Video Play Appreciation Piaget Possession Watch

Inspired by Possession’s iconic rotating ring, Piaget has launched a new women’s watch series, featuring gold, diamonds, stainless steel and various decorative gems, showing a bright and brilliant appearance. Whether it is the iconic gold-set diamond style or the more innovative bright stainless steel style, Possession, who is never shy of sharing courage and glamour, highlights the Sunny Side of Life with its gorgeous tonal decorative gem dial and precious woven gold bracelet setting attitude.

Piaget Possession
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Zenith Zenith 2018 Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair New Product Launch Conference

Zenith is writing about the future of its brand and the entire Swiss watchmaking industry. That’s right, this brand with the star as the brand has launched a brand new mechanical watch, shocking the entire watch industry!
   Zenith hosted a press conference at the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show on March 21, 2018. The press conference was hosted by Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, Director of LVMH Watch Division, and also attended by Zenith CEO Julien Tornare and many old friends of Zenith: singer Swizz Beatz and famous photography Mr. Dimitri Coste, division and motorcycle rider.

LVMH Watch Division Director Jean-Claude Biver, Zenith CEO Julien Tornare, and famous American singer-songwriter Swizz Beatz
   The booth design for this event is novel and ingenious. The first introduction was the DEFYEL PRIMERO 21 movement that Zenith prides itself on. Its dark and modern color gives the visitors a bold visual impact, perfectly showing the futuristic sense of Zenith’s new series. There is also a special DEFY experience room on the scene, inviting everyone to enter a dark space, which has six portholes to display six new watches. Before entering the experience room, the rapid rotation mechanism in the room creates a changing glowing image. And when a visitor walks within 1.5 meters from the porthole, this series of movable devices will stop, and the watch displayed in the porthole will appear, showing the superb details of the watch clearly. These strong sensory experiences provide a stage for the decisive and charming chronograph watch, creating a unique dynamic and immersive atmosphere.

Zenith booth at Baselworld 2018

Visitors appreciate Zenith’s new watch
   In order to show the brand’s new starting point, Mr. Julien Tornare said: ‘For more than 150 years, Zenith has been providing fashion watches to watch experts around the world. Since 2000, it has been in the same tradition and also for the brand. Injecting new vitality, Zenith launched the DEFYEL PRIMERO 21 and DEFYLAB series watches. The former has unprecedentedly accurately timed to one hundredth of a second, achieving a huge leap in performance and manufacturing technology. The sense of history is perfectly combined with the future of watchmaking; the latter won the 2017 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Innovation Award, shaking the cornerstone of watchmaking with unprecedented precision and escapement. ‘
   He continued: ‘In 2018, we will continue to work for the future of Zenith. With the continuous entrepreneurial spirit of Zenith, we will unswervingly develop our iconic DEFY and pilot series. This year, the future of the DEFY series The sense will be presented in a complete series, covering different levels of complex mechanical processes, from three-hand watches to advanced complex models. The DEFYCLASSIC three-pin calendar watch is made of ultra-light titanium alloy, which will make the watch casual and fashionable. Harmony and elegance have pushed to a new level. At the same time, the new DEFY ZERO G is the first futuristic high-end watch in the series, with its streamlined gyroscope ‘gravity control’ module to offset the effect of gravity. We are very affected by The new version of the welcome pilot series TYPE20 also deserves the expectation of the majority of pilot watch enthusiasts, including the newly launched pilot series TYPE 20TON-UP Royal Chronograph and the latest special models in cooperation with the famous cigar brand Cohiba. ‘
SWIZZ BEATZ capsule series
   Following the launch of the DEFY EL PRIMERO 21 SWIZZ BEATZ special model last year, Zenith announced at this year’s Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show that it will launch the SWIZZ BEATZ capsule series in 2018, covering a DEFY ZERO G watch and two models DEFY EL PRIMERO 21 watch.

Zenith SWIZZ BEATZ capsule series
   Mr. Swizz Beatz, a world-renowned hip-hop artist and record producer, is known for his keen insight and his old-fashioned vision of the watchmaking industry. In New York in 2017, he and Zenith witnessed the launch of six DEFY EL PRIMERO 21 limited edition watches. This release has attracted many watch connoisseurs and music lovers. Presenting to the majority of fans today are three colorful special new models. Three DEFY ZERO G SWIZZ BEATZ watches to be sold in limited quantities, equipped with a 44mm diameter frosted titanium case, the dial’s hands are highlighted with orange highlights, orange hour markers and bright white rubber on the crown ring Lined alligator straps complement each other. The band’s and bezel are engraved with this musician’s inspirational quote: ‘Never let people tell you what you can’t do, because sky’s not the limit, it’s just the view’ , The sky of life is endless, full of gorgeous scenery). ‘Two different DEFY EL PRIMERO 21 models also have the same characteristics: one is a white ceramic watch limited to 25 pieces, and the other uses a unique The pentagonal pavé set in white gold is set with 288 gorgeous round diamonds, while the bezel is cut with narrow rectangular diamonds. These three visually stunning watches fully show the encounter of important figures in the music industry. Sparks when writing about the future of Swiss watchmaking.

Swizz Beatz and Zenith SWIZZ BEATZ capsule series

Swizz Beatz appreciate Zenith SWIZZ BEATZ capsule series
World’s First Exclusive Tourism Cooperation
   Relying on the exclusive tourism cooperation with the Neuchatel Regional Tourism Bureau, Zenith has shown the future of the future with its innovative attitude, while further promoting the development of watchmaking. On April 26, Zenith will hold a conference called LE MONDEETOILÉDE ZENITH, inviting you to explore the star-studded Zenith world. Everyone will visit this famous watch factory accompanied by a tour guide, and have a deep understanding of the internal operation of this watch factory, which includes 80 watchmaking types. Whether it is more artistic hand-made parts or super-technical skills, everything is based on the original intention of Mr. Georges Favre-Jacot 150 years ago: familiar with every gesture, emancipate the mind, create mechanical wonders, and associate noble watchmaking tradition with avant-garde innovation. Combined. This time, through cooperation with the Tourism Bureau, we will lead you to visit the watch factory. Zenith once again touched the sky to show its new image and write the future of its own brand and the entire Swiss watchmaking industry.