Classic Legacy Three Legacy Watches Recommended

In ancient China, the inheritance of skills relied more on the transmission and continuation within the family. This inheritance model gradually evolved a new inheritance relationship—master and apprentice over time. Successive skills of father and son, like the masters and apprentices of the father and son, at the same time pass on the craft, but also the spirit of the craft. Today we will recommend three heritage watches from different brands.
Breguet CLASSIQUE 7787 7787BR / 29 / 9V6

Watch Series: Classic
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Domestic public price: ¥ 234,700
Watch details: 39,900
Watch details: 5,609,000
Watch details: 2885 movement, 31.6 mm in diameter, 19800 oscillations per hour, composed of 648 parts, providing a 45-hour power reserve.
Summary: There is no doubt that history is a great asset. It has witnessed your development, telling your origin and becoming a source of inspiration for your creation. It provides for your existence. In the world of watchmaking, the value of history is more important. It is not only the origin of the brand, but also the accumulation of efforts and technology of several generations. It also shows the degree of brand research in the field of watches.

Tag Heuer And The Watch Gallery Launch F1 Series Exclusive Limited Chronograph

Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has joined hands with The Watch Gallery to launch F1 series exclusive chronographs, limited to 200 pieces.

   The new chronograph case has a diameter of 43 mm and is equipped with a sapphire blue (the iconic color of TheWatchGallery) aluminum bezel and chronograph ring, which contrasts with the black dial and stainless steel satin bracelet.
   Equipped with a quartz movement, equipped with a small second circle (3 o’clock position), a 30-minute chronograph circle (9 o’clock position), a 12-hour chronograph circle (6 o’clock position), and a tachymeter scale (bezel). The accuracy can reach 1/10 second.
   This watch demonstrates the deep relationship between Tag Heuer and the racing world, and the brand’s unremitting pursuit of high levels of precision and performance. It is reported that the price of the watch is affordable and affordable, which is a further extension of the close cooperation between TAG Heuer and The Watch Gallery.

Classic Style Simple Style Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Boat Clock Series Tasting

‘Independence Day 2’ is making a comeback, and it will be another 20 years later. It will be sold with a good hand. The plot is still a typical American plot. The earth is on the verge of destruction. . Of course, mature commercials are naturally indispensable for brand advertising. I don’t know if everyone noticed what character Jake Morrison wore this time? That’s right, it is, the most typical American watch, Hamilton (Khaki series beyond the wind speed automatic chronograph). I have seen enough complicated movies and complicated watches. Let’s put them all down today and just take out a simple and elegant H watch product. It is the Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer ship clock series wrist. The official model is H77715553.

Classic fan
   Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer watch series has a long history. This elaborate watch is directly inspired by the nautical clock produced by Hamilton in the 1940s. Its blue steel hands are inherited from the brand’s long Watchmaking history.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Boat Clock H77715553
   Khaki series is one of Hamilton’s classic series. The tough style and simple design have been sought after by many military watch enthusiasts. Let’s not talk about the distant history of this series of watches for a moment, just take out the ‘previous job’ of this watch, that is, the old H78465553, and compare it together to know its classic and heritage.

Left: Old H78465553 Right: New H77715553

   The selling, word of mouth, and sales of the two watches are relatively good. Although the movements are configured differently, their basic functions are generally the same. Although the appearances are similar, they are precisely these ‘small differences’. . The dial diameter of the new watch is 43 mm long, while the dial diameter of the old watch is only 40 mm. Because the dial has become larger, the new model does not cut the scale 3 in half compared to other scales, but instead All scales are of normal size, so the dial as a whole looks perfect. The new watch uses a large three-pin design, which is simple and straightforward but not rude, while the old watch uses a blue steel small three-pin design. The dial is complicated, and it will give people a poisonous and explosive feel. In short, the new Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer watch series is not only simpler and more elegant than the older models, but also gives a mature and stable presence. Classics are classics, but they continue in the same vein and keep pace with the times.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Boat Clock H77715553

Simple style lives up to expectations
    The case design of this watch is very distinctive. The side is decorated with a Paris studded bezel, a concave inner bezel, linear lugs, and a round three-dimensional case. Obviously this is the appearance of a marine clock. As a prototype.


   The dial of this watch uses a concise and clear three-pin design. The three-pin is an effective and classic graphic information symbol. With the combination of the black dial on the white background and the blue steel hands, we can quickly Get specific time information.

   The overall design of this watch is simple and elegant, but whether it is the design of the case, the bezel, the design of the dial, the hands, or the design of the strap and buckle, the details are extremely delicate and delicate, at 3 o’clock There is a calendar display window at the location, and the small details further demonstrate the practical value of this watch.



   This watch is equipped with the H-10 movement, which has a power reserve of up to 80 hours, and also has a water resistance of 100 meters. Water resistance in daily life is definitely a small case. The back-through is made of sapphire crystal glass, and the classic back-through design can ‘pick up’ the charm of mechanical operation at a glance.

H-10 movement

Case back (connection of case and strap)
   This watch is suitable for business casual style wear. It is not stingy to wear with formal clothes, and it is not indifferent to casual clothes. Finally, I would like to add that this watch is very popular in the market, and the price is indeed a real price.

                  Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Boat Clock H77715553

Summary: I have always said that H’s watch is rough and bold, and today I finally found such an elegant and fresh watch. The Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer watch series continues Hamilton’s usual tough style and minimalist design, with a slight sense of design in its simplicity. It is low-key and restrained but not public, so it is more in line with Asian aesthetics. At the same time, the diameter of the dial of this watch is 43 mm, and the size is not very large. Generally Chinese men can basically hold it, and it is extremely convenient to wear. At this point in the text, no more to say, those who intend to solve it on their own.