Combination Of Tradition And Modern True Love – Mercury Humberton Series

Humberton is a city in southeastern Virginia, located at the mouth of the James River. It is a well-known harbour city and tourist center in the United States, where the sea and the sky are connected. That’s where inspiration comes from. With its highly architectural lines and iconic classic rectangular case, the Humberton series reproduces the classics of historical models from the 1940s. At the same time, it reflects the modern seaside life and relaxed and elegant living style, combining casual style and superior system. Watch craftsmanship, this series embodies the spirit of the resort city of Hamilton, combining tradition with modernity. Whether it is a men’s watch or a women’s watch, the Humberton collection is full of modern design and fashion. The sparkling 18K red gold and diamonds light up the dial, revealing the marine atmosphere like bronze portholes and silver driftwood … In addition, the Baume & Mercier watch series is also equipped with a double gift box, which symbolizes the mark of love. The new Humberton women’s small watch further condenses the intimate harmony and elegance in the Baume & Mercier Humberton series, as is its larger sister model, which is suitable for gifts between couples, symbolizing two Along with the heart.

Please Put Away, This Is A Spring Dress For The Queen

March 8th is the International Women’s Day. I believe that many people have received a treasure shop and subscription number to promote the ‘Queen’s Day’ promotion and advertisement. Converting the concept of ‘working women’ into ‘queen’ was successful from a marketing perspective. At the same time, it also means that the status of women is being increasingly valued. Today’s watch house not only talks about watches. It is spring time. We have prepared a Spring Festival dressing ceremony for the queens. I hope that everyone can become a confident queen this spring.

 Focusing on the purpose pursued by different people, we have divided this collection of catalogs into elegant, colorful and comfortable. In order to let each queen find his own style. There will be some small tips in the middle, quickly write down the small book.

Elegant (confidence is the biggest weapon)
 Women’s elegance can be reflected in raising their hands, and also needs to strengthen the external impression from dress and details. When choosing elegant clothing, the rules to follow are to keep the cut as simple as possible, pay more attention to the choice of materials, and do not choose inferior materials (the thread ends and hair balls will greatly reduce points). The choice of color is mainly based on low-key neutral colors. Appropriate tailoring and an appropriate sense of fashion give people a feeling of just being not too aggressive. On the basis of your own body, strengths and avoid weaknesses. Let’s take a few examples, how should elegant women in spring choose the right dress.

 For most areas, it is the time when the warmth is still cold in spring, so it is necessary to keep warm performance when wearing. So coats and suits have become the first choice for women in this style. In the choice of coats, the H-shaped cut can lengthen the overall visually. Compared to the leisure of the silhouetted coat, the H-shaped coat also gives a more neat feel. The picture above is paired with slim straight jeans and Martin boots, handsome and elegant.

 The tailored blazer emphasizes the existence of the waistline with a wide waistband, so that the proportion of the lower body is visually pulled up. If your legs are thin, you can pair them with tight jeans. In addition, a pair of suit pants and wide-leg pants that can modify the outline of the legs is also a good choice.

 When wearing the same color, you must also pay attention to moving the focus to the upper part of the body, such as the blogger’s windbreaker jacket collar in the picture above successfully attracted people’s visual attention. In terms of grasping the details, especially when choosing a watch, we must pay more attention to not choosing a watch that is too fancy. The choice is more simple in design, and the color tone is mainly black and white.

Chanel CODE COCO H5144 watch

Chanel BOYFRIEND H4883 watch

Chanel J12 Series H0968 Watch
 The most important tip is to emphasize the waistline. No matter if you have 1 meter 7 or only 1.5 meter, as long as the waist line is emphasized in proportion, you can instantly have a long leg of two meters. It is a good way to emphasize through the choice of belt or pants.

Colorful (but not redundant)

 For women who have only black and white and gray in the wardrobe all winter, spring is the beginning of colorful. Taking this year’s popular color purple as an example, we can see in the street shooting that there are many fashion bloggers showing us a lot of different color matching methods.

Fashion blogger street shoot
 Wearing a large area of ​​fashion colors on the body may be more suitable for fashion bloggers who have a certain fashion foundation, but not very suitable for daily use. We can choose local application methods, such as tops or shoes. Purple bags, jewelry and even watches.

 As a complementary color, we can add some details, such as the same color watch that echoes the pants.

Gucci G-TIMELESS YA1264042 watch

Gucci interlocking YA133321 watch
 In addition to purple, green, yellow, and other spring-like colors can also be selected. But keep in mind that you should never wear them all. After all, we are not on the catwalk, and try not to show too many colors at the same time in our daily lives.

 The bright yellow pants on the lower body are enough to attract the eye, so the upper body softens the overall vision with light pink. At this time, it can be matched with a pink watch.

Gucci G-TIMELESS series YA1264046 watch

Comfortable (I’ll be happy)

 Not only should we be fashionable, but comfort is also our most important thing in everyday wear. The requirements for the material, jewelry and details of the clothes are more stringent. Skin-friendly materials such as sweaters, woolen sweaters, and linen texture are more tight than the leather. .

