Franck Muller

Christmas season is approaching. Geneva luxury watch brand FRANCKMULLER has carefully selected a series of exquisite watches for you, including feminine and sporty VanguardLady, classic and elegant DoubleMystery, dynamic VanguardS6Yachting and fashion innovation. CrazyHours 15th Anniversary Asian Special Edition watch, to accompany you to celebrate Christmas. With a romantic and inspiring holiday season, give your heart to your beloved, so that you can send a sweet blessing to ‘her’ or ‘his’ wrist.

FRANCKMULLERVanguardLady Rose Gold Diamond Watch RMB186,000

FRANCKMULLERVanguardLady Stainless Steel Diamond Watch RMB136,000
The creation of the watch is inspired by the classic lines of Cintrée Curves, which further highlights the fascinating style of the Vanguard series. This VanguardLady is set off with gorgeous details, which is more beautiful. The sun-embossed dial with embossed digital hour markers and crown adds elegance and luxury to this watch.

FRANCKMULLER DoubleMystery White Gold Diamond Watch RMB629,000
MyDoubleMystery subverts the traditional watch structure. The minute hand is located outside the hour hand to create a complicated and exquisite watch structure. Inside the classic round case, the dial-shaped hour and minute hands flow on the dial with time, and match with glittering diamonds, adding grace and style.

FRANCKMULLERVanguardS6Yachting Rose Gold Watch RMB326,000
This VanguardS6Yachting is set against a gorgeous metal background, which feels luxurious while relaxing and calming. The skeletonized dial is decorated with the beautiful rose gold hemisphere of the mainspring box bridge and the small seconds at 6 o’clock. The exquisite structure is amazing. This dynamic timepiece has an extraordinary style, with a power reserve of up to 7 days, making it more vibrant.
CrazyHours 15th Anniversary Asian Special Edition Watch

CrazyHours 15th Anniversary Asian Special Edition Rose Gold Watch RMB199,000
15CrazyHours 15th Anniversary Asian Special Edition watch is equipped with FRANCKMULLER’s famous CintrĂ©e Curveve case, which is unique and full of personality. The dial shows time in a way that breaks with tradition. Expressing time is an abstract concept. It presents a romantic surprise on the wrist for loved ones.