the mutual recognition of Tudor and Ducati’s style value, but also cooperates again in an unprecedented creative way to open up new miles.

Tudor and Ducati: go hand in hand
   It is no accident that Tudor and Ducati can now share a broad publicity platform. As far as the development of the two sides is concerned, they have a lot in common. Among them, both were born in 1926. Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but the ideas that promote the flourishing development of Tudor and Ducati are very similar. In addition to the same year of establishment, the two sides are also committed to the pursuit of superior performance and original design, combining refined and unique sports style, the same philosophy.
   Ducati motorcycles are equipped with an efficient and powerful engine with a controlled track valve speed regulation system, and are assembled in a sturdy frame. Its rugged performance and accuracy are comparable to Tudor’s timepieces. At the beginning of the 1950s, Tudor’s advertisements had already appeared as motorcycle riders wearing brand watches, highlighting the brand’s sporting style and outstanding performance. In 1946, the development of the confluence of the two major brands was not only a coincidence, but also an inevitable step towards an important milestone for both parties. Ducati launched the first motorcycle engine ‘Cucciolo’, which has gained worldwide reputation since its launch. At the same time, ‘Montres TUDOR SA’ (Tudor) was formally established in Geneva.
   In the decades that followed, the two companies dedicated themselves to creating unique product lines. The Tudor Oysterdate chronograph, today’s Heritage Chrono chronograph, and Ducati Monster motorcycles, while showing outstanding sports style, also perfectly explain the brand spirit. In 2007, the two sides respectively set new milestones: Tudor repositioned to make the brand more noticeable today; Ducati won the first world championship of driver and manufacturer in the MotoGP Championship .
Judging from the many historical milestones of the two major brands, it can be seen that the two have close ties, so it is logical for the two parties to work together again now. Tudor and Ducati will stick to the same philosophy and move forward together.

Breitling Chronomat01 Series Flagship

Breitling launched its Chronomat 01 series flagship model, a limited edition release, exquisitely crafted, and the crystal-clear case created by 100% unique craftsmanship presents the perfect visual beauty, which makes people pour it. The details are even more elegant. Chronomat 01 series is Breitling’s first masterpiece beyond Caliber 01, it has a precision movement completely developed and produced in the Breitling studio. This Breitling flagship product highlights the unparalleled quality of the case. The bezel is engraved with original digital symbols, which perfectly combines strength and elegance. Various styles have been launched on the market, making this watch a new base in the field of mechanical timing. — Called the ultimate chronograph. For lovers of rare and exclusive timepieces, this iconic Breitling watch is limited to 2,000 in steel and 200 in rose gold. Each watch is unique at its 9 o’clock position on its case. Watch number. The powerful and unique design of the case, bezel and bracelet highlights the subtle contrast, with the satin-brushed top and sides polished and brushed. The black dial is decorated with time stamps. Compared to the traditional Chronomat 01 solid steel or gold back, the Chronomat 01 limited edition uses a transparent sapphire crystal back, allowing the built-in movement to be seen at a glance. With high-performance column wheels, a purely original architectural design, a revolution in industrial processes. Breitling Chronomat01 series flagship models

Merris Milus Founder To Give Him Calm

Meritor has always been dedicated to making ‘Highly Personal’ watches for everyone, so that everyone can enjoy a unique private time and witness the most elegant interpretation of time passing. Like the father, the watch of Murray has quietly guarded us while allowing us to grow independently and enjoy our own time. On Father’s Day, a day praising father’s love, classic and practical, extraordinary craftsmanship, precious high-tech Meriès watches are a gift to his father, allowing him to enjoy the happiness of being alone, and letting his father’s love and Meriès watches reflect each other.
Herios TriRetrograde Skeleton
The name Herios is derived from Hercules, the son of Zeus, the constellation Amphitheater. It stands for strength, courage and strength, which is exactly what a great father possessed. In recent years, the brand has become more famous for its original TriRetrograde three-second hand-back complication function; it is equipped with a patented Swiss automatic movement MILUS 3838, which drives three time-out zones. The back-jumping function every 20 seconds is like dancing with rhythm in time, adding life to my father’s life.

 Herios TriRetrograde three-second hand-cut skeleton watch (HERT002), with a square stainless steel case and a hollow design in the center of the dial, has a sense of space and shines in father’s love.

Herios Automatic
The visual shock comes from the streamlined and prominent design. The Herios automatic watch, with its generous and generous Founder case, is extremely eye-catching, especially suitable for fathers who like simple style. The dial is decorated with a box composed of radial patterns, three-dimensional Arabic numerals, and the hollow hour and minute hands, as well as the second hand placed on the independent seconds dial, to create a distinctive three-dimensional big stage, as a gift for Father’s Day Father, let father love shine on this stage and show love for father.

The Herios Automatic (HERA003) is driven by a Swiss self-winding mechanical movement, allowing this stage to shine day and night.

Zetios Automatic
The classic Zetios automatic watch is designed with a noble and unique design, a tough stainless steel case, and a black crocodile leather strap, which conceals the complex design in its simplicity, bringing out another solid style, which will be trendy. His father loved and made his father smile. The white surface is decorated with the ‘Grain de Riz’ texture, adding a touch of fancy to the simple design. The silver hour and minute hands are coated with super fluorescent paint and equipped with a Swiss automatic mechanical movement. It can be used at any time of day or night. Life is like our father’s love for us.

 Zetios Automatic watch (ZET009) has a noble and unique design, a tough stainless steel case, and a black alligator strap.

Zetios Classic
Classic style, reminiscent of the classic design of the brand in 1919. This watch pays tribute to history, just like we pay tribute to father on Father’s Day, it is a respect and respect for tradition and the previous generation. On Father’s Day, this watch is the most suitable way to express love and care for father. . Zetios Classic is an elegant classic watch that has witnessed every precious moment in the past, just like Dad witnessed our growth. The connotation of the watch is even more attractive. The thin case contains the high-quality Swiss automatic mechanical movement, which will always accompany the father.

Zetios Classic watch (ZETK400) crocodile leather strap with two round lugs connected to the case, making it more comfortable for father to wear, will surely make father dare to put it down