 A baseball jacket with a sleek black wide-leg pants has become the choice of many people. , Loose design is more compact than body shaping. It is also a coat. The shape of a cocoon coat also gives a warmer feeling. Spring covers autumn and freezing, we must remember to keep warm in spring.

Gucci YA143519 watch
 Although I said earlier, try not to choose the color of large color blocks stacked on the body, but fashion matters, sometimes look at the face. It’s really warm to wear like this.

 In the choice of accessories, it is also a good choice to choose comfortable bags, shoes, sneakers or flat shoes.

Summary: Let me summarize the secrets of the four-word dressing: enhance strengths, avoid weaknesses, emphasize waistline, bold color, and comfort. Finally, I wish every queen a happy holiday.

Bird Whispering And Floral Fragrance On The Wrist Tasting Jacques Dross Small Time Dial Series J005024576

When I haven’t touched and understood the watch yet, I don’t think that the cold mechanical objects like the watch can be connected with art, let alone imagine the beauty of the watch Awesome scene. Jacques Dro has completely changed my thinking. I read out the enthusiasm and feelings of craftsmen for watchmaking in its brand history. Every piece they create is a demonstration of extreme craftsmanship. This brand is a traditional watchmaking. The protection of craftsmanship and the continuous innovation of modern aesthetics can be said to have invested considerable effort. This year, Jacques Dro’s newly launched gold-carved hour dial and minute dial-two models of the Four Seasons series have a spring and summer theme, dedicating a visual feast to watch lovers. This time, Jacques Dro is ingenious, paying tribute to spring and summer with a new chapter, once again showing the brand’s ‘maverick.’ Today, the watch house shows you the spring watch, the watch model is J005024576.

Dial as picture

Picturesque dial design
   Although this slim dial crafted from delicate but fragile mother-of-pearl is only a few square centimeters, the craftsman master carefully carved it by hand, turning the dial into a magnificent sky with a wonderful cloud pattern of light and shadow. , With the movement of the wrist, this light and shadow effect will glow different vitality. At this time you will find how necessary the eccentric hour and minute display at 12 o’clock, so the ingenious layout is to allow the master craftsmen to have enough space to enjoy their creativity and show the level of craftsmanship.

Lifelike hand-carved bird

Bird with wings spread on dial

   Many of Jacques Dro’s works draw inspiration from nature. Among them, birds are regarded as iconic classic themes. In the past few years, many related extraordinary masterpieces have also been born, such as full-motion timepieces. Minute repeater or bird of time. On the dial of this watch, there are two vivid embossed birds on the dial. These two iconic birds in Laxia Defang are carved from gold and then further modified by fine carving and hand-painting. Whether it is bird feathers, beaks, eyes, or rounded bodies, they are real and specific, as if they are about to break. Spread wings and fly.

Curved sapphire crystal

   The 41 mm diameter diamond-set bezel structured case sits on a curved sapphire crystal glass, which not only highlights the three-dimensional effect of birds, but also facilitates the wearer to appreciate the poetic and picturesque under the mirror through all angles Fascinating scenery.
Spring after winter

Blue steel hands and grey satin strap
   The sight of plum blossoms on the plum tree in the 18K white gold case symbolizes the advent of spring and the resurgence of all things. The cold tones of the blue-steel hands and grey satin straps are a metaphor for the cold air left at the end of winter. Two circles of diamonds are set around the dial and the lugs, which not only adds taste but also gives it a luxurious and noble atmosphere.

Case back display

   Jacques Dro’s control of the details can really be said to be perfect. In addition to the exquisite plate introduced above, the design of the back of the table has not disappointed the fans. The Geneva stripe radiating outwards from the balance wheel and the 18K white gold oscillating weight, which is also equipped with white mother-of-pearl, are full of artistic texture. The bird wings and the iconic Jacques de Roche double star carved from platinum Complementing each other, design beauty comes out.

Case back overall display

   This model is equipped with a Cal.JD2653 self-winding movement. Its silicon balance spring and pallet fork are equipped with dual barrels, which can provide 68 hours of power reserve.

Jacques Dross small hour dial dial four seasons watch

   Summary: Jacques Dro is best at producing unique art treasures and limited edition unique treasures. Also, this idyllic timepiece is limited to 88 pieces, and is accompanied by the masters of Jacques Dro Art Workshop. Autographed certificate of authenticity, the official quote is 610,500 RMB. It is said that true luxury is rare, and Jacques Dro’s interpretation of this art is due to its distinctive design.

Exciting Piaget Watches Recommended

Beyond the limits, constantly breaking the boundaries of excellence, giving endless surprises-these are the spirit of Piaget’s extraordinary treasures series. Unique creations or extremely rare limited edition watches not only mark the treasures of the times, but also allow wearers to commemorate every glorious moment. Original mosaic technology, magnificent gems, bold design, and innovative complex function movement, each treasure has a common dream of perfection. Today, the Watch House recommends three masterpieces from Piaget’s extraordinary collection.
Piaget LIMELIGHT G0A39253 watch

Model: G0A39253
Movement type: quartz movement
Case material: 18k white gold with diamonds
Strap Color: Silver
Case diameter: 35 × 30 mm
Watch details: x 30 mm. 18K white gold case set with 44 marquise-cut diamonds (approximately 6.60 carats). 18K white gold palace decorative chain belt, no matter from appearance or comfort. Equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement. Ensure the accuracy and stability of the watch.

