Masters Launches New Capeland 10007 Watch

The new Capeland 10007 (men’s)
A watch that combines comfort with contemporary spirit
The main styles of this series are chronographs, showing a noble and elegant yet relaxed and comfortable style.The simple design of the digital engraving, the red hand design of the seconds hand and the range tip of the rangefinder all give this watch a delicate and dynamic movement. Traits. In order to continue the sporty style, the calfskin strap uses light-colored stitching and a stylish and colorful dial: slate gray, charcoal, copper, brown, silver, black and white.
Capeland series watches fit perfectly on the wrist and are extremely comfortable, highlighting the superb and excellent watchmaking skills of Baume & Mercier watches: allowing wearers to enjoy the perfect balance of design and comfort.
全新 This new interpretation of the watch series is inspired by a historic classic: a single-button chronograph manufactured in 1948. With the design of a rounded glass mirror and a convex convex caseback, this model is considered to be a typical replica of the ‘cobblestone’ pocket watch of the early 19th century. The extremely ergonomic design of this pocket watch emphasizes the concept of geometric aesthetics of up and down symmetry, and thus has become the main source of inspiration for the design of Capeland watches.