Model: G0A35108
Movement type: quartz movement
Case material: 18k white gold with diamonds
Strap material: 18k white gold with diamonds
Case diameter: 12 × 16 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 8,189,100
Watch details: x 16 mm. 18K white gold case set with 25 round diamonds (about 0.2 carats). White mother-of-pearl dial. The 18K white gold bracelet is lined with 5 pear-shaped diamonds (about 2.6 carats), 168 square diamonds (about 16.2 carats) and 210 round diamonds (about 23.7 carats). Equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement.
Piaget Traditional Watch G0A38021

Model: G0A38021
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18k white gold with diamonds
Strap material: 18k white gold
Case diameter: 34 mm
Watch details: piaget / 34249 /
Watch Reviews: Traditional watch, 34 mm in diameter. 18K white gold case set with 52 round diamonds. The dial is lined with 510 round diamonds. 18K white gold bracelet set with 514 round diamonds. Equipped with Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, precise and stable.

Summary: On the stage, the Limelight series became the protagonist. If watchmaking is described as a movie, the Limelight watch is a star that shines under the camera flash, attracting everyone’s attention. The Limelight series adhering to the style of the first Piaget jewellery watches, the continuously innovative style still flashes dazzling gorgeous light, like an invitation to set foot on the red carpet. Watches show brilliant beauty with gold and precious stones, and their perfect shape coincides with the most noble high fashion. Whether it’s a bracelet watch, a mysterious watch, or a jewellery watch, every style is exciting.

Metro Modern Vs. Pastoral Style, All In My Swatch Time! Swatch 2017 Autumn And Winter Series Wonderful Listing

When it comes to blending modern metropolitan style with the exquisiteness and rigorous creativity of Swiss watchmaking, Swatch naturally takes it seriously. Swatch’s latest release of the 2017 autumn and winter series of new products, taking you free to travel between the modern and idyllic style of the city, scene after scene in the nature, color and prosperity in the wonderful stage …

   On August 10, Swatch, a well-known Swiss fashion watch brand that has always been creative, released a series of new autumn and winter 2017 watches at the popular cafe in Yongjia Road, Shanghai, showing the urban people’s unlimited freedom of “traveling in the city, modern and idyllic” Longing.

   At the event site, the green plant wall outside the cafe was bright, and the rich rural style attracted guests to rush into the door. Along with the scent of coffee, oncoming green plants and fragrant flowers are coming in, as if you are in the idyllic landscape: green cactus, lilac hydrangea, crimson tulips … and The new watches in the ‘Pastoral style’ series displayed in it, even if they compete with the flowers on the scene, they are not inferior. Suddenly, it seemed as if it was a little sweeter in the air. Through the pure and beautiful rural scenery, the other side ushered in the bustling scene of the metropolis-the 3D skyscraper model standing on the ceiling is amazing, as if telling the legendary stories of modern cities.

   In such a space that tells about the modern and idyllic style of shuttles, Swatch’s new autumn and winter 2017 watches are creatively unveiled. The stories told by each series are presented in a carefully arranged miniature landscape. Such an interesting display method provoked The guests’ strong curiosity explored one by one and eagerly tried. [Swatch Time] The series sparkled with joyful sparks, pursuing the essence of low-key elegance in the complexity and complexity, and invariably cast their playful eyes on this classic Swatch style that swept the world. [Swiss Complex] The series vividly interprets what is the real Swiss Confederation through vibrant and fun design details. [Color Studio] series with bold color blocks and vibrant design, give life unlimited fun. [Carnival Night] The series has completely changed its style, combining shiny gold and silver to create Gala night under the urban spotlight. In addition, the SKIN ultra-thin series of watches also launched a new autumn and winter style, blending elegance and urban rock, vivid interpretation of # 自在 如 你 # ‘s attitude towards life.

   The surprise on the scene didn’t stop there. After admiring the new watches, the guests were invited to choose to join the Rural Fragrance Club or become dream catchers in the metropolis. Guests can choose any favorite plant and flower fragrance, and mix and seal it in a glass bottle. The fresh and natural unique fragrance belongs to your simple and pure yearning for nature. And the dream catchers in the city are immersed in their color studio, using needles and threads to connect the colored feathers and accessories in series, weaving into a dream catcher representing courage and good luck, and constantly chasing the gorgeous dreams of the bustling city .

   In this season, Swatch, which is always creative and full of energy, fun and color, explores the infinite desire of nature for urban people in its magical watch world, and interprets the uniqueness of people’s wrists with a story of nature and prosperity. Swatch Time!
# 我 Swatch #